Vol. I: Peace

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Rhymes to boost your vigor
And motivate you too
Wisdom to see clearly
The strength that lies in you


Here’s what readers are saying:
I haven’t found anything that I thought is bad! It’s all beautiful, smart, and so much of what you’ve written makes sense in a way that I don’t know why we haven’t thought of it ourselves until reading it. I’ve been sharing these pages with my children, hoping they might read and “listen/learn” as they read!! Thank you for sharing!! I’m truly speechless. I normally can find the right words but I’m in awe with what I’ve read so far. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow! Soaking in more of your writings. You’re wonderfully talented and I’m truly happy to have stumbled upon your page. Have a blessed life!! 🙂 ~ Becky

I love the message of your poem, it is spot on. “Everything’s a challenge to be/ Conquered, even pain” Words I will keep. ~ clsostarich.wordpress.com

Words to ponder deeper with time. Beautiful words of truth and rhyme. Thank you for the reminder that change can be painful but valuable, and have a purpose in forming a better us. ~ Jewels Vann

I feel the need to say thank you and God bless you. Poems such as this warm my heart. Thank you for putting a smile on my face. Peace, From an American poet to one Canadian. ~ writingsofawarrior.wordpress.com

So true!! To speak from the heart, for what one believes regardless of interpretation of others is a wonderful experience!! Thank you! ~ nanamegan.wordpress.com

You say it very well. too many sit on the side of the road, sucking their thumb, and crying “woe is me”. Let’s get on with the journey of life, of healing, of being! ~ crowingcrone.wordpress.com

Provoking, testing the waters of what it is to be a spiritual warrior in our time. Miro’s poetic posts give one pause, to consider the ways in which we allow our ego power over our spirits. It’s not all peace and love here, but there is a presence of courage, collaboration and integrity. I always find myself re-reading his posts, contemplating what he’s said, checking in to see what’s true for me. A true spiritual warrior, indeed. Thank you, Miro for lighting our way.  ~ jackielrobinson.com

Loved the poem very cleverly written. ~ itsmythoughts11.wordpress.com

A great lesson to all. I might have to let my kids in on this. ~ articlesofabsurdity.wordpress.com

This is was beautiful…thank you! I feel like I am constantly trying to protect my passions b/c of people who do this….I love how you put this, your words ring very very true….people who have not found themselves are very snide and revolted by other’s kindness, smarts and talents….great work! Bravo! ~ heartofbella.wordpress.com

No offense, but your [poems] are awesome. I am hooked! ~ textualdeviant.wordpress.com

I really like this poem. I like the merit and pace. I like the flow, but most of all I like the message. GET UP! Perhaps we all need to cultivate a bit of warrior in our souls. ~ missdemurerestraint.wordpress.com

`Nothing offends warriors
Because they let it go
They let the offensive things said
Continue to just flow’

My favourite verse…but I loved the whole poem.Why would we place our balance and well-being in the hands of another? ~ zenmirror.wordpress.com

Bows humble. I revel in the series of poems you’re producing here…A marvelous collection/ chronicle. This says so much about you. ~ zendictive.wordpress.com

Totally loved it. Great inspirations. Brilliant. 🙂 Too much to learn, too much to appreciate. Loved it. ~ Nandini

This is a beautiful poem..well written ! ~ zarabu.wordpress.com

I like this post! This speaks to our ability to dicipline ourselves. It’s the seconds that makes up the minute or the hour. Doing the little things will bring bigger things. Great stuff! ~ jaycaniel.wordpress.com

Much needed today. Thank you! ~ sfeileen52

In this society, people have become spoiled with the “ask and you shall receive” attitude. But what they don’t understand is that reaching your goal is one thing, but the effort you exerted to get there brings true fulfillment. The story that is passed around is not how successful one is life, but what one endured to get there…a strong drive and hard work! ~ Mary Beth Fuentes

I loved this poem. It allows me to see a new path to take. Thank you. ~ wastelandexplorer.wordpress.com

Beautiful .. Loved the message here…If only more people realized this …Heartfelt …Thank you. ~ backtowardslight.wordpress.com

wow.. so very true ! great reminder and nice simple rhythm in the poem but very powerful.. just like the message.. simple but important ! Keep smiling =) ~ maketodayawesome.wordpress.com

Good bit about jealousy…I see that trait in my thinking and will turn to thoughts of how much I have to be grateful for. Why, oh why, are we so geared to thoughts of jealousy and competitiveness when all we have to do is live and be thoughtful, kind and generous with our love? Perfection is not the goal, it’s a process to become a better person. ~ Elizabeth Holmes

Ah, so very true. It’s important to distance yourself from those that poison your mind. Very wise, Miro! ~ youngamericanwisdom.com

Good day Miro ~ you are a true Warrior of Light ~ I love you’re writing style ~ keep up the awesome messages mate! ~ Love & Blessings Always ~ John, Australia

This is beautiful. Thank you. ~ Judy Powell

This is absolutely beautiful! I love it. ~ Estrelita

Beautiful and filled with wisdom! These lines should be read by everyone:

“People like this fellow here
Should take a moment and
Think for themselves and forsake
All other people’s brand

Of success and “making it”
And come up with their own
One that defines happiness
For them and them alone” ~ maryamchahine.wordpress.com

Great brother Miro! You do such a great job! Much love. ~ mytruthseeking.wordpress.com

The continuation of a daily routine can as well be counted as a blessing. For those who want to be happy and feel lucky, they would even count a blink of an eye a bliss, for a lot of people are incapable of that. That was lovely ! It is always pleasant to read positive thoughts. ~ asultan1.wordpress.com

I really really enjoyed this. It’s beautiful and very relatable. ~ madiexo.wordpress.com

Amazing. ~ jof155.wordpress.com

Very insightful – an effective way to make a crucial point! ~ authoredangioplasty.wordpress.com

Fantastic stuff, my friend. ~ thestarwarsheresies.blogspot.com

Thank you for this, if only more people would recognize the value here. ~ reverbnation.com/bloodorange65

Ah, jealousy. An evil beast of an emotion. I have some series issues with jealousy, but I’m pretty amazing at hiding it. Beautiful poem, it really captures the essence of jealousy. Great work! ~ mjswhisper.wordpress.com

Powerful poem. Really powerful, and moving. You have a gift, keep writing. ~ shelleddreams.wordpress.com

This poem is lovely! it has great feeling and excellent flow. Nice work, keep it up! ~ justcoopit.wordpress.com

What an incredible attitude you show. Great to meet you ~ Eliza Keating

Simply impressive. I like the how the emotions flows throughout the poetry. ~ ashbeezone.wordpress.com

I am truly moved at how beautiful you write!!! You are a very special and talented person!!! Thank you”’ ~ Sara

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