Vol. IV: Intensity

Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. IV: Intensity is now available in PDF (PC/Mac), EPUB (iPad, Nook & most eBook readers) and MOBI (Kindle) for the new low price of $2.99 on the

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It is the lifeblood of the strong
The hard, the ones that care
The warriors whose eyes burn as
Intensely as a flare


2 Responses to “Vol. IV: Intensity”

  1. Christina Bridge November 18, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    Dear Miro: Thank you for you words of encouragement, I do tend to fall off the warrior path sometimes and your beautiful and poignant poetry is of much inspiration. At the moment I am struggling with focus, and so when my mind is a little jumbled, I find your words and quotes very helpful. In fact I am also now inspired to write poetry again, which I had done since I was fourteen..(many lifetimes ago) I would also like to say hello to all other warriors on their path. it is not easy, but when you follow your heart, it certainly feels good.

    • Miro November 18, 2012 at 1:20 pm #

      Thanks Christiana, warms this big, bad, Warrior Poet’s heart to read comments like yours. We call ourselves warriors because the war will never be over. We recognize and accept that. We focus on the battle, not the outcome, and we find fulfillment in fighting our hardest. Victory or defeat is inconsequential.

      Also please to hear you’re being creative. Our purpose is not just to wage war, but to create as well. Poetry is the soul singing the truth. It’s so powerful, beautiful and poignant to some of us, we can’t help but convey it in the form of a song, ballad or poem.

      Peace & grace,

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