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Misery Recovery

16 Dec

Misery Recovery

Many of my writes contain
An upbeat, hopeful tone
But there is a much darker mood
To which I’m also prone

I’m not perfect and don’t always
Feel very high on life
Case in point: yesterday was
A day that caused me strife

One thing in particular
Can be named as the root:
My selfish own desires which
Became my main pursuit

I’m not talking materials
Like cars or clothes or toys
Such things never lead to any
Lasting timeless joys

I’m speaking of intangibles
A body with no pain
One that could keep up with me
And actually sustain

Other things like wanting others
To not be selfish
Wanting them to not just worry
About their own wish

Wanting people to just see
How ego holds them back
How it skews a harmless phrase
Into a cold attack

Wanting people to be grateful
For all that they’ve got
Not just being complacent
And thinking they have squat

Wanting them to have no fear
And not hold others down
Discouraging the swimmers, shouting
“You will surely drown!”

One day later, now I see
The cause of my distress
The simple reason is one that’s
Quite simple to address:

I wanted, very simply put
A craving, wish or need
And anytime you think about
Your own comfort and greed

Anytime you wish something
Would make your life more smooth
Anytime you wish you had
Something to lull and soothe

You’ll just end up with misery
Because that’s not your task
Ever notice selfish people
In joy do not bask?

But those who give all of themselves
The people who inspire
Are radiant with love and have
So many that admire

Let go of your wants and just
Accept the things that are
You cannot draw blood from a stone
Or light from a dark star

Try your best and pay attention
To things you can do
And for the things you can’t, simply
Let go and let pass through