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Birthday Warrior

5 Nov

Happy Birthday to me! Nothing but gratitude for growing one year older and bolder.

Birthday Warrior

A birthday’s just another day
That makes me stand apart
From other normals who fear that
They’ll become an old fart

I do not hide my age when asked
I don’t say, “Nevermind!”
I’m proud of every year I’ve lived
Even the ones unkind

I’m proud of every silver strand
That grows into my mane
I’m proud of vascularity
Each big, protruding vein

I’m proud of every grey whisker
That grows into my beard
Every wrinkle, ache and pain
And other thing that’s feared

By those who wish time would stand still
The passing of the hour glass
Does not make this man cry

For time is precious, every year
That’s passed has been a gift
And I appreciate it more
Now that it goes by swift

Load the cake with candles
The inferno won’t scare me
To dread a birthday makes one an
Ingrate to high degree

Joke about, “You’re getting old!”
I’ll joke back, “I’ve endured!
And will continue to do so
My passion can’t be cured!”

They’ll warn, “Oh wait ‘till you slow down
Oh wait ‘till you’re like me!”
“NEVER!” I’ll quickly reply
“A WARRIOR is me!”

Never bowing to defeat
Never giving an inch
With every candle on the cake
I will not cringe or flinch

“Bring it on!” the warrior says
All things which pose a threat
“Bring it on because you have
Not seen anything yet!”