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Warriors Work Weekends

8 Jul

The weekend is the time to do the work on YOURSELF.




2 Nov

How many people feel great because it’s Friday? You shouldn’t. Not if you’re a true Warrior, anyways. People who leave their feelings and joy up to outside factors are the ones who wake up on Friday and say “TGIF!” They’re never truly in control and so they live their lives at the mercy of other people, situations and events to decide how they feel. Warriors feel no different on a Friday than they do on a Monday or Wednesday. “It’s another day. Thank you, Creator, for another opportunity to rise to the challenge and be my best.”

Thank God I don’t let a calendar decide when I’m happy (TGIDLACDWIH),

Wasted Days

22 Nov

Wasted Days

Observation: Monday to
Thursday for many folks
Are just four days in the way
Until weekend evokes

A sense of vigor to get up
And get some real work done
To finally address their tasks
Instead of simply shun

To get to work on that project
Or answer an e-mail
To get that letter in the post
Or follow up that sale

To find the time to exercise
Or get in touch with friends
It seems to me that many times
You’ll find most of these trends

Occur when Friday rolls around
Because the weekend’s near
But think of all that you could do
If you just got in gear

Instead on Thursday, Wednesday or
On Tuesday and not wait
Maybe even on Monday
You’d find you’re never late

You’d never scramble for deadlines
You wouldn’t feel so stressed
You’d find with four days extra of
Trying your very best

You’d get a lot more done not just
For yourself, but for others
You’d also find how often that
You would have all your druthers

Do not waste a single day
All seven are a chance
To grow in productivity
And steadily advance