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1 Sep


We shuffle off to voting stations to choose a new boss
Someone to deliver us from this failure and loss
Someone who will take over and right the wrongs of he
Who took the reins and steered us right into a goddamn tree!
That bastard, that son of a bitch who betrayed all our trust
Who made all those sweet promises but now evokes disgust
How dare he take our gift of power and do this to us?
That fucking moron! Asshole! Piece of shit! Cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss!
This new guy, though, he sounds real keen, we bet he’ll fix this mess
He alone will cure our grief and get rid of our stress
He’s the one! Yes, this time we’re all sure it works out fine
Look at all his campaign ads! That smile! What a shine!

Fast forward four or eight years and he’s an asshole too!
That bastard! That son of a bitch! His promises weren’t true!
How dare he lie to us like that? He was worse than the first!
Why can’t we find a great leader? Are we really cursed?
Oh wait, who’s this new kid in town? His smile is very bright
And charming too! I bet he’ll help to ease our awful plight
Look at how friendly he is, yes, this time we are sure
Our future’s safe within his hands, protected and secure

It saddens me how many people fail to plainly see
The pattern that is politics and want a guarantee
It saddens me how many are so simple in their thought
They fail to see it’s not the boss but it’s the JOB that’s wrought
With problems that prevent each person from doing jack shit
No amount of honesty, integrity and wit
No amount of passion, poise and focus, grace and verve
Will be enough to garner empathy for those who serve
The sheep just pick another scapegoat to drag across coals
And never have the courage to step up and grab controls
Each whiner and complainer doesn’t have the gall to run
They criticize yet what have they achieved? What have they done?
It saddens me to see how many give a job review
Of their elected leader yet nothing in them does stew
To serve their fellow countrymen like all the scapegoats feel
So here’s a word of gratitude to all those made of steel
To Presidents, Prime Ministers, to Governors and Mayors
Who are bombarded with impossible to appease prayers
Thanks for trying your best with the system that you’ve got
It’s broken, flawed and faulty, foul, filled with puss and rot
Thanks for walking into hell and giving it your best
You’re Warriors for embarking on such a futile quest


Modern Day Racist

20 Oct

Modern Day Racist

Racists hate people who have
A different shade of skin
They access the part of their brain
That says, “He’s not your kin”

This selfish, egotistical
Small corner of their mind
Exists in every one of us
It’s part of all mankind

Only ego can access
This hateful, fearful place
The part that won’t accept someone
Who’s from a different race

“Different” is the key word here
The root of this issue
And it goes much deeper than
Just one’s outer tissue

This same dark corner of the mind
Is accessed when one sees
Someone with a different thought
Someone who disagrees

“I do not like that person ‘cause
They think different from me
They wear a different style of clothes
Or maybe they’re artsy

They use a different way of speech
Or like a different brand
Of music, movies or reading
That I just cannot stand

They work for competition of
The place that pays my bills
Or work for my same company
But they have different skills

I’m in this department here
And they are over there
Their division is one for
Which I just do not care

And then there’s people on my team
Who are too different too
I don’t like them because they don’t
Do things the way I do

I cheer a different sporting team
Than one that they cheer for
Neither of us play the game
But I still feel at war

I can’t believe you voted for
Someone that I don’t back
Anything that’s different is
A personal attack!”

If you’ve been perplexed by one
Who thought different from you
Be aware the area
That you’re wandering to

It’s the same place in your mind
That Klan members have gone
To terrorize the black people
And let their hatred spawn

It’s the same place where Nazis
Wandered when they did kill
Millions of people who weren’t
Able to fit their bill

And it’s the same place that’s accessed
Today as soldiers die
‘Cause the one pulling the trigger
Can’t turn a blind eye

Think about it just a bit
Next time your ego takes
The rest of you to that dark place
For different people’s sakes