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31 May


On the 31st of May
I’d like to exclaim
“Happy Birthday to
The Man with No Name!”

Clint has always been
A special hero of mine
Always moving forward
Never in recline

It started out with westerns
I’d watch him as a boy
Making deals with Angel Eyes
While Tuco would annoy

Flipping up the poncho
And drawing his revolver
Blowing away outlaws
With his “Sam Colt Problem Solver”

He then traded in his cowboy hat
For a Magnum and a suit
Dirty Harry asked, “Feel lucky, punk?”
Before he went to shoot

The squinty eyes and sneer he’d flash
Indeed did make my day
Harry had no time for courts
And always made punks pay

But shoot ‘em ups were not enough
To keep Clint entertained
He had been taking several notes
From directors who had trained

Siegel and Leone
Had shown him how to weave
A story with more substance
And this he did achieve

In 1992
With his “Unforgiven” tale
About the farmer Munny
And the hell he would unveil

To the Sherriff Little Bill
And the people of his town
For beating him all over
And kicking when he’s down

I felt so proud to watch him
As he look the golden prize
I thought “So nice they honored him
Before ole’ Blondie dies”

But Clint just keeps on going
Not content to rest
And fourteen years afterwards
Again he was the best

For Million Dollar Baby
The story of a girl
Who had a crippling accident
And the pain it would unfurl

You’d think that’d be enough
But Clint just keeps on going
Eighty-one years young
And still no sign of slowing

So thanks for showing all of us
That as long as you don’t sit still
As long as you keep moving forward
You’re never over the hill

                                         Happy Birthday Clint