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Divine Shortcut

17 May

“God is not a cosmic bellboy for whom we can press a button to get things done.”  ~Harry Emerson Fosdick

Divine Shortcut

“God will this” and “God will that”
I hear many believers chat
“God will handle everything”
They promise, praise, rejoice and sing

But then reality steps in
And stress and struggle do begin
“Don’t worry, leave it up to God!”
This way of thinking is quite flawed

To pass the buck and sit and wait
And let God deal with all the hate
With challenges that do arise
With grief whenever someone dies

The God-believing Warrior
Does not pass bucks, does not defer
They walk up to and face head on
What most wish God would make be gone

They understand that God is not
A shortcut through dismay and fraught
God gave you all that you need
To pray for anymore is greed

It’s lacking faith within one’s own
Courage and strength, it’s blindness shown
To one’s innate ability
To be of fear and sorrow free

The Warrior’s hands never clasp
And beg God to their troubles grasp
To Warriors, that’s laziness
When God designed us, He did bless

With everything it takes to deal
We’re not supposed to wait and kneel
So get up and do battle now
Sever your stress, through hardships plow

And be assured that God does see
You are what He made you to be
In His image you stand alone
And conquer everything that’s thrown

No shortcuts needed, no reprieve
For Warriors who still believe
The long and hard way is divine
To walk it takes not prayers, just spine



Sorry Sam

12 Mar

“If you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it.”  ~Anthony J. D’Angelo

Sorry Sam

There was a man named Sorry Sam
Who always felt so sorry
For himself and his troubles
Let me relate his story

Old Sorry Sam just cried all day
About all of his pain
And after several days of this
He drove others insane

While Sorry Sam was seeking some
Pity and sympathy
All that came from others was
Negative energy

His lack of strength and backbone made
The others all quite sick
While Sam thought himself a martyr
The others thought “a prick”

While Sorry Sam thought his burden
Was far too much to bear
His whining and ingratitude
Made others just not care

“Gratitude for what?” old Sam
Scoffed as he winced from ache
The others shook their heads and said
“For fact you’re still awake!”

The fact that you’re still breathing when
There are so many braver
Who never whined and cried but now
No longer have your favor

They’re buried in the ground or are
Adrift as dust in wind
You’re crying and complaining as if
You are being skinned!

Show some grace and just shut up
And take it like a man
You’d be surprised just how far your
Courage and strength do span

If only you’d just shut up and
Stop running your big mouth
And focus on another body
Part that is due south:

Your guts, the stuff that pulls you though
Whatever does attack
The guts are what makes people stop
Acting like a sad sack!”

Sorry Sam just stood in awe
His mouth wide and agape
He had hoped for some sympathy
But instead got a scrape

A kick, a punch, and scalding hot
Water thrown on ego
Suddenly he didn’t feel
Like crying of his woe

When he had been a witness to
Some whining in return
While listening to them complain
Sorry Sam then did learn

That no one does get sympathy
When all they do is wretch
And so from then old Sorry Sam
No longer did kvetch

Whenever something did not go
According to his plan
Old Sorry Sam did not complain
He took it like a man

Whenever his big aches and pains
Attacked and ripped away
Old Sorry Sam just grit his teeth
So mouth would not betray

And soon enough there came a day
When Sorry Sam was Strong
And then one day there came a man
Who rubbed Strong Sam quite wrong

This other man just whined and cried
And after many days
Old Strong Sam bellowed “Shut your trap!
And don’t just cry, but praise!

Be thankful for what you still have
And don’t focus on bad!”
He thought about how he had changed
And now he was quite glad

That he was not pathetic or
In need of people’s pity
He saw that what’s within is stronger
Than a whole committee

Of people who just pander and
Feel sorry for the weak
He thought about how ironic
It was that many seek

And wish and pray for sympathy
But they have what they need
But only when their mouth is shut
Can their truth strength be freed