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11 Oct


The reason why so many hear
The label “warrior”
And visions of chain mail and swords
And horses start to stir

Is because they’re all used to letting
Time and place define
Certain ways of life and letting
Those old days confine

The same thinking “within the box”
Is why so many feel
Their current location’s the only
Thing to them that’s real

They go to work in factories
And think that’s all they are
Just a working stiff who’s looking
Forward to the bar

They go to work in an office
And see the drab décor
And think it’s no place to allow
All their passion to roar

They sit at home and since it’s all
Familiar and boring
They doze off on the couch while
Watching TV, loudly snoring

They think that the ways of the knights
Paladins, samurai
Have all expired because time
And place do not apply

And that’s where every single one
Of them has missed the point
It doesn’t matter what the day
And neither where the joint

A warrior is not defined
By where he or she stands
A warrior is always one
At work or beach’s sands

And neither does the time of day
Or month or year define
When one is a warrior
When one can show their spine

When one can show their passion and
Their raw intensity
The calendar does not constrain
From who we’re meant to be

Think outside the box, don’t be
A simple minded bloke
It’s time that we stopped letting our
Surroundings blind and choke

To a warrior it makes
No difference when or where
The creed is something that’s followed
As long as you have air

So if you’re able to breathe deep
Wherever you are now
Then that’s the perfect time and spot
To take the warrior’s vow

To live your live with strength and peace
And fortitude and grace
To focus and serve selflessly
Regardless of the place

Or year it says on calendar
It’s not about the fashion
It’s not about an armored suit
It’s all about the passion