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16 May

“He who angers you conquers you.” ~Elizabeth Kenny


There was a man who was angered
Because he did not get
Exactly what he had in mind
So he got quite upset

He whined, complained and let off steam
And then a few days later
Forgot about what angered him
And stopped being a hater

A Warrior walked up to him
And asked “You still upset?
A couple days ago you were
Filled with venom and fret”

“No,” the man replied, “that was
A couple days ago
It’s sorted itself out and now
I no longer feel woe”

“Then here is something that will bring
You back to that passed day”
The Warrior said and proceeded
To these harsh words say:

“You are a fool, you are disgusting
Weak, pathetic, lame
Selfish, how you spout your wrath
And constantly lay blame

You give no thought of how your words
Cause turmoil in others
All you care about is you
No thought for sisters, brothers

You don’t get what you want and so
You act like a big baby
Instead of taking days to cool
Do it instantly, maybe?”

The man who was upset was once
Again filled with much rage
The Warrior had poked the bear
And rattled his small cage

“How dare you say these words to me?”
He shouted angrily
The Warrior said, “‘Cause I won’t
Just sit here silently”

“You have a problem and I see
A chance to help you train
And so I make you this promise:
I will cause you much pain

I will ruffle your feathers and
I will step on your toes
I’ll stomp your eggshells and I will
Cause your ego great woes

You’ll get upset, then feel better
A couple days from now
And when you do, I promise you
I make you this stern vow:

That I will do it all again
‘Till pattern’s clear to you”
With that the Warrior turned and
Walked off into the blue

Leaving the upset man to
Huff and puff and be mad
Until a couple days later
When something made him glad

                            ~Miro 🙂

Used To Be

26 Nov

Used To Be

Anything that you wish to
Improve about yourself
Whether it’s your attitude
Your bank account or health

Can be changed if you only start
To look at it this way:
“I used to be like that but now
Today is a new day”

If you’d only adapt this
Real simple way of thinking
To put your habits in the past
And from yourself unlinking

And say “I used to be angry”
Or “I used to be broke”
“I used to have a weight problem”
“I used to drink or smoke”

If you would just untie yourself
From how you have defined
If you would make it in past tense
And leave it all behind

Then one day soon you will look back
To recognize and see
That things you wished to change are now
The things you used to be


Spoiling for a Fight

4 Oct

Spoiling for a Fight

There will always be people
Who will walk up to you
With a sneer upon their face
And hatred they will spew

They’ll be upset about something
That you have said or done
They’ll make it very evident
That their patience is none

They’ll point a finger at you and
Accuse you of wrongdoing
They’ll ‘let off steam’ by scolding you
And not themselves reviewing

Just the other day someone
Walked up to me and had
A complaint they wanted to air
They were upset a tad

I turned around in their driveway
And they saw fit to leave
Their home to walk up to me and
Proceed to bitch and grieve

At first I couldn’t hear their words
Because I wore earphones
Listening to relaxing
And harmonious tones

I thought it strange that this person
Who watched me like a hawk
When I put my car on their
Driveway would come and squawk

And not notice I couldn’t hear
While wearing my headset
Guess they were too busy being
Angry and upset

I turned off tunes to hear them say
They’ve had all they can take
For some reason this has caused them
A very heavy ache

They furrowed brow and spat their rage
And levied me a fee
Every single past offense
Was to be paid by me

All I saw was a small person
Petty, selfish, weak
The kind who gave lame compliments
But was quick to critique

I saw them spoiling for a fight
And wanting to provoke
The sleeping beast inside of me
Because their own awoke

The words of a great warrior
Echoed deep in my mind
My own patience and fortitude
His teachings did remind

He said that a true warrior
Will take control and act
A fool is someone who reflects
A fool will just react

A fool is one who will mimic
The weakness that they see
A fool allows attacker to
Decide who they will be

As this upset person who was
Spoiling for a fight
Spouted off their barbs I did not
Let their words incite

I simply held my tongue and gave
A warm and gentle smile
Not allowing them to change
My mood from peace to vile

The more that I simply smiled and
Remained completely silent
The more confused they seemed to get
Along with that, less violent

Their rage began to lose some steam
And they began to mumble
Loud and angry accusations
Now just a faint grumble

They turned around in confusion
And walked away, ashamed
At least that’s how it seemed to me
‘Cause my resolve had tamed

Whatever was inside of them
That hungered for a fight
Eager to explode over
Things so mundane and trite

When people think of warriors
They think of blood and death
The truth is that a warrior
Is all about deep breath

Patience, poise and full control
A loving, peaceful heart
Unwavering courage that
On others should impart

Never in a rage because
They didn’t get a want
Never letting go of peace
Because someone did taunt

Understanding that a battle
Is a last resort
Recognizing arguments
Are best to be kept short

And never spoiling for a fight
Or indulging one too
When petty people lose their calm
A warrior stays true