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Bring A Lunch

29 Nov

Bring A Lunch

A Warrior does not respond with “Please stop doing that”
They do not lay down, they do not roll over and lay flat
A Warrior does not give up and does not simply quit
A Warrior holds their head high, chest out and teeth then grit
A Warrior says, “Bring a lunch!” to those who poke and tease
Because they know too well that it’s impossible to please
There’s no explaining, reasoning, no words that will suffice
And so the Warrior demands a very heavy price
“Bring a lunch” means that for those who wish to disrespect
With lack of empathy will now have their big ego checked
“Bring a lunch” means that others can spew all their mistrust
But it will cost them dearly, their own ass they’ll have to bust
“Bring a lunch” means that all those who like to hurl their hate
Better bring something along that will help satiate
Because a Warrior will take whatever may be thrown
But it is their great ENDURANCE which makes them never prone
For those who doubt and hate and wish to challenge, be forewarned
Challenging a Warrior might leave you feeling scorned
You will be stretched to your limit of patience, poise and grace
You’ll feel frustrated by that Warrior who does embrace
Discomfort, difficulty, pain and sorrow, fear and doubt
That 1-in-100 is not like others you call out
So bring a lunch if you choose to challenge a Warrior
You’ll be a while and great fatigue and hunger you’ll incur
Bring a lunch and do not be surprised how long it takes
Bring a lunch and do not whine and cry how much it aches
Bring a lunch and start to learn that talk is very cheap
But backing those words up has a price that is very steep



10 Dec


Lifers are the type of folks
Who sit down for their lunch
And all they’ve got to talk about
Is work while they all munch

They’re given thirty minutes or
A full hour to break
To clear their minds of their work day
A short reprieve to take

And all they can come up with is
To keep talking about
The project that they’re working on
Or just complain and pout

About the duties they’re assigned
To earn their precious pay
The topics that they talk about
Is such a short array

It makes me shake my head to see
The followers and sheep
Who cannot speak on a topic
That’s spiritual or deep

They go the easy route and just
Speak of the job they do
The future of the company
And how it affects you

Breaks are opportunities
To let yourself stay fit
For love of God, go for a walk
And get outside a bit!

See and smell and feel the air
And realize there’s more
Than just the company that you
Presently do work for

Next time that discussion veers
Towards the same routine
Be a warrior, speak up
And wipe the topic clean

“Why don’t we change the subject
To something else instead
Other than this job that we
Can’t get out of our head?”

That’s the point of breaks, to take
The opportunity
For thirty minutes or an hour
To let yourself be free

Do not be a Lifer and
Speak just about your grind
‘Cause after doing that enough
Pretty soon you will find

That you are taking it back home
When you have gone off shift
And you’ll be squandering free time
That is a precious gift

The Lifers waste their off shift time
Still talking about work
And all the other things they could
Be doing, they just shirk

I promise you, there’ll come a day
When that job won’t be there
Regardless of how hard you work
Or how much you may care

And then you’ll realize just how
Dependent you have been
On that job for discussion
When not at that machine

Or office desk, cash register
Work van or restaurant
The absence of your nine to five
Will staggeringly haunt

Unless you open up your eyes
And recognize there is
More to life than where you work
And talking strictly biz


Say It, Do It

2 Dec

Say It, Do It

There’s two real simple steps involved
In doing anything
Step 1 is to say it, then
To cease to simply sing

Step 2 is to do it, to get
Up and put in motion
The idea that you talked about
The brilliant little notion

Here’s the funny thing about
Accomplishing a goal:
Only one step’s mandatory
To get on a roll

Step 1 is just optional
You do not need to talk
About what you are planning on
So that you’ll walk the walk

The problem is that talking is
The much easier choice
Very few can claim to sweat
From simply using voice

The second option of doing
Is not as pleasant, nor
Is it as exciting, it can
Tend to be a bore

And that’s why so many folks have
A lot of plans they’ve said
Never end up happening
And stay up in their head

Because they didn’t shut their mouths
And advance to Step 2
Remember, you don’t have to talk
But you must always do