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Surprise Surprise

3 Oct

Surprise Surprise

A look of shock, surprise or awe, a hanging, open, startled jaw
A pair of eyes that bug out wide, an exclamation that is cried
“Oh my God!” or “Holy shit!” a momentary lapse of wit
None of these reactions are what warriors have when bizarre
Or shocking events do take place, the warrior maintains their grace
A crash, a scream, and others panic, but 1-in-100’s not manic
One will not jump, gasp or snap their head around and loudly yap
The Warrior’s always alert so nothing can their grace divert
No sudden awful, shocking deal will make them lose control and squeal
No accident or tragedy will make them scream like a banshee
A warrior is well aware of how things are and won’t despair
For any horrifying crime ’cause they know it’s not the first time
And it won’t be the last as well, and so they do not choose to dwell
The others jump and gasp and shout but Warriors are always stout
Always ready, always fast to deal with what makes most aghast
Surprises have little effect ’cause they’re what warriors expect


Same Old Same Old

1 Dec


Same Old Same Old

“Lately” I hear people say
“There aren’t many who go
The extra mile, try harder
Who want to learn and grow”

It’s the word “lately” that makes me
Laugh a Warrior’s laugh
There’s nothing recent about the
Urge to only give “half”

It’s not just in the past ten years
That people have tried less
It has been thousands of years that
They’ve chosen to regress

For those who’ve only recently
Noticed the downward spiral
Welcome to being awake
To selfishness gone viral

There are those who are new to this
And they will act so shocked
“I can’t believe! I can’t believe!”
They’ve talked and talked and talked

But Warriors know very well
On which world they do dwell
They aren’t surprised when ugliness
Sprouts from this same old hell

They aren’t surprised, they don’t act shocked
They aren’t appalled or mad
They don’t treat laziness or selfishness
As a new fad

It is as old as the hills, mountains
Rivers, lakes and seas
The selfish quest for comfort, luxury
Enjoyment, ease

The Warrior accepts what is
The same old same old same
And they do not cry out in anger
Or try to lay blame

What it is is what it is
And all that one can do
Is disagree with how things are
And not let it change you

Not let other’s laziness
Stop you from choosing to
Walk an extra mile when
Another beckons you

Not let other’s fear distract
From what needs to be done
Not let other’s threats dissuade
And make you turn and run

Same old selfish, thoughtless world
With many who are dense
Who are oblivious, ungrateful
And take great offense

Nothing new about it, folks
It’s been that way forever
And since the dawn of time, there’s been
Warriors who would never

Let such fearful, selfish, shabby
People influence
Their attitude, their emotions
Their mood or common sense