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29 Jul


A man with confidence needs not
A big pat on the back
A lady who’s sure of herself
Does not need a gold plaque

A person who has certainty
Has no craving for praise
“Attboys” and “attagirls”
Just make the Ego raise

Be polite and thank them for
The gesture of acclaim
But be on guard to not be too
Affected by the fame

If you do fully ignore
The critics and their hate
You must also not cling to words
Of how they think you’re great

A nod, a smile, a “thank you” and
Continue on your road
Let it go, the insults and
The compliments bestowed

Because there are those who became
Too dependent on esteem
And found themselves depressed when the
Praisers ran out of steam

I guarantee you it won’t last
So learn to live without
Self-respect’s the most important
Praise with the most clout

It is not pride or ego but
A true self-confidence
That doesn’t wait for kudos so that
Their joy will commence