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You Are Loved

17 Nov

You Are Loved

When someone tries to make you feel
As though you do not matter
When someone criticizes what you do
Instead of flatter

When someone tells you to give up
And that you won’t succeed
When someone tries to make your faith
Within yourself recede

When someone who could help chooses
To not show empathy
When someone who could ease your pain
Instead hurts more with glee

When many band together and show
No thought or concern
When all those souls who could have helped
Do nothing except spurn

Remember you are loved by those
Who aren’t made of cold stone
Remember you are loved and that
You are never alone

You are loved by family
Who share your blood and bone
You are loved by friends who care
By picking up the phone

You are loved by survivors
Who know life isn’t fair
You are loved by warriors
Who boldly, bravely dare

You are loved by me because
I know the pain you feel
And since you are a warrior
You’ll endure it with zeal

And most importantly remember
You are loved by YOU
For all the strength and poise and grace
And courage you imbue


“I Give Up On You”

28 Feb
Another cold, harsh truth that many won’t be able to accept because they’ve been taught to “never give up on the people they love.” The truth is some of those people are parasites completely controlled by ego and will only sap your strength, not be helped by it..


I Give Up On You

Countless readers have told me that my writing has said
Exactly in poetic form what they thought in their head
Concepts that they couldn’t find the right words to describe
And my poem took those thoughts and did properly transcribe

So here’s another rhyming song for something that is tough
Words for how you can tell someone that enough’s enough
When someone’s failed you many times and will so many more
It’s hard to not definitively want to close that door

We want to hope, we want to pray, that they will figure out
That what they’re doing’s selfish and they’ll take the proper route
We want to believe they will come around and open eyes
To cease with all their hating, accusations or their lies

There comes a time when intuition speaks to us quite clear
It tells us that it’s pointless now and that the end is near
And yet there’s messages from past which conflict and say “Wait!”
“You can’t abandon them, there’s hope that they’ll get their life straight!”

Confusion comes because to quit seems such a simple thing
But no, my brothers and sisters, it’s harder than to cling
To give up on someone who we gave so much love and hope
Is an extremely difficult climb up a lofty slope

It takes your effort, concentration, adamance, resolve
To make a friendship that you cared so much for just dissolve
It takes a constant reminder to self that it is right
That those who care just for themselves must be gone from our sight

And it’s important to remember that we’re not God
We cannot perform miracles on people who are flawed
We do our best and let it go and leave the rest to fate
We must release ourselves from that unreasonable weight

For it is truly without reason why we still stand by
People who destroy themselves and make their loved ones cry
There’s no reason in standing by someone who doesn’t care
You’re not a slave, you’re not a captive in their tragic lair

So stand up, speak up and say it, say “I give up on you”
I did my best, I’m satisfied that I cannot get through
I’m not a God or wizard and can only do so much
And so I now release you from my hopeful, caring clutch

It’s over, I give up because you’re just a parasite
Sucking life from anyone who casts their graceful light
It’s time you tried to shine yourself, and so I bid good day
I give up on you is all that I have left to say”

Sometimes it’s these cutting words, not words soft and so sweet
That rattle cages and force selfish ego’s quick retreat
A Warrior does not encourage, pander or condone
Ingratitude or thoughtlessness and makes their feelings known



6 Nov

This Movember thing seems really silly to me. Growing a mustache to fight prostate cancer? Harsh ugly truth: growing a mustache doesn’t help someone with prostate cancer. What helps a man with prostate cancer is going to visit him in the hospital and sitting with him, talking to him and listening to him for a few minutes, letting him feel like a human being and not completely alone and forgotten. “But Miro,” you may be thinking, “I don’t know anybody with prostate cancer in the hospital!” Then go visit a stranger. After 15 seconds, you won’t be strangers anymore.

But that would be weird, right? Visiting a stranger that you don’t know and offering solidarity and support. That’s just crazy. It’s much more effective to grow hair on your upper lip for all those strangers who are battling for their lives that we’d rather not be around because they’re suffering…and we’d rather not be around that level of pain and struggle. It’s much easier to just put up with the slight inconvenience of having a hairy upper lip for a month. Movember is just another one of those things I shake my head at and simply say, “try harder.”

No, I’m not growing a mustache for Movember this year. Probably won’t next year either. But still, somehow, I manage to not approve of prostate cancer despite the lack of hair on my upper lip. Amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t follow the herd and choose to think for yourself.

True story.

+ Connections

11 Dec

+ Connections

Hi there reader, Miro here
I wrote this rhyme for you
Because I wanted to show thanks
And take a moment to

Tell you how much that it means
When you have read my piece
I love it when you do respond
Or make the “Likes” increase

I write these rhymes because I see
All that you have inside
The potential to try harder
They’re not meant as a guide

They’re intended to remind you
Of greatness that’s been there
All along within you but
You’ve ceased to be aware

I never did it for reward
Or praise or accolades
I have so little use for those
Shallow little charades

But something great has come about
Since starting this endeavour
Positive connections with
People that I have never

Had the fortune to encounter
In the past before
So many upbeat folks who
Don’t think that life’s a bore

Supportive and encouraging
People who share their light
And love with other people so
That the world is more bright

So thank you for the connection
Of positivity
You’ve helped this warrior poet
Be all that he can be


Circle of Light

4 Oct

Circle of Light

Tell me if this sounds familiar:
“Everyone I know
Is so negative and all
They do is bring me low

I wish that I knew more people
Filled with some hope and light
But everyone in my circle
Is filled with scorn and spite”

Most of us have felt like that
At one time or another
Surrounded by cutthroats and
Without a single brother

The key is realizing that
You have the power to
Illuminate your circle if
You resolve to pursue

If you make an effort to
Seek out new people that
Can provide you more than just
Some superficial chat

Odds are that you already
Know quite a few of them
But they do not come to mind
Because those that condemn

Are so much louder and garner
More of your attention
They serve to wipe out all your peace
With all their apprehension

Pay no mind, those who distract
Don’t let them sour you
Don’t let their failings project
On someone that is new

Let go of your pre-conceived
Notions which may impede
Your efforts to enlighten your
Circle once filled with greed

And jealousy and pettiness
And ego, anger, tripe
Clean the slate and seek out friends
Defined by a new type

People filled with courage who
Can motivate you to
Let go of your doubts and do
All of the things they do

People who inspire you
To try harder each day
To fight the good fight every moment
Every single way

People you can support and
Who will reciprocate
Who know that friendship is a circle
Not a line that’s straight

So if you find yourself surrounded
By a darkened ring
Seek out positive people
Because their light will bring

The hope and energy you need
To make your circle glow
It all begins with a smile
A handshake and “Hello”


A Little Help

12 Sep

In appreciation of all of the people who have recently reblogged, shared and spread the word about my writing:

A Little Help

There was a wise man who once sang
Of the means to his ends
He harmonized, “I’ll get by with
A little help from my friends”

There was another sage who had
A “Message” to get home
The line that stuck out most to me:
“I’m nothing on my own”

These brilliant men achieved success
But would have come up short
If they did not have all their friends
To strengthen and support

Now most of us will only think
That means when someone moves
Lifting heavy furniture
And everything that proves

But I think that there’s more to it
It’s in the fine details
Little things we overlook
Picks who succeeds and fails

Moments that were spared so that
We could provide a hand
Even though we were “busy”
Promoting our own brand

A weekday night out at the club
To see a singing pal
Hold a disc release party
And help boost their morale

Taking a minute to call
The local radio
And telling them your friend’s new tune
On the airwaves should go

Grabbing lunch at your friend’s diner
Instead of some franchise
That has over a billion served
And doesn’t need more buys

Picking up a copy of
The book that your friend wrote
And not just that, but telling others
Helping to promote

Spreading word about the talent
That your friends possess
Not just telling other friends
But going to the press

How many have called the news
Or written to a station?
And how many were too “busy”
Planning next vacation?

Just seems to me that most people
Spend just far too much time
On themselves to be able
To help another’s climb

That’s why it’s so good to see
When some creative folks
Go out of their own way to gather,
Influence and coax

Other people who come out
And support their friend’s act
Just a little help from friends
And success will attract



23 Jun


I have a brother
I’m grateful to say
A friend in life
As I make my way

A man who’ll stand up
For me and my cause
Even if it goes
Against his own laws

A warrior who’ll fight
Beside me in war
A poet who’ll join me
To watch eagles soar

A boy who watched
As I took my first steps
A steadying hand
As I sunk to the depths

Giving me strength
To burst from the dark
Watching on proudly
As I drew light from stark

But the thing I’m most grateful
That my brother made me
Was a brother to him
I’m a brother, you see

I’m courageous and strong
For my own flesh and blood
I’m the steel in the fire
The Ark in the flood

I’m a brother to him
And that gives me might
To know when he needs me
I’ll do what is right

Regardless of what
We both think or say
One thing’s in common
There will come a day

When we’ll both be withered
And crippled and grey
And one of us soon
Will outlive our stay

Eyes will close
For the final time
And the spirit will rise
With the bell’s chime

But as the soul leaves the flesh
As the onlookers cry
One will still know
As he looks to the sky

That not death or the devil
Or the eternal plain
Can break a brotherhood
As the one we have lain

We’ll wait a few years
And then reunite
And be brothers again
In God’s eternal light

                   Happy Birthday, Bro
                             From Miro