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25 Nov


To deal with something that takes toll
To overcome and take control
Takes distance but not in the way you’d think

It’s not about the miles moved
Creative distance is what’s soothed
So many who have been pushed to their brink

Moving physically won’t do
Much good if your mind still does stew
Over the thing that threatens all your peace

And so that mind you must coerce
In creativity imerse
Yourself and soon your struggle will then cease

Create! Create! Do anything!
A painting! Writing! Sculpture! Sing!
Will something new into reality

Creative distance, every day
And soon you’ll see how far away
The bullshit is that made you take a knee

Get over yourself and stand tall
(Even if at first you crawl)
In time your creativity will trek

The distance that will show quite clear
What caused you stress and pain and fear
Is now just a distant and silly speck


Developing Discipline

23 Oct

Developing Discipline

How does one develop, raise
And strengthen discipline?
Self-restraint, the power to
Control, endure, to win?

Discipline is key to conquering
So many vices
But cost of discipline is the
Unlikeliest of prices

Discipline is not “gotten”
It’s already possessed
It is a trait with which you were
From birth already blessed

But it is buried underneath
The pleasures and the bliss
When it is time to have some fun
It’s what folks do dismiss

“How do I get disciplined
Like you?” some folks will ask
“You don’t get disciplined,” I say
“There’s no training or task

Discipline is what is left
When other things are lost
Discipline comes with great pain
Suffering and exhaust”

It is uncovered when your shoulders
Feel like great big spikes
Are stabbing, twisting into them
Two sudden lightning strikes

You learn just how much discipline
You have when both your knees
Are weak and you feel that you could
Be knocked down by a breeze

Your discipline is not a choice
But comes quite automatic
When you have had a few too many
Things that were dramatic

Happen in your life, the loss
Of parents, friends, a child
Losing these pieces of you
Keep you from getting riled

The trials of life will chip away
Like sculptor with a stone
It chips away at all the flesh
And meat ‘till it hits bone

And that is where your discipline
Resided all along
The iron will enabling
To be graceful and strong

*Loss* is the “big secret” to
Discovering that power
It doesn’t matter how many
Great books that you devour

It doesn’t matter how many
Great mentors instruct you
Discipline is not something
You get, gain or accrue

Maybe when you lose your health
You’ll stop having that smoke
Maybe when your heart’s diseased
And you’re told soon you’ll croak

You’ll have the discipline to eat
Foods much lower in salt
And have the strength to abstain from
The things which are at fault

Maybe when you’ve lost much more
Than most people endure
All the things which you’re addicted
To will lose allure

Wish you luck with conquering
Those vices that you fight
May you endure great loss and then
Finally see the light


Bad is Good

26 May

“Where there is no pain, there is no gain. Suffering and sacrifice build scar tissue that will make you tougher and stronger.” ~Warrior

Bad Is Good

The key to rising up and having
A new attitude
Is to look on to “bad things” and
Change how they all are viewed

Something that’s uncomfortable
Must be looked forward to
Something that is really hard
Is something you won’t rue

Something that’s embarrassing
Should be empowering
Something that is not much fun
Should integrity bring

Someone who is an asshole
Should not be avoided
Confronting them is how your inner
Warrior is fed

Problems, struggles, challenges
I feel so grateful for
Luxury and comfort I
Now despise and abhor

Because I’ve sat and pondered how
Those things have made me stray
All those things have ever done
Is strengthening delay

Next time something sucks, is crap
Is gross, rough, “meh” or bad
Roll sleeves up and be glad

Redefine and see the things
You’ve been told to not want
Those things society says that
Should stress, annoy and taunt

Don’t adhere to “bad is bad”
One single second longer



21 Aug


I’ve stumbled on the solution
To everyone’s trouble
Every single dilemma
And every last struggle

For years I’ve searched for ways to deal
With things that stressed me out
Things that disappointed me
Or filled my head with doubt

Physical, emotional,
Intangible things too
Searching high and low and now
I’ve made a big breakthrough

I’ve done it, I’m now at the point
Where I’m at peace at last
Happy not just with myself
And not just with my past

Not just with the hell that I
Endured on that dark night
When headlights veered into my lane
And made my neck ignite

With fire for the next 9 years
(the pain still lingers there
But this solution I have found
Has helped to fully bare)

Not just with the knowledge that
In two thousand and six
I tore myself apart because
My co-workers were bricks

Sitting on their lazy butts
While bosses cracked the whip
Pulling everyone’s weight ‘till
My left arm couldn’t grip

At peace with losing my health and
Then losing my job too
At peace with a company that
Did not care, and a crew

That never called a single time
To ask how things were going
Too wrapped up in their own lives
To know that I was owing

A mortgage on a house that I
Could no longer afford
At peace with losing my dream home
That I had once adored

And happy with all those who never
Gave back in return
The effort that I had given
The level of concern

That I gave to friends and loves
The respect that I showed
A fraction repaid despite all
The love that I bestowed

And bigger than all those struggles
The biggest one by far
My new solution has helped me
Accept my biggest scar

The one that formed across my heart
When ultrasound did show
No heartbeat within my wife’s womb
That was the final blow

Before I set out to find what
Could fix all things that pained
It was the search itself in which
The answer was contained

You’ve gotta move your body when
Life knocks you to the floor
You can’t just curl up in a ball
You have to loudly roar

You have to put one foot before
The other and keep moving
If you want your situation
To be soon improving

Shut your brain off and walk on
Don’t dwell on things you can’t
Control, because no problems are
Solved with a bitch or rant

Move your legs and move your arms
Rack up some distance fast
“Move” is the plain answer to
Your problems of the past

“Move” is how you’ll solve your faults
“Move” is how you’ll grow
“Move” is the only way to
Survive the hardest blow