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Warrior’s Prayer

12 Feb

Warrior’s Prayer

The common routine
When one goes to pray
Is to get down on knees
And in one spot stay

Clasp hands together
Keep eyes closed tight
In an attempt
To not see the plight

That may work just fine
If you wish to give praise
But most don’t give prayer
Until darkest days

And when the storm comes
I’ve found it works best
To not just curl up
And beg to be blessed

And that’s a main problem
With people who follow
If you beg for a break
Then your prayers are just hollow

The point’s not to live
The easiest life
It’s to build up the strength
To endure the strife

When hardships befall
Don’t beg for an end
Get up while you pray
For the strength to transcend

Open your eyes
As you ask for resolve
And accept that motion
Is the key to evolve

Although this concept
To a few may appall
A prayer on your knees
Will do no good at all

It’s been my experience
When times are their worst
The best start to prayer
Is to get up first

One foot then the other
Keep myself moving
To God above
And to myself proving

I’m not looking for lenience
I’m not begging for pity
I know parts of life
Are not going to be pretty

I pray to the Father
For strength added on
To what’s already in me
To my own employed brawn

Upgrade my power
And my fortitude, raise
Enhance my patience
Amid all the craze

In the book of Isaiah
Forty-one: ten
“I will strengthen and help you”
The Lord said, amen

But strength will not do you
Much good at all
If you’re hidden away
Curled up in a ball

The warrior’s way
Is to charge with no fear
And the warrior’s prayer
Is made in high gear


The Struggle

26 May
“We struggle with the complexities and avoid the simplicities.” ~Norman Vincent Peale
struggleThe Struggle 

“I struggle” countless do confess
“With things that I should do
I struggle with forgiveness
Understanding, with what’s true”They furrow brows and rub their temples
As they struggle on
They think it’s all a competition
To be won with brawn

They think that if they struggle long
Enough, that they will “win”
That “victory” will absolve them
From anger, stress and sin

And each of them is just a fool
For none of them do see
That nothing valuable is gained
From selfish victory

“Winning” arguments means that
Another person loses
Struggle does not enlighten
Because struggle abuses

How could anyone believe
That inflicting a loss
On someone, even if it’s “self”
Would allow them to cross

A challenge or difficulty
You struggle? You’re a fool!
You’re not a beast of burden
So stop acting like a mule

LET IT GO is how we all
Make peace with things that hurt
With people who are selfish, who
Offend, betray and blurt

LET IT GO, the angst, the pain
The disappointment, stress
You can’t let go? You struggle?
Then it’s time that you confess

That struggling is to hold on
To cling, to claw, to clutch
And that’s an act of selfishness

Pull your head out of your ass
And accept what is true
Nothing on this Earth is ‘yours’
Nothing belongs to you

Not your house, your job, your kids
Not clothing or your car
Not your pain, your depression
Not bruises or your scar

The struggle lives in selfish minds
That horde and just want more
So let go of your struggle
It’s not what you are here for


The Hidden Opportunity

7 Jul


Embrace the Struggle

31 May

My friend Julienne (Trixie!) shared this great article with me all about embracing struggle (see my recent poem “Love It All”), fighting resistance (see “Mr. Resistance”) and calling upon the greatest ally you’ll ever know: the Warrior within.
I don’t expect this concept to be something people will instantly get and immediately put into effect. It’s one of those pesky seeds of truth that, over time, will eventually sprout because the simple truth is that not embracing the struggle simply doesn’t work, and eventually everyone who runs and hides has to be honest with themselves and admit it.
Check the article out at: http://elitedaily.com/money/entrepreneurship/how-to-live-a-successful-life-embrace-the-struggle/

Love It All

29 May

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” ~Mother Teresa

Love It All

Gurus speak of how you must
Embrace the world with love
How you must be a vessel for
Creator up above

How love should permeate throughout
Your heart and bones and soul
“Love’s the only way!” they say
To dig out of the hole

And though this Warrior Poet
Will often disagree
With what the masses say, with this
I’ll heartily agree

But irony is those who say
That love’s the only way
Seldom love the things that cause
Their joy to go away

They’ll say that you must love, but when
A problem rears its head
Instead of saying, “I love it!”
They’re filled with angst and dread

When tragedy befalls them, they
Will not smile and relish
The opportunity to train, instead
They act as if it’s hellish

“What an awful thing!” they cry
And sigh and furrow brow
Exuding negativity
And not keeping their vow

These “positive thinkers” who have
Their head in clouds and sand
Fail to follow own advice
When harsh world does demand

Something more than sunny days
And rainbows in the sky
“You must love!” they lie and lie
And lie and lie and lie

The Warrior exudes true love
In good times and in bad
Their love does not run dry when something
Makes the others sad

The Warrior just smiles and loves
The challenge that is brought
The chance to understand, let go
Be tested, stretched and taught

The Warrior is not selective
Warriors love all
Furry, cute kittens as well
As what makes normals bawl

Love’s the only way, it’s true
But that applies to both
The light as well as darkness which
Together give love growth


The Hotter the Forge, The Stronger the Sword

27 Apr


The Hotter the Forge, The Stronger the Sword

The sword’s a symbol of great strength
As well as elegance
The blade can withstand great duress
If its metal is dense

Although the final sword is sleek
And smooth with mirror shine
It wasn’t always free of dents
Or a perfect straight line

The steel within its blade was not
Always so strong and stout
The path that the sword must take is
Not the most pleasant route

The raw, weak metal’s placed inside
A forge of blazing heat
And if that wasn’t bad enough
The swordsmith starts to beat

Upon the raw material
With hammer, unrelenting
Battering and pummeling
And shaping, reinventing

Stoking fire even hotter
Making the steel glow
Into the reinforced blade
That we have come to know

Every time its folded and
Is hammered out once more
Makes the blade even stronger
Down to its deepest core

Every centigrade of heat
That the forge does increase
Unlocks dormant potential
And more strength does release

We all are blades within the forge
And life is our swordsmith
Strength without an intense heat
Is no more than a myth

Just like the blade, you cannot form
Unless the fire’s stoked
Unless the hammer’s brought down hard
And your true strength’s evoked



13 Apr


Based on a true story…


A man called me to ask for help
The other day at work
He asked, “You like this crappy weather?”
Surely with a smirk

“Yes,” I said with no emotion
“I enjoy rough things
With struggle and with discomfort
And with whatever stings

And pains and tears and hurts us, we
Are brought more strength and grace”
He asked if I was kidding but
He could not sense a trace

Of sarcasm or humor in
My voice so then he said,
“How old are you?” and I replied
“36 years I’ve tread”

He laughed and dismissed,
“Oh that’s why, you’re still just a young pup”
And so to show him age means nothing
I then caught him up

“I’ve been hurt bad and am in pain
I’ve lost job and my house
And worst of all, I had to watch
My loving, graceful spouse

Endure the worst pain there could be
When we found out our child
Would never take its first breath,
Yes, I’m young but I’ve complied

More pain and struggle, misery
And loss in my short years
Than many grey-haired people have
In their longer careers”

He sadly said “I’m sorry” but
I replied “I am not
It’s all these things that I’ve endured
That strengthened, sharpened, taught

Imbued with patience, wisdom, grace
And showed me the true way
That is why it is no lie
Whenever I do say

That I enjoy the challenge, struggle
Discomfort and rigor
It’s all these things that awaken
That inspire, that trigger

The Warrior that was dormant
To pound chest and to roar
To rise to the occasion and
To take a little more”

All that he could say was that
He liked my attitude
I asked him what he thought of all
The snow that chilled his mood

He changed his mind and said that it
Was not so bad in fact
“No,” I said, “There are worse things
That cause greater impact”

Before he left, I asked him just
How old he was as well
“54” he said, then I
Inquired, “How much hell?”

“Not as much as you,” he said
So I replied, “Well then
If you are lucky, struggle will
Appear and bring you Zen

And only then will you see that
The years don’t mean a thing
Rather, it’s what you survive
The hurt, the pain, the sting”


Meet The Man

31 Oct

Meet The Man

“Meet The Man” I said aloud
When trouble came about
And the person before me chose
To be angry and pout

It wasn’t when things went smoothly
And he was very pleased
I hadn’t met the real man ‘till
By challenge he felt squeezed

“Meet The Man” I said aloud
When something had gone wrong
And different man before me chose
To be graceful and strong

It wasn’t when things were quiet
And he did rarely smile
I met his true self when he bravely
Charged into the vile

“Meet The Man” I said aloud
To myself when time came
For life to rip and tear and gnash
And brutalize and maim

And only then did I find out
The true man deep inside
Only then, when with struggle
And challenge we collide

Do any of us meet the man
Or woman that is true
Funny how a “pleasant day”
Gives a dishonest view

Of who we really are and only
When we’re faced with trial
Do we reveal with honesty
Who does and doesn’t rile


Bad is Good

26 May

“Where there is no pain, there is no gain. Suffering and sacrifice build scar tissue that will make you tougher and stronger.” ~Warrior

Bad Is Good

The key to rising up and having
A new attitude
Is to look on to “bad things” and
Change how they all are viewed

Something that’s uncomfortable
Must be looked forward to
Something that is really hard
Is something you won’t rue

Something that’s embarrassing
Should be empowering
Something that is not much fun
Should integrity bring

Someone who is an asshole
Should not be avoided
Confronting them is how your inner
Warrior is fed

Problems, struggles, challenges
I feel so grateful for
Luxury and comfort I
Now despise and abhor

Because I’ve sat and pondered how
Those things have made me stray
All those things have ever done
Is strengthening delay

Next time something sucks, is crap
Is gross, rough, “meh” or bad
Roll sleeves up and be glad

Redefine and see the things
You’ve been told to not want
Those things society says that
Should stress, annoy and taunt

Don’t adhere to “bad is bad”
One single second longer



25 Nov


Oblivious means “unmindful”
“Unconscious,” “unaware”
But more than that, the meaning of
The word is “I don’t care”

A lack of understanding from
An inability
To walk a mile in another’s
Shoes for them to see

The way things are from a viewpoint
That isn’t just their own
To wear another’s shoes is a
Trait that is rarely shown

The root of the oblivious
Much like with many flaws
The reason, motive, explanation
Influence and cause

Is twofold: first, our nemesis
The Ego of the mind
The little self-important voice
That makes everyone blind

To other people’s challenges
Their struggles and their pains
The Ego is oblivious
To all but its own veins

Second is the need to always
Seek things of comfort
Most would not willingly walk
A path of ache and hurt

Most would not stray from their own
Nice painless and smooth road
In order to walk rough terrain
And bear a heavy load

Oblivious cannot relate
They need a doctor’s note
And not just any kind, they need
What a specialist wrote

Oblivious asks “Why?” but cannot
Glean from your reply
The answer that they’re looking for
Because they won’t apply

Your situation to their own
‘Cause they won’t sacrifice
Stepping out of their own mind
To pay another’s price

Do not fret over these folks
Instead, have sympathy
Because despite all of your chains
With open mind, you’re free

While they are slaves and prisoners
To their own selfish needs
And we all know where that smooth and
Oblivious road leads