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Different, Different

30 Oct

Different, Different

Different, different, people who
Don’t think or talk the same as you
Different, different people that
Believe something else when you chat

They’re so different it is said twice
They’re different, different, fire and ice
They don’t adhere to all the laws
And codes which gain all our applause

We gravitate towards all those
Who worship all the same, same prose
We form our circles, groups and cliques
With those who have same, same techniques

And when we see someone who’s not
Following the beliefs we’ve got
Isn’t it funny how we
Erect the walls or simply flee?

I guess that’s why the Son of God
Is someone who leaves me so awed
He saw all those who weren’t the same
And He did not try to defame

He walked towards, embraced, took in
He didn’t balk and cry, “Such sin!”
He didn’t use words like “Strange,” “Weird”
And different, different was not feared

He opened eyes and opened heart
When most got mad and did depart
He did possess great empathy
And left everyone to be free

He wasn’t simply herding cattle
He taught that life was a long battle
He taught to think for yourself and
To disagree, to take a stand

To not bend to another’s will
While never letting your heart fill
With anger, hatred or offense
Too bad most of his flock are dense

And too close-minded to allow
A different, different way than how
The way that only works for them
And different, different they condemn



21 Sep


There once was a man who did walk
To his own beat so others did mock
They called him quite “crazy”
But he thought them quite lazy
Because of how they all did gawk

And pointed their fingers and laughed
And called him “way out there” and “daft”
But what they did not know
Is they did not bestow
Upon him not the slightest cool draft

Their chilly reception: ignored
Their insults left the man quite bored
He paid little attention
To all their apprehension
And did not care if he was adored

Years later he looked back and saw
That his “crazy” ways were not a flaw
Many times he was thrilled
And made him feel fulfilled
While the “non-crazies” looked on in awe

And they spoke about all he had done
Of the intriguing tale he had spun
How thinking outside box
And being crazy like fox
Had resulted in a life of fun

It was then that the man turned to crowd
Smiled widely and proudly avowed
“It’s all you that are nuts
For just sitting on butts
And not making your voice be heard loud”

“Though you may have thought I was quite weird
Though many of you laughed or sneered
Not once did I care
As I boldly did dare
To not let one thing ever be feared”

While the ones who called names had regret
The “crazy” man owed no such debt
‘Cause he was always true
To himself and his view
And did not let name-calling cause fret


Weird Warriors

6 Dec

Weird Warriors

“Have you seen that guy today
The one who’s acting strange?
He seems so weird to me because
He has evoked a change”

“He’s doing something different than
What I’m accustomed to
And I can only call it strange
When it’s out of the blue”

“Maybe we should laugh at him
Because he’s standing out
Our ridicule will hopefully
Put him back on the route”

“That is the same as all of us
The one that we all walk
Yes, that’s it, we’ll call him names
And ostracize and mock”

“Wait a minute, no effect
He doesn’t seem to care
Regardless of how much we laugh
And ridicule and stare”

“It’s been some months since this began
And now we’re used to it
The different thing that we all mocked
That he refused to quit”

“Has now become an old routine
And we no longer must
Feel the urge to share our snide
Remarks and our disgust”

“But wait a minute, what is this!?
He’s changed things up once more!
Why can’t he just stick with things
The way they were before?”

“Now we have to wait again
To get used to his act
Doesn’t this guy realize
The more that he’s abstract”

“The more we all think that he’s weird
Because he’s not like us
The more he’s not like me, the more
That I’ll put up a fuss”

“But somewhere down the road, I think
Eventually I’ll see
This person not as weird, but as
A spirit that is free”

“As with many things, I’ll think
About it much too late
When enough time has passed to
Reduce all of my hate”

“My fear, resentment, and my ways
Of thinking in the box
Eventually I’ll realize
With ticking of the clocks”

“That people who are weird or strange
Show courage and resolve
They do the things they have to so that
They grow and evolve”

“And when I learn it doesn’t matter
What others may think
When I do things my own way
And they can’t make me blink”

“I’ll come to know that ‘weird’ is just
A word we use in fear
Of those we should respect, honor
Encourage and revere”