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Use The Sword

25 Jun


Use the Sword

Dilemmas worm their way into
Our lives and we commence
To ruminate and ponder
As we try to make some sense

Theorizing, planning and
Contingencies abound
So much wasted time as we go
Round and round and round

The warriors of old saw value
In good strategy
But more often than not,
They knew there was one hasty key

That unlocked almost every problem
Quandray, obstacle
The same long, sharp solution which
Cut through Gordian’s bull

Use the sword on that which plagues you
With so much self-doubt
Use the sword to cut through that
Which doesn’t deserve clout

Use the sword, be done with it
And stop wasting your mind
And time on things that hold you back
Leave pieces in behind

Leave ribbons in your wake
Be resolute in your solution
Most worriments can be dispatched
With one downward volution



21 Aug


I’ve stumbled on the solution
To everyone’s trouble
Every single dilemma
And every last struggle

For years I’ve searched for ways to deal
With things that stressed me out
Things that disappointed me
Or filled my head with doubt

Physical, emotional,
Intangible things too
Searching high and low and now
I’ve made a big breakthrough

I’ve done it, I’m now at the point
Where I’m at peace at last
Happy not just with myself
And not just with my past

Not just with the hell that I
Endured on that dark night
When headlights veered into my lane
And made my neck ignite

With fire for the next 9 years
(the pain still lingers there
But this solution I have found
Has helped to fully bare)

Not just with the knowledge that
In two thousand and six
I tore myself apart because
My co-workers were bricks

Sitting on their lazy butts
While bosses cracked the whip
Pulling everyone’s weight ‘till
My left arm couldn’t grip

At peace with losing my health and
Then losing my job too
At peace with a company that
Did not care, and a crew

That never called a single time
To ask how things were going
Too wrapped up in their own lives
To know that I was owing

A mortgage on a house that I
Could no longer afford
At peace with losing my dream home
That I had once adored

And happy with all those who never
Gave back in return
The effort that I had given
The level of concern

That I gave to friends and loves
The respect that I showed
A fraction repaid despite all
The love that I bestowed

And bigger than all those struggles
The biggest one by far
My new solution has helped me
Accept my biggest scar

The one that formed across my heart
When ultrasound did show
No heartbeat within my wife’s womb
That was the final blow

Before I set out to find what
Could fix all things that pained
It was the search itself in which
The answer was contained

You’ve gotta move your body when
Life knocks you to the floor
You can’t just curl up in a ball
You have to loudly roar

You have to put one foot before
The other and keep moving
If you want your situation
To be soon improving

Shut your brain off and walk on
Don’t dwell on things you can’t
Control, because no problems are
Solved with a bitch or rant

Move your legs and move your arms
Rack up some distance fast
“Move” is the plain answer to
Your problems of the past

“Move” is how you’ll solve your faults
“Move” is how you’ll grow
“Move” is the only way to
Survive the hardest blow