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Solid Courage

3 Sep

“Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness.” ~Seneca

Solid Courage

The Warrior does watch from just
A couple steps away
He too says that he doesn’t need
A drink, but does display

That there is truth within his words
Because there in his hand
Is a coffee, some water or
A soft drink that is canned

The Warrior observes them all
And feels the only one
Who doesn’t need a drink to quench
His fear ‘cause he has none

He doesn’t need a drink to speak
His mind and to not care
What others think ‘cause day and night
The Warrior does dare

The Warrior does battle with
The demon beast of fear
Every single moment and
Knows his mind must be clear

He knows he must be in control
And always be on guard
He knows intoxication will
Just leave his focus marred

He knows he can have a good time
Without resorting to
The easy shortcut of drinking
‘Cause “easy” he won’t do

Every single bottle of
Whiskey, wine, gin and beer
Is looked upon by Warriors
With a denouncing sneer

“I don’t need that” say Warriors
“I have all that I need
And I don’t have to have a drink
To make my fear recede

Because I have something cheaper
No cost, just benefit:
Solid courage, so thank you
But I don’t need that shit”

The drinkers feel inadequate
They feel judged and attacked
And so they lash out or crack jokes
In order to distract

But deep within the same truth haunts
That Warriors did heed
Perhaps one day they too will put
That drink down and concede

That nothing that you reach for and
Consume will help defeat
Your fears because you don’t need it
You’re already complete