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Angel In My Bed

7 Jul

Angel in my Bed

Some days I battle through much hell
But each morning’s the same
I wake up, turn and see an angel
Who helps me reclaim

Some strength, some grace, some belief that
There’s beauty still on Earth
Her peaceful slumber always gives me
Some much needed mirth

I see her still serenity
And feel a wave of peace
I’m grateful to have one person
Who makes my calm increase

She’s like a peaceful lake or a
Perfect golden sunset
In her presence I feel no stress
No worry, doubt or fret

It makes me take a moment to
Appreciate the grace
That still exists in this cynical
Negative, snide place

And it inspires me to show
The same grace on my quest
When I go outside and am put
To the world’s rigid test

An angel in my bed each morning
Always helps remind
That beauty sleeps beside me before
I’m off to the grind


Simple Wake-Up

20 Sep

Simple Wake-Up

This message won’t be that epic
It’s not about resolve
And strength and fortitude and peace
And how you can evolve

It’s just a simple tip in the
Morning to wake you up
Have some water in a bottle
Glass or mug or cup

Sitting on your nightstand so that
When you do awaken
You can drink it right away and
From slumber be shaken

You’ll be woken right away
And will not feel the need
To hit the snooze button on your
Alarm and sleep exceed

There you have it, no excuses
Now for sleeping in
The only drawback: some water
Dribbled down on your chin