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11 Jan


As difficult as it may be to think that I was shy
Yes, it’s true, this Warrior was once a timid guy
A permanent frog in my throat when I was just a lad
Always hearing “You’re so quiet!” from every comrade

And as my boldness grew, I saw the same shyness in others
And recognized the source of it in my sisters and brothers
Remembered well why I minced words, held tongue and took the fifth:
An overwhelming urge to please all and get along with

Fear of being rejected, not liked, thought poorly of
Fear of being ridiculed and mocked, deprived of love
I conquered shyness with acceptance that all which I feared
Was already in full affect, its ugly head had reared

Despite all of my efforts, there was still mocking and hate
Despite my quietness and caring, still they would berate
Despite my politeness and empathy still they would tease
Despite the warmth within my heart, around me was a freeze

Perhaps my teens or twenties, I no longer recall when
It started being clear that all these women and these men
That I had been so shy around and tried to gratify
Were not people who were worthy of being my ally

Upside down my world had turned, from thinking “all are friends!”
To being more judgmental and now saying, “It depends”
I saw the world through different eyes when I spoke loud and clear
Refused to be talked over, teased, belittled with a jeer

The magic phrase for you shy ones whose voices are so soft
The magic phrase to ask yourself as well as throw aloft
The magic phrase to ask real loud with bass and force and starch:
The magic phrase that raises eyebrows and makes their backs arch:

“Who are you?” is what I’d ask myself as I’d discern
“Who are you?” I’d ask with no regret and sometimes burn
“Who are you?” I’d ask and see the lack of discipline
“Who are you?” I’d ask and watch the tearing of thin skin

“Who are you?” I’d ask and those who gladly dished it out
Showed they couldn’t take it too as they would whine and pout
When I would ask myself just WHY should I care for this person
The truth is that my shyness would vanish instead of worsen

“Tell me what have you done? What’s your passion? What’s the price
You pay day in and day out? Tell me why should *I* be nice?”
And that is when I learned how many have entitlement
How many think that they are owed without sweat being spent

So if your voice does tremble, if your heart begins to pound
If your hands are clammy and the room spins round and round
Ask the question and perhaps all those who make you shy
Aren’t people you’ll waste worry on, instead, just a “Good-bye”



A Message to All Non-Warriors

17 Dec

A Message to All Non-Warriors

When will you stop being scared
Of what the others think?
When will you stop looking left
To right and shyly shrink?

When will you stop nervously
Chuckling when you see
Another person with no fear
Be courageous and free?

When will you stop trying to
Avoid embarrassment?
When will you stop seeking their
Approval and consent?

When will you look in the mirror
And feel so ashamed
That your true courage and strength
Are still not fully claimed?

When will you feel disgusted
That you’ve taken for granted
Your opportunity to make
Your true legacy planted?

When will you admit that you’ve
Allowed them to make you
A slave whenever they frustrate
Anger, and upset you?

When will you open your eyes
And see that life is hard?
With challenges and obstacles
And tragedy it’s marred

When will you man up and be
A warrior who faces
All these challenges head on
And with passion embraces

When will you stop hiding and
Stop whining and crying?
When will you stop seeking ease
And on comfort relying?

When will you awake and add
Your courage to our ranks?
When will you stand beside us
And lengthen our phalanx?

                              ~a Warrior

Fear of the Fearless

1 Dec

Fear of the Fearless

Ever notice how many
Are uneasy when they
Encounter someone who does not
Have fear of what they say?

Have you noticed, or are you
A person who pulls back
When you encounter someone who
Does fear and shyness lack?

Why is it we have such fear
When someone else shows none?
Why are those who are fearless
Labeled “the crazy one”

Is it “crazy” to not be
Afraid of anything?
To never be concerned about
What challenges may bring?

Have all those without fear truly
Lost all of their sense?
Or are the people who see their
Fearlessness and feel tense

Actually the ones who do
Deserve the label “crazy?”
The ones who live in fear because
They are too proud or lazy

Because they are concerned for their
Own comfort or their image
The ones who like to keep a safe
Distance from the big scrimmage

“Crazy,” “weird” or “reckless” are the
Words that are employed
By folks who see the fearless in
Action and are annoyed

Or feel inadequate or are
Ashamed of their own fear
The bottom line is when they see
The fearless they just sneer

They aren’t inspired to stand up
And show no fear as well
Instead they’d rather use their time
To worry and to dwell

About all things that could go wrong
And all that they may lose
A warrior is not discouraged
By a scratch or bruise

They aren’t discouraged by insults
Or people poking fun
They only have one goal in mind:
To get the mission done

They aren’t afraid of anything
Not even those without
Any fear themselves, instead
They are proud as they shout:

“My brother/sister warrior
Who I hold very dear
My source of inspiration who
I do respect, not fear”


Be First

13 Nov

Be First

“Anyone have questions?
The speaker asks and waits
Everyone does but
Just sits and hesitates

We look around the room
And wait for someone to
Muster enough courage
To give their point of view

We won’t put up our hand
And be the first to speak
Because we are too shy
Because we are too weak

Because we are too scared
Because we want a trail
That’s already been blazed
So that we will not fail

So we all sit and wait
‘Till the first hand does rise
And who it belongs to
Is of no surprise

It is a warrior
Who does not wait and follow
A courageous voice that
Is not afraid or hollow

A warrior is first
To volunteer, suggest
Propose, compel, advance
And beat upon their chest

A warrior won’t wait
To be told that it’s safe
A warrior knows that
Embarrassment won’t chafe

A warrior abhors
The silence that ensues
When rooms are filled with cowards
Who all quietly choose

To sit and shift their eyes
From side to side and hope
That someone speaks up first
So they can better cope

Don’t wait to be second
Or third, or fourth or last
A warrior’s response
Is always lightning fast

Because they do not think
About shyness or fear
Or laziness or nerves
Their action’s very clear

They never wait for others
To impact how they live
They take control and aren’t
Afraid to ever give

Their own opinion or
Their thoughts or point of view
Think about that next
Time someone asks of you:

“Any questions, comments?
Before we’re all dispersed?”
A warrior speaks up
A warrior is first