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Sensitive vs Fragile

28 May

Sensitive vs Fragile

“So sensitive!” the phrase is used
When ‘feelings’ do get hurt
The idea sensitivity
Is bad does disconcert

Sensitive is vital
It’s a show of empathy
Awareness of what’s going on
In others, not just “me”

But ‘sensitive’ too often comes
With armor far too thin
Fragility; so quick to wound
No leather, just soft skin

To have great sensitivity
But also heavy shield
Is empathy and endurance
Only the wisest wield

To be awake, aware, attuned
But also withstand fire
To see the ugliness and wrong
To wade through the quagmire

With hands that do not tremble and
With voice that’s stern and steady
With deep breaths slow, deliberate
And clear mind, sharp and ready

Only 1 in 100
Aren’t triggered and don’t crack
Only few are sensitive
While still immune to flak

Because they have discarded the
Weak plate that posed a threat
To the integrity of their defense:
The ego’s fret

Be sensitive, awake, aware
Be mindful, but not frail
Fragility will cause these gifts
To lead to no avail


Deed vs Doer

3 Feb

“Thou hast rightly judged.” ~Jesus Christ (Luke 7:43)

Deed vs Doer

“Don’t judge me!” we hear many say
To those who choose to speak
Against a deed that is selfish
And demands a critique

“The Bible tells us not to judge!”
Some like to remind us
“Mathew 7:1, so there’s
Nothing here to discuss!”

So much of anger is caused by
Such shallow, obtuse  thought
I’d like remind that there’s more
On judgement to be taught

I tell them, “Keep going and quote
Verse seven, two to five
About how the judgement you use
Will your own judgement drive

And then there’s John seven: two four
Where in the Holy Book
Jesus said to ‘judge correctly’
Not just based on look

Then there is Corinthians
Where verse six chapter two
Says that judging little matters
Is not above you

Philippians verse seven: one
While Paul sat there in jail
He said that he was right to judge
Because of this detail:

He said that his captors were in
His heart as much as bonds
But often times the one who’s judged
Gets upset and responds

With ego, sensitivity
They feel they’re put on trial
The blow things out of proportion
And they become hostile

The point to all of these verses
And many more not quoted
Is to remember that it’s just
The deed that’s being noted

The deed is judged, not the doer
The choice and not the chooser
Behavior, not the person and
The means and not the user

But many cannot separate
They take it personal
They think it’s all or nothing and
They feel their ego’s pull

They cannot focus on one thing
And their minds run away
“Focus!” we must remind them
And not let topic sway

“Relax, breathe deep, you’re not on trial
You are not on review
It’s just your deed, your choice, behavior
Separate the two

Do not be so sensitive
And don’t claim perfection
Don’t lose focus and accuse
What others may have done

All of that’s the ego which
Does not want you to hear
Things that will threaten to make
Your comfort disappear

And in exchange, you may just learn
What true judgement’s about
Advice from someone who wants you
To grow, not whine and pout


The Offender

2 Jan

“Someday a computer will give a wrong answer to spare someone’s feelings, and man will have invented artificial intelligence.”  ~Robert Brault

The Offender

There once was a man who offended
The same people that he defended
Though he cared for them deeply
They took his words cheaply
And not the way he had intended

When Offender spoke of their weakness
They were overcome with much bleakness
Everyone in the joint
Seemed to just miss the point:
That they had to unlock their uniqueness

He saw them all falling in line
Like everyone else fret and whine
He knew they were greater
Than the average hater
If they’d all just show a little spine

But Ego was this man’s arch foe
It made folks feel hurt and say “NO!”
“You’ve hurt my feelings!”
“We’ll have no more dealings!”
“Take your observations and go!”

And so Offender packed his things
And carried on, spreading his wings
One day the offended
His words comprehended
When Ego stopped feeling their stings

“My God, he spoke truth all along!”
“It wasn’t ‘I’m right and you’re wrong!’”
“He didn’t mean it
To just cause me a fit”
“He was trying to show me I’m strong!”

Funny thing to take offense
To feel hurt and go on defense
When you know that it’s not
An attack or a plot
You might just learn something immense


The Tale of the Bloodless Stone

30 Dec

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

The Tale of the Bloodless Stone

There once was a pair of cold stones
That butted each other all day
Sparks always flew
As they both turned the screw
And had nothing too pleasant to say

One day both stones chose to depart
Their last words were not very nice
Many years passed
And neither stone asked
For peace because of the high price

But something strange started to happen
To one of the stones over years
Instead of departing
When trouble was starting
This stone stood its ground and faced fears

And slowly but surely this stone
Through the magic of courage and grace
Transformed to a man
And in his veins began
Pumping warm blood to his face

And to his arms, legs and whole body
It trickled with the slightest nick
“That’s a hell of a thing!”
They heard this man sing
As he cleaned it away with a lick

Where once he was cold and rock solid
So rigid and uncaring too
Now he was warm
Different from the norm
An amazing change he had gone through

He wondered if his old stone friend
Had maybe gone through the same change
But when they did meet
Old friend was concrete
And it thought that the man was quite strange

The man tried to show how with little
Effort he could make blood trickle
When he beckoned the stone
He received just a groan
The stone, you see, was very fickle

It was still quite rigid and cold
Because warm blood did not flow through
Its veins deep inside
Within was just pride
And soon he knew this to be true:

Just because you do transform
Into something more than a rock
That doesn’t mean all
Have heard the same call
And have figured out how to unlock

The way to get blood from a stone
Through patience, forgiveness and love
Some stones are content
To just sit there and vent
To complain, feel abused and just shove



17 Dec


“Fag’s” a word that’s used by those
Held in check by their fear
They see someone who’s not like them
And so they howl “Queer!”

They’re so wrapped up in their own ways
That anyone who’s not
Into the same things as them
Should be tied up and shot

They act so brave with hateful words
And all their posturing
But warriors see cowardice
With every taunt they sling

They use these words not just for gays
But for the ones in tune
With their “artsy” side, the sculptors,
Writers, those who croon

The ones who notice beauty in
The little works of art
The men who aren’t afraid to cry
When something hits the heart

“You’re such a fag” just says to me
“I am a coward, sir
I am threatened by their courage
So I must hurl a slur

So that my insecure ego
Feels better about me
I’m still a knuckle-dragging ape
Who is not as gutsy

As all the men and women who
I hurl my insults at
Maybe one day I will choose
Respect over combat

Respect for having courage to
Love anyone they want
Even if it means that I
Will make fun, hate and taunt

Respect for those who do not live
To please all those in fear
Respect for warriors who are
Called ‘fag’, ‘homo’, and ‘queer’”


Truth Hurts

13 Dec

Truth Hurts

I sat in darkness for a while
Comfortable, I thought
Details sharp, or so it seemed
‘Till one day I was taught

That what I had believed was full
Vision was true blindness
A mentor entered my life and
He caused me lots of stress

He pulled the blinds up and the light
Did hurt so intensely
“The truth can be quite painful for
All those who could not see”

I scolded him and cursed his name
“How dare you upset me?”
“Exactly,” he said with a smile
“I dare to set you free

Most would have you sit in darkness
Scared to pull the blinds
Fearful of hurting your feelings
Frightened, selfish minds

I have no qualms with riling you
‘Cause I know for a fact
It was painful for me as well
To find out what I lacked

I’m not concerned about your hurt
‘Cause I know it won’t last
Soon your eyes will focus and
You will not be aghast

Instead you will be grateful for
The chance to see things how
They were truly intended
When the light you allow

To fully shine through your window
Illuminating all
But it always takes someone
Who has a little gall

To not worry about upsetting
Your little ego
Silly fool, don’t you know it
Takes discomfort to grow?”

“You’re welcome” he said before my
Ego could muster ”thanks”
And off he went into the light
To combine with the ranks

Of the very few people
That had the guts to tell
The hurtful truth because they just
Wanted me to excel


They Will Hate You

19 Nov

They Will Hate You

I make no promises
Other than this one
To everyone who follows
The warrior’s long run:

They will hate you

If you choose to be honest
And stand up for what’s right
You will draw all their anger
Their selfishness and spite

They will hate you

If you won’t sacrifice
Your own integrity
Just to make them happy
This I will guarantee:

They will hate you

If you won’t fire back
With anger, loathing, hate
If you will not reflect
The scorn that they create

They will hate you

If you make them all feel
Inferior because
You refuse to act
The way a hater does

They will hate you

If you show grace, control
And aren’t as sensitive
As the one that hates
And unlike them, forgive

They will hate you

But when you have withdrawn
Your light from their dark cave
And left them all alone
To their malice, a slave

To only be surrounded
By others just as dark
And wallowing in grief
Without even a spark

When posturing and ego
No longer come in play
And they are all alone
This truth will haunt their day:

They will miss you