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Some Place Else

3 Mar

“Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.” ~Buckaroo Banzai

Some Place Else

“I wish I wasn’t here” is what
A lot of people think
Because the school or job or place
They are right now does stink

They think that they belong elsewhere
And that they’re being wasted
They long for other ventures that
They’ve previously tasted

It is important to accept
That sometimes where we are
Precisely is where we should be
Not some place that’s afar

Sometimes we wind up somewhere
Not just for our own sake
Instead it is to influence
And a difference make

Sometimes we wind up surrounded
By those we abhor
To make them grow in patience and
To make ours strengthen more

Sometimes impact that we have
On people who are near
Plays a monumental role
For them to conquer fear

Sometimes even though we think
That we’re being held back
Our character invigorates
Another peer’s attack

Worry not, brave Warriors
That you aren’t in right place
A Warrior does not in fact
Have any true home base

They are precisely where they should
Be, which is where they’re standing
Countries, buildings, companies
They don’t subscribe to branding

The Warrior can never wish
To be some place not here
‘Cause “here” is always where they are
No matter place or year


The Right Place

3 Oct

The Right Place

“I just can’t seem to find someone
Who’s the right one for me”
Is what many single folks do
Solemnly decree

They talk about relationships
That ended up a waste
Never realizing it’s
Because they were not chased

Going to the bar does not
Count as making an effort
It’s just a place where people go
To drown sorrows and flirt

Superficial interactions
Lacking depth and soul
You’ll hardly ever meet someone
At one who’ll make you whole

“So if a bar’s not the right place
To find some soul and heart
Maybe a church is the best
Location to then start!”

If you think this to yourself
Be sure that you think twice
Just because someone believes
Does not mean they are nice

It’s been my experience
That churches, much like bars
Are just a place where people go
To try to forget scars

Despite their claims of following
Their Lord and Savior, Christ
I’ve met so many Christians
Whose temperaments were iced

They did not glow or radiate
With love and selflessness
They did not engage or welcome
Or any warmth express

“How ‘bout work? There’s a cute girl
Or guy I work beside
Surely they would make a perfect
Groom for me or bride”

Work’s another place that doesn’t
Usually pan out
Just one simple reason why
It’s not the ideal route:

Money is why so many
Couples who worked together
Were not able to endure
The harsh and nasty weather

Places where you make your dough
Are filled with people who
Are less concerned about others
Than making funds accrue

Same reason why many don’t
Have true friends at their trade
Most would throw you under bus
If it meant getting paid

“So not at bars or at a church
Or where you earn your pay
There’s got to be a place where folks
Can meet someone today!

How ‘bout school? There’s a guy or
Girl I’ve had my eye on”
Sorry, school’s the same as work
Your classmate will not fawn

Because, like work, they’re too busy
Accumulating grades
You’ll find about as much depth as
A quick game of charades

“So where’s a girl or guy supposed to
Find their one true love?”
I’ll tell you this, it likely won’t
Be one of the above

It probably won’t be wherever
You usually go
But something wonderful might happen
If you choose to grow

And venture out to new places
You haven’t ever been
Seeking something with more depth
Than just a lust for skin

I can only reassure
By telling you I’ve tried
All of the methods mentioned
And never found a bride

Until I left my comfort zone
And ventured somewhere new
That’s the only right place where
I found love that was true

Think about it, you won’t get
Your inspiration from
Negative and lazy people
Who are sour and glum

You won’t find hope among the folks
With whom you make your cash
Because the main thing on their minds
Is adding to their stash

And love is nowhere to be found
At places that serve booze
Bars are just places where folks
Go to drown all their blues

I cannot tell you exactly
Where “right place” may be
But it’s not part of your daily
Route, I’ll guarantee

If it’s love you’re looking for
The true and profound kind
The only way to find it is
If your legs are inclined

To move you out from your old path
And search new places where
Someone’s not just thinking of
Their own selfish affair

Their own pay or their drink or their
Own pass to pearly gates
Or their straight A’s, all of these things
Will lead to dead-end dates

Make an effort, seek and find
Get up and search for it
The right place is likely the  one
You currently omit


Have To/Get To

3 Sep

Have To/Get To

Many people dread the things
They should be thankful for
Let’s take a look at all the blessings
That feel like a chore

If you’re young, you do not have
To go to school today
You get to go to school so please
Some gratitude display

If you’re grown up, your job’s not
A place you have to go
You get to go to work so some
Appreciation show

If something ails, you do not have
To go to your doc’s place
You get to see a doctor so
Please show a little grace

If there’s a tooth that hurts, you don’t
Have to go see a dentist
You get to see one so please add it
To your “grateful” list

If there’s a form to fill out, you
Don’t have to fill in blanks
You get to do the paperwork
So show a little thanks

If it’s Sunday morning, you
Don’t have to go to church
You get to go so on your way
You should try not to lurch

If there is an event planned
You don’t have to attend
You get to go so show a little
Respect for your friend

You don’t have to get out of bed
You get to wake and rise
You do not have to work out, no
You get to exercise

If everyone stopped having to
Do all the things they do
And realized how lucky that
They are that they get to

Many more people would have
A lot more gratitude
And we would get to see less folks
Be in a dreary mood



8 Jun


Tests are not just something that
You have to take in class
The judgement of your fortitude
Is something that won’t pass

There’ll never be a final test
There won’t be an exam
And best not to procrastinate
You won’t have time to cram

Everything in life is meant
To analyse your worth
The tests have been administered
Since right around your birth

Sharing toys with other kids
And playing nice at school
Welcoming the new student
When others would be cruel

Losing baseball games with grace
And shaking winners hands
Respecting what your parents say
Obeying their commands

A few years pass, but tests still come
In every shape and form
Provoke you to give in to hate
And tempt you to conform

Every parking ticket is a
Test of poise and tact
Each one passed will help you with
The next time you’re attacked

Your boss may not be the most patient
Guy or gal you know
But the more that they test you
The more you will bestow

Tolerance and understanding
Upon your temperament
Peace of mind is what you’ll have
While they stress and lament

Family isn’t always going to
Get along so well
But speaking softly works much better
Than when people yell

Every seat kicked at the theatre
Every kernel chomped
Can put your patience to the test
If tolerance is prompt

There’s a list of things that can
Annoy you day to day
But if you bomb the test it will
Only cause you dismay

Study hard by staying calm
And letting go of things
That you have no control over
And severing the strings

The more you ace the more you’ll see
The tests for what they are
The more inclined you will be to
Receive one more gold star