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God’s Hands

15 Mar

“The buck stops here.” ~President Harry S. Truman

God’s Hands

I hear a lot of people say
“I’ll leave it in God’s hands”
They pass the buck and hope that He
Deals with our life’s demands

Another trouble comes around
And off it goes to God
Another package sent right up
That’s screwed up, broken, flawed

“What is this? Some turmoil?
God’s hands still have some room
He has plenty of space for all
My misery and doom”

The Warrior’s relationship
With He who did create
Is one that is a bit different
Than sending just their hate

The Warrior is well aware
That there’s a higher power
But they will never pass the buck
Wash hands of it and cower

The Warrior is filled with strength
Because they know their source
They’re forged from something paramount
An immovable force

They are derived from One who can’t
Be controlled or destroyed
And being a supreme power
It never does avoid

Troubles, hardships, struggles, tests
Annoyances and stress
This Creator does not hand off
Instead it does address

And so the Warrior’s inspired
To face those same demands
Bravely by themselves and not
Pass it to their God’s hands

They feel assured to know that their
Creator watches on
But they can handle it themselves
With their own grace and brawn

Never will you hear a Warrior
Pass any buck
“Give me that!” they say and snatch
Grasp, grapple, grip or pluck

Whatever is the task at hand
And clasp it firmly tight
The Warrior knows each conquest
Bring them to a new height

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this one”
The Warrior tells God
You’ve done enough for me, and for
That I greatly applaud

But now it’s time for me to stand
To rise up and to deal
It’s easier to kick ass if
I stand rather than kneel”


Good Boy

8 Feb

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” ~Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Good Boy

I’ve lost grandfathers and grandmothers
Uncles and friends, a few
But none of them has left me feeling
Quite as sad and blue

As when my Husky-Shepherd, Bear
Did pass away this week
It’s the first time in years that my
Eyes have been moved to leak

My tears are flowing ‘cause Bear was
My loyalist of friends
He’d run beside me anywhere
To the Earth’s very ends

At forty-seven kilos he was
Aptly named as “Bear”
But despite his powerful frame
There was love in his stare

Happiness and joy, he was
My puppy ‘till the last
Gliding gracefully on sidewalks
I was not as fast

He was my trainer, pushing me
To try harder each day
When we hit hills and I could not
Go on, he’d pull away

I’m thankful for those moments of
Heaven he gave to me
Fast and free was what he knew
True happiness to be

I’m grateful that I did not have
To watch my stalwart pal
Grow old and weak and fall apart
Slow down and lose morale

He was old only for a day
With stooped back and head low
We took him for a car ride and he
Felt the cool wind blow

We told him that we loved him and
That he was a good boy
We let him know how much he meant
How much he had brought joy

His suffering did not last long
Bear liked all things full blast
And so I shouldn’t be surprised
His old age didn’t last

My puppy lay there peacefully
As beautiful as ever
A sheen on his soft fur is how
I’ll think of him forever

Great big powerful paws that
Had pulled me on our runs
Somehow still so delicate
After hauling those tons

The backyard seems so empty now
His presence resonates
“Beware of Dog” still on the fence
His claw marks on the gates

When I was young I wondered why
The dog was “man’s best friend”
It wasn’t ‘till my puppy passed
That I did comprehend

Their love is unconditional
Their loyalty unmatched
Their place within our heart secure
Once onto us they’ve latched

I wish I could have been as loyal
Loving and devoted
I wish that all of his traits had
Been acknowledged and noted

Before he was no longer here
But that is a dog’s duty
To be ahead of the pack when it
Comes to showing beauty

To show us humans how it’s done
To smile through it all
To live a life with vigor and
When gone, to make us bawl

Good bye, old friend, old warrior
I’ll miss you very much
I’ll miss your great big howl and
Your soft and gentle touch

Good bye my beautiful best friend
Our time I did enjoy
Good bye, Bear Dog, you Big Smelly
You were such a good boy

                                   ~for Bear

Warrior Weight Loss Wisdom

7 Jan

“Discipline is wisdom and vice versa.” ~M. Scott Peck

Warrior Weight Loss Wisdom

Many people struggle with
The battle to lose weight
The problem is that they look for
Shortcuts to find their fate

I’m speaking from experience
When I speak of weight loss
Let me take a moment and
My weight history gloss

I was obese when I was young
Because I ate too much
And because I didn’t move
With running, sports and such

They laughed and poked their fun and called me
“Fatty” and a pig
I lost the weight because their insults
Did so deeply dig

I lost it through shortcuts like eating
Hardly any food
And shakes and pills because I was
Concerned how I was viewed

Surprise surprise, the weight came back
Because I hadn’t learned
Anything of discipline
And how weight loss is earned

Again I felt inadequate
Again I sought shortcuts
Diet pills instead of work
Starving instead of guts

Again the weight came off and then
Again it came right back
Again I felt that I was under
Their constant attack

But something finally came to me
The true reason to lose
All the weight I carried which
Had caused so many blues

When I chose to trim my waist
Not for another’s praise
But for my own accomplishment
That ended my fat days

I took the motto “try harder”
And didn’t look for ease
I finally accepted that
Weight loss was not a breeze

I disciplined myself with food
That didn’t taste that great
Compared to all the fried delights
That had packed on the weight

I exercised and learned about
What my true limits were
I stopped letting discomfort and
A little pain deter

The weight came off but I did not
Feel any swell of pride
I didn’t gaze in mirrors, my
New body wasn’t eyed

It was a by-product of something
Greater that I gained
An understanding of the power
Of being self-trained

No routines or regiments
No classes did I take
I didn’t have a trainer for
My convenience’s sake

I listened to my body and
Used it all that I could
And slashed my mind to ribbons when
It said “This is not good!”

“This is uncomfortable, this is
Too hard, this is not fun!
You’ be much happier if you
Ate junk and weighed a tonne!”

The weight stayed off because I have
The one thing that you need
In order for your weight loss to
Permanently succeed:

Discipline, the rigor of
Training, experience
Ability to make right choices
‘Cause you are intense

You cannot get it in a pill
Or shake or diet plan
The strength is already in you
So simplify your scan

Stop searching for methods to
Reduce your extra pounds
Cut out sugar and fried food
And push physical bounds

Go out for a jog, don’t fret
When you are out of breath
You’re falling to the level of
Your training, not your death

In time you will build discipline
And strength, conditioning
You’ll learn to stand up on your own
And to shortcuts not cling

And when you reach your goal you’ll see
The body that you’ve earned
Isn’t something that you’ll flaunt
For their heads to be turned

It’s something more, a symbol of
Your potential achieved
When you forsake the shortcuts and
In yourself have believed


Get Up

9 Oct

Get Up

I see your tired face
You’re beaten down in place
But laying won’t help you
You know what you must do
Get up

The world has kicked your ass
You feel you’re low on gas
Your body stalls and stays
And on the ground it lays
Get up

You feel you’ve had enough
The days are just too rough
There’s too much to endure
You seek some place secure
Get UP

Your luck has been all bad
You’re miserable and sad
But waiting won’t fix things
Cut anchoring strings

Let go of what they did
You’re no longer a kid
Stop throwing a big fit
It’s time you deal with it

Stop crying for yourself
Get working on your health


Get up

Turn off your racing brain
Don’t focus on the pain
Just do one little feat
And every day repeat:
Get up

‘Cause only when you’re standing
Are you in charge, commanding
Your body to keep moving
Your current state improving
GET UP!!!!

You Can Run

21 Sep

You Can Run

There is an old saying that goes
“You can run but you can’t hide”
Avoiding things that cause you stress
Is no way to abide

I’ve never known a situation
Where staying away
Alleviated my unrest
And reduced my dismay

I’ve never known a man or woman
Who had raised my ire
That simply keeping distance from
Caused my blues to expire

Another quote that does ring true
“It’s a small world” they say
You never know which nemesis
Will pop up in your way

Each time that you come across
A person you can’t stand
Isn’t just coincidence
The chance encounter’s planned

Orchestrated by Creator
God, Buddha, the Force
Whatever you decide to call it
It controls your course

When you bump into someone
Or something from your past
It’s not just a bad happenstance
That you should run from fast

You should recognize it as
An opportunity
To work on your patience and ego
Instead of just flee

The truth is that we overthink
How bad things truly are
We think the wound’s still fresh when it’s
Actually an old scar

Healed over so long ago
And left without an ache
Although the body’s moved on well
The mind still cannot shake

The memory of what happened
It wants protection from
The culprit that so long ago
Made all our joy succumb

Running and not facing things
That do threaten your peace
Will only end up causing it
To steadily decrease

Every time you turn and run
You feed the fear in you
Things that you do not want to
Talk of will just pursue

They have a way of popping up
When you are least expecting
And if your reflex response
Is running and protecting

You’ll never settle anything
You’ll never grow and learn
You’ll never get over yourself
And for your own concern

A warrior does not run from
An awkward situation
A warrior is armed with love
And endures the duration

Of the chance encounter with
Their patience, strength and grace
A warrior conquers every
Unpleasant thing they face

They walk away from these meet ups
No longer feeling dread
All because they held fast when
Most others would have fled

They do not try to “win” a battle
They don’t insult and glare
They understand that nothing’s solved
By those who scream and swear

“Agree to disagree” is what
A warrior proclaims
Words that do convey the urge
To dissipate the flames

Words of confidence that still
Allow another to
Hold on to their own ideas
And their own point of view

A mutual respect achieved
So if paths cross once more
The urge to run and hide’s replaced
With a bit of rapport

Think of all the folks and things
That you want no part of
And realize how simple it
Would be to quell with love

Wouldn’t it be nice to not
Have anything to fear?
To not have to run and hide from
Something year after year?

Speaking as a warrior
Who doesn’t fear a thing
Who doesn’t hold any grudges
And to hate does not cling

The best thing one can do is stop
Running away aghast
Hiding from the things you fear
And instead holding fast