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To Mock A King

11 Feb


To Mock A King

Anyone can mock a man
And yes, most people do
Even without realizing
With their flippant spew

Anyone can mock a leader
Someone who tries hard
But often fails because they are
By their followers marred

Anyone can mock a God
Since most just can’t conceive
A being that’s far greater than
They are, they can’t believe

But there is a rare breed that can
Willingly mock a King
As a servant of one, I can’t
Think a sadder thing

My own King is one who receives
A lot of foolish mocking
I hear His name said as a swear
While I hear people talking

I hear the ignorant make fun
Without giving a thought
Of what this King did sacrifice
And lessons that He taught

They laugh and think this long-haired
Bearded King is so inane
They do not stop to think about
The suffering and pain

They show no thought of the message
Of love that He did guide
They disregard the grace He kept
Moments before He died

It takes a very unique person
To mock this great King
To make dumb jokes, to throw insults
To laugh and insults fling

It takes one that’s oblivious
To sacrificing all
To give everything of yourself to
Answer a higher call

It takes someone who does not see
Does not appreciate
A person who’s mission in life
Was to reduce the hate

Keep this fact in mind next time
You hear these people mock
Don’t just stand by silently
Don’t turn around and walk

Say things as you see them and
Remind them, tell them of
The life and mission of that King
His purpose: spreading love

Tell them that to mock a King
Takes very little class
Tell them when one mocks a King
It’s mocker who’s the ass

Tell them that they mock because
They feel they have low worth
Tell them that we must have something
Sacred on this Earth

To mock another is a sign
Of weakness and of fear
It’s one thing to mock family
A friend or mock a peer

But when one mocks a King I say
There is no greater shame
A revelation that they won’t
Give anyone acclaim

Weird Warriors

6 Dec

Weird Warriors

“Have you seen that guy today
The one who’s acting strange?
He seems so weird to me because
He has evoked a change”

“He’s doing something different than
What I’m accustomed to
And I can only call it strange
When it’s out of the blue”

“Maybe we should laugh at him
Because he’s standing out
Our ridicule will hopefully
Put him back on the route”

“That is the same as all of us
The one that we all walk
Yes, that’s it, we’ll call him names
And ostracize and mock”

“Wait a minute, no effect
He doesn’t seem to care
Regardless of how much we laugh
And ridicule and stare”

“It’s been some months since this began
And now we’re used to it
The different thing that we all mocked
That he refused to quit”

“Has now become an old routine
And we no longer must
Feel the urge to share our snide
Remarks and our disgust”

“But wait a minute, what is this!?
He’s changed things up once more!
Why can’t he just stick with things
The way they were before?”

“Now we have to wait again
To get used to his act
Doesn’t this guy realize
The more that he’s abstract”

“The more we all think that he’s weird
Because he’s not like us
The more he’s not like me, the more
That I’ll put up a fuss”

“But somewhere down the road, I think
Eventually I’ll see
This person not as weird, but as
A spirit that is free”

“As with many things, I’ll think
About it much too late
When enough time has passed to
Reduce all of my hate”

“My fear, resentment, and my ways
Of thinking in the box
Eventually I’ll realize
With ticking of the clocks”

“That people who are weird or strange
Show courage and resolve
They do the things they have to so that
They grow and evolve”

“And when I learn it doesn’t matter
What others may think
When I do things my own way
And they can’t make me blink”

“I’ll come to know that ‘weird’ is just
A word we use in fear
Of those we should respect, honor
Encourage and revere”



8 Aug


I talked the other day about
A word that I won’t use
“Jealousy” is not the only
Word I strove to lose

“Embarrassed” is a word that isn’t
Part of my vocab
When others try to poke their fun
I just don’t feel their jab

Embarrassment is rooted in
The fear of ridicule
The fear that others will disprove
The fear you won’t be cool

And fear is something that I don’t
Allow to guide my path
My journey cannot be diverted
By a bully’s wrath

And that’s exactly what one is
Whenever they make fun
Instead of kudos and esteem
They simply choose to shun

Belittle, bad-mouth, criticize
Diminish and deride
Discredit, downplay, minimize
With attitude so snide

The irony that hit me just
A couple years ago
Was that the true cowards were those
That always seemed to crow

About how silly I would look
When I would do my thing
How absurd my interests were
Despite the joy they’d bring

It dawned on me there was no point
In trying to appease
People who had contracted
The deadly “Fear Disease”

Those who always thought twice of
The things that they enjoyed
Because embarrassment was what
They wanted to avoid

They picked the clothes most likely to
Be thought of as “in style”
They changed their interests to those that
Were least likely to rile

They were too scared to stand apart
To stand alone, unique
They’d rather be lost in the crowd
That be considered “geek”

They were afraid, and disappointed
That themselves they failed
That they let the door slam shut
By Fear and had been jailed

When I read of warriors
Who had no thought of Fear
My actions, interests and purpose
Had become very clear

No longer did Fear’s voice whisper
“What will the others think?”
Instead, my Courage screamed “Watch out!
I’m breaking out this clink!”

And it continues to bellow
Its strong and steady voice
Reassuring constantly
To help make the right choice

“Nevermind what cowards think!
The followers, the sheep!
Let them spew their ignorance
‘Cause I don’t give a *bleep*!

Let them watch from the sidelines
And snicker as I run
Towards the end zone while they stand
And get not one thing done

Laugh and mock the things I do
While they make very sure
That nothing on their end could be
Considered immature

Living to avoid the jeers
Of those who don’t deserve
Any kind of respect ‘cause
They don’t have any nerve”

Do what makes you happy and
Don’t ever be afraid
Of embarrassment because
It only makes joy fade

Recognize that those you fear
Are just as scared as you
Content to sit, banter and watch
As your Courage breaks through