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No Borders

16 Dec

No Borders

A Warrior mind is not constrained by limits, they are free
Open minds not limited by nationality
When fellow countrymen do well, the normals swell with pride
For them, proximity is all it takes to be a guide

The normals are a disconnected breed and so they seek
What is near and familiar, not what has a mystique
They’re limited by family, religion, gender, skin
Their tiny place upon the map determines all their kin

A Warrior has broken down these limits and now sees
Past buildings, mountains, borders, deserts, tundras, oceans, trees
Connected to a countryman with different skin and hair
Linked to family with different clothing and footwear

United with a people who speak different dialects
Where normals call them “foreigners,” a Warrior connects
Normals think their customs are so strange, bizarre and odd
Based upon the filter of their country and their God

But Warriors are open and such filters don’t prevent
The pure essence of what the world’s differences represent
No hometown pride for Warriors because the *world* is home
Filled with brothers and sisters no matter where they roam

No culture, no ethnicity, no silly little creed
No narrow definitions upon which must be agreed
The Warrior is limitless and cannot be defined
Nomads trying to unite a fractured, proud mankind


Your People

21 Dec

Your People

Anything of any worth in this life must be earned

Loyalty takes hard work as far as I am concerned

Yet many people pledge allegiance with no thought at all

No effort and no sacrifice, no passion and no gall

They simply look at their skin colour, see it’s white or black

And say others of the same hue are free from their attack

They label other people who were born under same flag

As fellow patriots with which to cheer and boast and brag

And those who are the same religion, that’s their people too

Confederates united AGAINST those who hate what’s “true”

They call them “My people” but never ponder what it took

To form that weak alliance, which is why so many shook

And faltered, crumbled to the ground over a little spat

Easy bonds that took no work can crumble just from chat

The truth is that “Your People” are just egos wrapped in same

Exterior of skin or flag or religion or game

The link is formed through shallow means of what the eyes could see

And when the topics go deeper, all that camaraderie

Quickly crumbles in the face of tempers that do flare

“You’re not the same at all!” they think as they become aware

A small iota of work’s done and quickly those allies

Are now betrayers who deceived with a shallow disguise

If anyone’s to blame for being fooled, I’d say it’s those

Who offered instant loyalty and never did suppose

That someone with the same skin may not hold the same ethics

That honour and integrity’s not something that’s ethnic

That empathy’s not exclusive to one theology

And all “Your People” quickly turn into “Your Enemy”

When time is spent and effort made to find out what’s beneath

The matching shell, familiar husk,  the carbon copy sheath


No Limits

9 Dec

No Limits

A Warrior is not a fool who’s defined by all those
Who think traditionally and do believe that hair and clothes
And age and nationality, religion, height and weight
Define a person, to a Warrior each of these traits
Is nothing more than a limit and stops from further growth
Empathy and understanding? Limits hinder both
“This is what I am!” is ignorance, here’s what I hear:
“I am Christian so Islam and Buddha’s what I fear!”
“I’m American, so I can’t see your Chinese view!”
“I am white so things black people say cannot be true!”
“I am tall and have no clue what it’s like to be short!”
“I’m an introvert so why do you need to cavort?”
All these labels are not earned, they’re simply chance and luck
And that is why the tag of “Warrior” for me has stuck
I’m not a Warrior because of my mom and dad’s worth
I’m not a Warrior because of where she did give birth
I’m not a Warrior because of fashion or my style
I AM A WARRIOR because I sacrificed a while
Because I let it go, because I moved on with the mission
Because I turned my back on rituals and superstition
Because I stopped allowing limits to be placed upon
Myself, because I proved the normals wrong with grace and brawn
So if I’m asked, “What’s your background?” or “Which God do you praise?”
My response usually confuses and leaves look of glaze:
“I am human, no borders define or limit me
Nor with any name for Creator do I agree
I will not be limited by silly, simple rules
Invented by big halfwits and followed by bigger fools
My age, my looks, my country, my blood type, it doesn’t matter
What does is how when I engage adversity I shatter
Anything that challenges without whines or complaints
I EARNED my label by fighting, by breaking my constraints
And now I am not limited by what is in the past
THAT is why when normals quit, the Warrior does last


Self Righteous

22 Jul

Self Righteous

The old fool clutches his bible
And claims it’s filled with truth
He shouts into his megaphone
His behaviour: uncouth

He’s blind to all the history
And present that surrounds
His mind is closed and limited
And just knows paper’s bounds

His whole identity is based
On what a bible writes
And anything that deviates
Will always lead to fights

How sad and tragic to waste life
Shackled to just one book
To never have the courage to
Explore, question and look

How sad to accept every word
As being “Straight from God!”
And never wondering if man
Who’s egoic and flawed

Could possibly have let seep in
Some selfishness and greed
Some lack of understanding, lack
Of empathy, some greed

How sad to take their word for it
To trust “Powers that Be”
Who manipulate the masses with
Heaven’s sweet guarantee

The old fool thinks because he’s read
The book his parents gave
And shut out everything else that
He’s caring, wise and brave

But all I see’s a coward who
Just went along with hate
Who never dared to understand
Instead became irate

Who pointed fingers and who claimed
To know what’s “right for all”
And when a Warrior did disagree
They’d bitch and bawl

When a Warrior would state
That not all’s as it seems
This self righteous old fool angers
Interrupts, snaps and screams

“Damn you to hell!” these pious types
Cast judgement upon those
Who choose not think black or white
And won’t let their minds close

Yes hell, that scary, made-up place
Where all who disagree
Will burn in pain and suffering
For all eternity

Many of my poetry
Is written for my kin:
Warriors who know the point
Of life is not to “win”

Nor is it to be “proven right”
And bask in victory
Understanding is my cause
Connection, empathy

And so here is my understanding
Of self-righteous fools:
Do not waste your time on them
And their close-minded rules

They’re just old children who did not
Grow up because they chose
To limit themselves to one book
And its primitive prose

Instead of using life as chance
To experience first hand
To feel, to see, to touch, to smell
To relate, understand

Be wary of these old fools who
Clutch bibles to their chest
They’re frightened little children who are
Far from being blessed

More often than not, the grace
And light of God does not
Radiate within them, they are
Filled with angst and fraught

While Warriors have shed all books
And trinkets ‘cause they know
Experience first-hand is what
Casts off wisdom’s true glow

The Follower

29 Sep

The Follower

The follower is someone who
Asks other people what is true
Instead of having faith that they can feel

What’s a shortcut, what is wrong
What is selfless, wise and strong
They want others to lead to what is real

The Christian asks the pastor if
A certain act will cause a tiff
With Jesus Christ or the Lord up above

They ask if it’s okay although
Deep inside they already know
But hope they will not have to try so hard

The new Buddhist asks the old guard
If using booze and drugs are barred
The so-called expert says, “Indeed they are!”

Same for Muslims and Hindus
And most other religious views
They look to ancient text for what to bar

For what to prohibit and ban
Since their rigid dogma began
Always looking to rules long ago

They ask others who learned the text
On what to do and not do next
And always this present moment forgo

The WARRIOR follows nobody
Because they know for them to see
Their own truth they must disregard the writing

And instead search their CONSCIENCE for
The answers, even if a chore
And even if it says, “CONTINUE FIGHTING”

The follower’s a lazy lot
A coward who cannot be taught
Because they lack the confidence to search

The truths which can be off-putting
Afraid of unstable footing
And so they retreat to their sheltered church

They follow all the other sheep
And pile in and fall asleep
And walk out thinking that they’ve been empowered

It’s just an attack on the soul
To be told you’re not in control
It creates not the brave, instead; a coward

They’re told, “You’re only human!” and
“Nobody’s perfect!” “You’re not grand!”
“You’re flawed!” “You have limits to your potential!”

The Warrior chuckles with a scoff
And with a snarl says, “PISS OFF!”
“To me weaklings will not be influential!”

“No addict to comfort will guide
To your limits I won’t abide
You can’t tell me that I cannot let go

Of hurt and pain and everything
That makes the weakling normal sing
Of sorrow, sadness, angst, woe, doubt and fear

I AM A WARRIOR so please
Step out of my way while I seize
My courage, grace, peace, happiness and cheer

While you just follow and you hope
It will be a ‘Good day’ and mope
When shit hits fan and challenges arise

And turn to sources that just keep
Your potential crippled and weep
Because you’ve been fed such limiting lies”


10 Feb

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


Today’s write wages peaceful war
On people that I thought
Were brothers and sisters in Christ
Who the same purpose sought

This message is for “Christians” who
Require set of quotes
Because they miss Christ’s message and
Have anger in their throats

And hearts whenever things go wrong
They vocally shout out
They choose to take things personally
They fight, they hurt, they doubt

They miss Christ’s message of “Let go”
And hold on to their feuds
These “Christians” miss their Savior’s point
And are in angry moods

Even blind men see what the
Word Christian has become
For many it does not inspire
Instead it’s very glum

That is thanks to “Christians” who
Go to church every week
But it’s only in that building
Where Christ they do seek

“Who are you to cast judgement?”
Some “Christians” may accuse
I am a Christian without quotes
Because I always choose

To slice through anger and hatred
Whenever others strike
I love all people, even those
That I don’t really like

I’ve done the work for years and can
Say with full honesty
That when my peace is threatened, I
Choose not to be angry

I do not raise my voice and I
Don’t honk my horn when driving
I’ve understood Christ’s message, that
It’s through peace we are thriving

I say these words not in anger
But in great disappointment
Shame on “Christians” because they
Don’t honor their anointment

Shame on them for besmirching
The name of the Lord’s son
For shame, the “Christians” who are “saved”
But Savior’s teachings shun

We cannot hide our heads in sand
The damage is quite clear
“Christian” is not something that
Most people do revere

Regardless of their faith, it is
A word that many dread
Even followers of Christ
Facepalm and hang their head

It’s in the choices that we make
When things do irritate
You do not get to praise the Lord
And get to be irate

You do not get to be at odds
And avoid all your “foes”
You do not get to say bullshit
Like “It’s them who oppose!”

Or “they are just impossible!”
Or “I won’t speak to them!”
You do not get to follow Christ
And with anger condemn

And that is why this poem here
Will end on these here notes:
If you’re a “Christian” you can still
Remove surrounding quotes

By letting go and following
The word of your great King
You cannot follow Christ and still
To your old anger cling


Why Would You?

16 Dec

Why Would You?

Why would anyone attempt
To make fun of the Lord?
Who would try to belittle
A being so adored?

What does it say about the
Person who pokes their fun?
Who disrespects and shows contempt
For the Lord’s only son?

Why would anyone tear down
A symbol of such grace
A source of inspiration in
This dark and selfish place?

Why would someone berate one
As wise as Buddha was?
Is the only reason that
It’s simply what one does

When they come in contact with
Religion not their own?
Don’t they realize that faith
Goes deeper than the bone?

That when they trash talk Islam or
Talk bad of about the Jews
The Hindus, Taoists, or Shamans
They’re showing that their views

Are disrespectful to the soul
Because faith is a line
You do not cross when making jokes
It is how we define

Ourselves in everything we do
Our source of endless hope
A person’s faith is often what
Makes them able to cope

So everyone that cracks their jokes
With “harmless blasphemy”
Regardless of what God you follow
Or if you’re faith-free

Choose your words quite carefully
And with your steps be cautious
‘Cause jokes you think are so funny
Might make the faithful nauseous

And think about what’s causing you
To make light of what drives
So many to live peaceful
Loving and selfless lives