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+ Connections

11 Dec

+ Connections

Hi there reader, Miro here
I wrote this rhyme for you
Because I wanted to show thanks
And take a moment to

Tell you how much that it means
When you have read my piece
I love it when you do respond
Or make the “Likes” increase

I write these rhymes because I see
All that you have inside
The potential to try harder
They’re not meant as a guide

They’re intended to remind you
Of greatness that’s been there
All along within you but
You’ve ceased to be aware

I never did it for reward
Or praise or accolades
I have so little use for those
Shallow little charades

But something great has come about
Since starting this endeavour
Positive connections with
People that I have never

Had the fortune to encounter
In the past before
So many upbeat folks who
Don’t think that life’s a bore

Supportive and encouraging
People who share their light
And love with other people so
That the world is more bright

So thank you for the connection
Of positivity
You’ve helped this warrior poet
Be all that he can be


One Thousand

17 Oct

One Thousand

In May of twenty-eleven
I started a project
With the sole purpose of hoping
That it would affect

Those who found it in a way
That would greatly inspire
To walk the extra mile and
To reach a little higher

For quite a while I didn’t know
Just what it would be called
The first title: “Pain Management”
Left most not quite enthralled

“Musings of a Peaceful Warrior”
Was the next name
But I didn’t want to infringe
On Dan Millman’s fame

As is usually the case
The answer was quite plain
I am a warrior and poet
And wish to attain

Wisdom for myself so that
I may pass it to others
“Warrior Poet Wisdom”
For my sisters and brothers

I posted poems filled with grace
And strength and peace and hope
I’m sure many turned a blind eye
‘Cause poems often mope

I made them free of charge because
I’m not driven by dough
I’ve been jobless and homeless but
The Lord took care, I know

For those that like a self-contained
Package, I made a book
Volume One’s available
For Kindle and for Nook

And many other formats for
Computers and devices
The tricky part for me was coming
Up with the right prices

I settled on a number that
Has followed me around
For many years this number seemed
To chase, pursue and hound

Then I opened my mind and
I came to realize
The number was a message from
Above, just in disguise

Seven-seven-seven is
A number I hold dear
Every time time I see it I
Can feel my King is near

And so it seemed quite obvious
When I stared at the blank
Which requested “Listed price?”
No thoughts came of my bank

Seven dollars and some change
For a month’s worth of poems
Not the dark, depressing kind
These are uplifting “glow-ems”

Volume two is on the way
With ten more after it
Regardless of if it’s a flop
Or if it’s a big hit

Eventually I made a page
On Facebook but few read
Most I knew there only used
The tool for jokes or dread

It wasn’t ‘till I discovered
More pages like my own
Focused on empowering
Through passion and backbone

The population of this page
Has steadily now grown
And today I’m touched to see
It reach a milestone

A thousand warriors have come
Because they all believe
That they have within them all
That they need to achieve

Every hope and dream and goal
Within them is the strength
To transcend adversity
And go to any length

Heartfelt gratitude to all
Who have clicked on the “like”
And even more to those who took
The time to grab the mike

To take a minute to speak up
And voice their gratitude
Every single comment helped
To enliven my mood

I will continue to write of
The strength and grace within
Of all that you can do if you
Have courage to begin

Collected in a volume for
A very modest fee
And also posted on my site
For the low price of “free”

Because it’s not about the dough
Or fame or glory, friends
It’s about the wisdom that
Is the means to our ends