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No Borders

16 Dec

No Borders

A Warrior mind is not constrained by limits, they are free
Open minds not limited by nationality
When fellow countrymen do well, the normals swell with pride
For them, proximity is all it takes to be a guide

The normals are a disconnected breed and so they seek
What is near and familiar, not what has a mystique
They’re limited by family, religion, gender, skin
Their tiny place upon the map determines all their kin

A Warrior has broken down these limits and now sees
Past buildings, mountains, borders, deserts, tundras, oceans, trees
Connected to a countryman with different skin and hair
Linked to family with different clothing and footwear

United with a people who speak different dialects
Where normals call them “foreigners,” a Warrior connects
Normals think their customs are so strange, bizarre and odd
Based upon the filter of their country and their God

But Warriors are open and such filters don’t prevent
The pure essence of what the world’s differences represent
No hometown pride for Warriors because the *world* is home
Filled with brothers and sisters no matter where they roam

No culture, no ethnicity, no silly little creed
No narrow definitions upon which must be agreed
The Warrior is limitless and cannot be defined
Nomads trying to unite a fractured, proud mankind



22 Jan

“When people do not respect us we are sharply offended; yet in his private heart no man much respects himself.” ~Mark Twain


A fascinating thing occurs
When others do confront
Ego puts up defenses
When we hear truth that’s blunt

When we’re alone, we’re well aware
We are far from perfect
But when there’s someone else around
The ego goes unchecked

Suddenly we do no wrong
And those who are candid
Make us feel with their review
Like cow being branded

We feel put on the spot and are
Afraid they know the truth
We say things like “You don’t know me!”
And start to lose our couth

The fear is that the things we think
Are most imperative
Are really insignificant
For what we need to live

I’ve heard from hundreds who have said
“Your rhymes are truth to me”
And many times they did not fill
The reader with much glee

They did not feel all warm and fuzzy
Like when they have read
A sugar-sweet one-liner where
Not one tough truth is said

You’ll never get control of your
Ego with head in sand
Confrontation need’nt be
Battled like your last stand

Take a breath and listen to
The pounding in your chest
The buzzing in your brain that’s making
You feel oh so stressed

Forget about the person that
You think has brought this on
Only for a moment pretend
That they are now gone

And look within to see the true
Culprit which brought you stress
The two-faced ego which before
When alone did confess

To you that you are not perfect
That you have made mistakes
That you are riddled with regret
And don’t have what it takes

It’s those who do not shy away
From confronting ego
That finally do break its grip
And learn, evolve and grow

They do not let it control them
Instead, it’s on their chain
Fully under control so that
Peace and grace can reign


Mr. Specific

30 Nov

Mr. Specific

There once was a man named Specific
Who liked things to be done his way
He wanted things all black and white
And never wanted them to be grey

“I’ve got this specific idea”
Specific would always proclaim
And if someone else deviated
He’d only look it as a shame

“It’s not what I’m picturing in
My head for this particular piece
It has to be exactly like
My idea for me to feel peace”

One day he encountered a man
Who went by the name Mr. Different
Who didn’t have the same idea
Which lead to a big argument

“It has to be like my idea”
Specific would fluster and shout
“Things must be just as how I thought them
There can be no alternate route!”

But Different’s idea worked as well
As Specific’s did, but he would not
Relent and accept that perhaps
There could be another good plot

So Different decided to call
All of the townspeople together
And they would all have a big vote
And together would all decide whether

Specific’s idea was the best
Or if Different’s plan was ideal
Different did not want to win
Instead he wanted to reveal

To Specific that people decide
Which way that things should now advance
That no idea is definite
Someone else’s thoughts could help enhance

The people all voted and said
Both ideas seemed to be very good
It shattered Specific’s perception
Dumbfounded and speechless he stood

Mr. Different smiled and then said
“There’s always more than one way to
Do something, it’s not just your own way
And your selfish Specific view”

I wish that I could tell you Specific
Had a change of heart like the Grinch
Unfortunately for Specific
Letting go would not be a cinch

For years did Specific and Different
Work on their ideas parallel
Different took in much advice
Specific would only repel

Different produced many things
That for many people did excite
Specific was not as productive
‘Cause he never could get things quite right

They had to be just as they were
Inside is his own ego-filled head
The thought of not getting his way
Filled Specific with fear and dread

And Different would just laugh and smile
And tell him “Get over yourself”
“Stop being so darned self-absorbed
And thinking just your mind has wealth

‘Cause everyone’s not going to look at
The world from the same point of view”
And left it then up to Specific
As to if he stayed little or grew


Big Mouth

5 Sep

Big Mouth

I know a selfish person who
Is their own focal point
If there happen to be many
People in the joint

This selfish person doesn’t care
What anyone does say
They don’t care who the party’s for
In honor of that day

They figure out a way to make it
All about themselves
With drama, conceit and big mouths
Is how their ego delves

To steal away all the attention
‘Cause they can’t concede
The world does not revolve around
Just them and all their greed

The selfish person lives inside
Their own contorted head
The certain giveaway is how
Often these words are said:

“I” is a popular one
And “me”’s another hit
“My” is one that’s often used
And “mine” we can’t omit

They listen to your exploits and
Then find a way to shift
The story into their own ‘cause
They think they are a gift

To the world and everyone
That walks and breathes and lives
Little do they know the truth
That no one really gives

A crap about what they have done
Or seen or learned to date
‘Cause they don’t tell their tales out of
An altruistic trait

They speak because they like to hear
The sound of their own voice
Talking just about themselves
Is what makes them rejoice

And ever notice just how loud
These selfish people are?
They think that words will carry weight
If they just travel far

Sorry, doesn’t work that way
‘Cause from experience
It’s the ones who spoke softly
That always made most sense

Because they didn’t feel the need
To grab the attention
Selfless people are content
If they are paid no mention

‘Cause they’re not controlled by a
Big loud mouthed ego that
Feels the need to notify
The world of where they’re at


Say It!

16 Aug

Say It!

I recently chatted
With someone who I thought
Hated my damn guts
Because of how we fought

It took me years to see
We went about it wrong
Egos were too big
To ever get along

Different handles on
Concepts like respect
Took me quite a while
To get my ego checked

To get over myself
To not be sensitive
Focus less on “get”
And focus more on “give”

I let go all my anger
And all my disappointment
Forgiveness that I felt
Was like a soothing ointment

On the wound of hate
Mending that deep tear
Allowing me to once
Again for that soul, care

So with my warrior strength
And courage and resolve
I made an effort to
Make our rancor dissolve

And I was caught off guard
When old foe did decree
It had been many years
Since they’d forgiven me

“I didn’t know” is all
I could think of to say
“I didn’t know” is all
I kept thinking that day

Why not speak your mind
If you have words that will
Uplift a person’s spirits
And hope in them refill?

Be the shining light
For others to follow
(even if  it calls
for much pride to swallow)

What on Earth’s the reason
A person wouldn’t speak
The words that would make someone’s
Viewpoint look less bleak?

Is it fear that those
Who do receive your words
Won’t appreciate?
Will think it’s for the birds?

I’ve given many kudos
To people who weren’t grateful
Never did it once
Make me feel more hateful

Why keep your mouth closed?
Is it out of fear
They won’t appreciate
And will instead just sneer?

So what if they do not
Repay your gesture by
Giving back an equally
Altruistic try?

It’s not about reaction
Of what you will get back
It’s about all your potential
To rise above the stack

Of people who don’t have
Courage to say things like
“I’m sorry” or “I love you”
That fear should take a hike

What good’s a father’s pride
For his daughter or son
If he keeps his feelings
Always on the run?

Shouldn’t husbands tell
Their wives how much they care?
Is there really that much harm
In leaving their heart bare?

Why would brothers think
That everything is cool
But not speak up and say it
Perhaps one’s a proud fool?

Why would friends think time
Just passing makes it fixed?
That all the days and months and years
Have made the problem nixed?

That’s just not good enough
We know we can do better
It’s just our own ego
That stops us from that letter

Or e-mail, text or phone call
That can resolve the fight
Don’t just assume it’s all
Forgiven and alright

‘Cause even if we think
It’s plainly understood
Silent feelings don’t
Do anyone much good


Hey Idiot, May I Have Your Full Attention?

11 Jul

Hey Idiot, May I Have Your Full Attention?

I’ve noticed something recently
A funny little trend
How attention comes to full
When we’re called to defend

Usually it’s quite a task
To get someone’s attention
Seems a message goes unheard
Unless we’re paid a mention

But when the ego is at stake
When our pride’s on the line
Participate in the discussion
We surely incline

Full attention focuses
On something that before
Would have been glossed over and
Dismissed as just a bore

But when our own opinion comes
Under another’s fire
Seems that topic’s one that won’t
Be all that quick to tire

And sometimes if things get heated
And the insults fly
It’s funny how we suddenly
Have much time to reply

If someone pays a compliment
It may just go unheard
Or get a “thnx” because there’s no
Time to type the whole word

But when a person calls us out
We can’t resist the bait
All the things we’re busy with
Suddenly can wait

And all day is set aside
To stand up for our pride
“How dare a person disagree?”
The ego says so snide

And doesn’t that just seem a little
Selfish and conceited?
To only care about something
When we’ve been poorly treated?

Dedicating time and focus
To bantering all day
All in a desperate attempt
To get the final say

How ‘bout letting go and having
No retort at all?
Focusing on peace and calm
Instead of on the brawl?

Keeping ego in its place
And not allowing it
To control our schedules
And to provoke a fit

So what if someone disagrees
And even goes so far
To disrespect us by saying
We’re stupid or bizarre?

That palpitation that we feel
Stirring deep in our chest
Is nothing more than ego’s way
Of saying “I protest!”

The idiot in all of this
Is not the insulter
It’s not the one who disagrees
Or hurls at us a slur

It’s our ego that puts us
Ahead of everything
The one that can’t take differing
Opinions and the sting

Of a harmless little barb
That means so very little
Ego’s sensitive to strife
And staggeringly brittle

I’d rather focus my attention
On positivity
Depriving my attention from
All those who don’t agree

Saying “thanks” instead of “thnx”
To those who take the time
To say they enjoyed my attempt
To inspire them with rhyme



9 Jun


I do have an arch enemy
But it is not a man
It’s not someone who tried to hurt
Or foiled up my plan

It’s not a former confidant
Or dissipated love
It’s not someone with bad intents
Or kindred thoughts thereof

My nemesis is one that’s been
Beside me all along
It’s been my rival through weakness
And through the times I’m strong

It doesn’t care how I am feeling
Or if I’m in the mood
No matter how much I may try
This foe I can’t elude

It took a while before I knew
Exactly who to blame
And recently I’ve come to learn
This adversary’s name

“Ego” is the moniker
That this scourge answers to
With such a simple name it’s stunning
How much it can spew

Selfishness and self-indulgence
Insolence and pride
The Ego’s quick to fire back
With attitude so snide

It only cares about itself
And what it can collect
It’s not concerned with concepts like
Acceptance and respect

After years of hiding in
The shadows of my life
My nemesis came in full view
Amid a string of strife

Only then could I discern
This bandit of my peace
It grew strong with hate I fed
But now it would decrease

No longer would I focus on
Myself and my own view
I stunted it by cutting off
The pride from which it grew

The less I took things personally
The more my Ego shrank
The more that I gave of myself
The more its leverage sank

It’s at the point where now whenever
Something is not right
My nemesis can barely gather
Strength to cast its plight

Just know this, the only way
You’ll ever see your foe
Is not the way you’d think, with eyes
There’s just one way to show

It’s that feeling that you get
When you have been offended
It’s the fluster that you feel
When your point is contended

Just remember why that is
And why it shouldn’t be
The Ego stokes the fire with
The folks that don’t agree

Keep your nemesis in check
And don’t let it run loose
Only when you let things go
Will your Ego reduce