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Light Makes Right

4 Jun

Light Makes Right

Headlines popped up as I tried
To go about my day
Someone did a bad thing so
The world is in dismay

The fervor and the passion was
Intense to say the least
Unfortunately most people aren’t
Acquainted with that beast

Intensity: the power that’s
A monster or a saint
Depending on which spectrum of
The light which you acquaint

There’s people who are angry and
They’re breaking things with rage
And then there are the quiet ones
Who act with much more sage

They’ve paid attention to headlines
From not just their lifetime
But all the way through history
Back to the premiere crime

Of brother killing brother over
Really bad advice
Or jealousy? Or spite? Who knows?
But what’s for sure: the price

When one acts out of rage there is
A price that will be paid
Even if the destruction
Is for a pure crusade

The ones who take a deep breath and
Who dwell within the light
The ones who think instead of blurt
Who plan instead of fight

Are warriors who understand
The power in their hand
And use it each time to take an
Illuminated stand

The Egotist

5 Feb

The Egotist

There once was a person who took
Themselves too seriously
Their uptight behaviour was wrought
In the name of being artsy

Their work focused all on themselves
On their torment and strife and their woes
A message of darkness and dread
Is what all of their work did propose

Hours and hours of thought
Put into the things that offended
But missing a final redemption 
No mention of things that were splendid

No mission of nourishing hope
Through color or sculpture or prose
No mention of beautiful coda 
Only the difficult throes

Spreading their ache to whoever
Would bother to listen to them
Maybe those few hoped to find
An inspirational gem

But all that they found were the cries
Of a tortured and tormented soul
Nothing to invigorate
Or empower, stir or console

A few may have felt just the same
And wallowed along with the scribe
Creating a miserable horde
Of people who only subscribe

To the idea that everything’s hopeless
The practice of self-pitying
Never wanting to move forward
To the past is to what they’d all cling

And then there are those who will say
“This kind of thing isn’t for me”
They balk at the darkness and dread
And from then on whenever they see

Some kind of artistic endeavor
They think back to how that last piece
Did nothing to make their enjoyment
Of life on this planet increase

Egotists just want reaction
“You can’t only have joyful views!”
But if it’s destruction you want
I’d recommend watching the news

It’s there every night on TV
Right there in your own living room
Murders and wars and disasters
The everyday six o’clock gloom

Artists do have the rare privilege
Of controlling moods they incite
Why would an artist depress
When instead they could help ignite?

The spirit of hope within someone
To give them the strength to push on
To be a supportive companion
When they feel that all hope is gone

Artists, take heed of this warning
Be mindful what message you send
Within your artwork or your writings
You may be creating a trend

Of work that does no good for others
Or you may be creating a stigma
That art is depressing and weird
In your journey to be an enigma

I hear so many folks say
They’re surprised that my writing has soul
That there’s wisdom and courage within
And that inspiration’s my goal

Surprised, because of how much
Negative work they’ve all seen
So don’t be a part of the problem
Be a part of the vaccine

Don’t be an Egotist
And focus just on your own plight
Be an Artist and use
Your talents to awaken might


Humanly Possible

31 Jan

Humanly Possible

“Only human” people say and think we’re all the same
That when it comes to discipline, we all must have low aim
One person gets discouraged and thinks, “No one could succeed!”
They think that their own shortcomings apply to the whole breed

“Only human” I have heard until it’s made me sick
“Only human” from the lazy, close-minded and thick
“Only human” from the ones who grew up with excess
“Only human” from those who think only God can bless

I recognized my shortcomings both in body and mind
Before my grey hairs had grown in but unlike most, declined
To excuse all my weakness as the limits of my race
Instead of shrugging, “Only human” like a weak disgrace

I sought out other humans, both alive and from the past
Whose strength, intensity, resolve and fortitude was vast
I did the work and hunted them, pursued without relent
I sniffed them out by tracking their indomitable scent

And while the lazy sensitives grew wider and more frail
And followed other wimps, I found the WARRIORS to hail
Samurai and knights, soldiers, mystics, a Savior too
Who kept his GRACE while being KILLED (“only human” like YOU)

Time and time again I found these humans who did hone
Their minds to steel, bodies to rock and fire in their bone
I saw what lack of passion did: love handles and a gut
Excess making body weak and mind stuck in a rut

And I compared that laziness and excess to the Lords
The Warriors, the Kings, the humans who all worked towards
Pushing limits, being more and choosing what they feel
Refusing to give up control, to whine, to cry, to kneel

“Only human” say the ones who sit and wait and think
“This is it” and never push their limits to their brink
But there are some who chose to stand, to run and to believe
“Human possibility” is not something to grieve


The Ultimate War

13 Apr

“KILL THEM! What is not for you is against you. What is against you is your fucking enemy and you need to kill it. Your fears. Your doubts. Your lack of confidence. Your lack of belief in a destiny. A certain, absolute destiny you have to do something unique and great on this planet WHILE YOU ARE HERE. Anything that stands in the way of that…any ‘Mr. Resistance,’ no matter the stature of that motherfucker, you need to KILL HIM.” ~Ultimate Warrior

 The Ultimate War

The Ultimate War

There have been wars that have been fought
By fools who’ve said, “This war cannot
Be topped! It is the greatest war of all!”

Wars for God and wars for soil
Wars for gold and wars for oil
But all of these so called “great wars” are small

Compared to the Ultimate War
The one which needs the loudest roar
The one that does demand the greatest strength

The greatest wisdom, sacrifice
The war which costs the highest price
The war which does drag you the longest length

It is the war that starts at birth
And ends when your soul leaves the Earth
The Ultimate War is the one within

And I have seen that most don’t fight
They do not show an ounce of might
Because they just complain, whine and chagrin

The Ultimate War does oppose
The voice inside that does propose
That you should put it off until later

The voice that says that you will fail
And your effort’s to no avail

Most humans never realize
Within them a parasite lies
That whispers, “Do less! Take the shortcut! Quit!”

That parasite is the ego
Which urges us to say, “I know!”
But not “I DO!” with vigor and true grit

So few declare Ultimate War
For most it’s far too great a chore
They’d rather stay in bed or watch TV

But Castaneda, Tolle, Millman
And Ultimate Warriorman
Have shed their light and now I clearly see

And so I write to amplify
Their light so that you will not cry
So that anxiety and stress and fear

Will fall in battle against YOU
The wisdom, grace and strength that’s TRUE
The tools you have inside to help you steer

Your life towards being fulfilled
 The tools inside to help you build

With when my mind says I cannot
‘Cause this Ultimate War has taught
When I revolt my doubting mind, I’m free


A Word of Thanks

1 Nov

A Word of Thanks

I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of the readers here on WordPress for their wonderful comments. I’ve seen the words “beautiful” and “powerful” used to describe my writing so many times here. I can’t express fully how much it means to see someone have the courage to say that out loud (or in print, I guess). For many years I felt compelled to follow the Way of the Warrior before I even knew it by that name. Concepts like honor, integrity, grace, selflessness, courage and beauty have always been driving motivators in my life, and there have been many people who have either failed to recognize, or doubted and accused me of not being genuine. The naysayers played a huge part in my seeking out and discovering the Way of the Warrior as well. It’s a path blazed in solitude, and it flies in the face of the comfortable, traditional and popular concepts many people choose to adhere to like cliques, groups, churches and cults. I took the concept of “surround yourself with the people you want to be like and cut out the ones who are negative, pessimistic and selfish” to the extreme and needless to say, it’s resulted in far fewer texts, e-mails and cell phone calls. 🙂 

I’ve never needed anyone to tell me that what I was doing was “powerful” or “beautiful” because *I* knew it, and that was enough for me. However, it is nice to know I’m not completely alone. It’s lovely to see another person every once in a while when you’re roaming the desert in solitude, no? 🙂  Although in the words of Heraclitus, 10 in every 100 shouldn’t even be here and 80 are just targets, it’s reassuring to see some fighters and sometimes even a Warrior drop by this blog. It’s nice to know you’re out there roaming too.

Thank you for gracing me with your own power and beauty.


God’s Hands

15 Mar

“The buck stops here.” ~President Harry S. Truman

God’s Hands

I hear a lot of people say
“I’ll leave it in God’s hands”
They pass the buck and hope that He
Deals with our life’s demands

Another trouble comes around
And off it goes to God
Another package sent right up
That’s screwed up, broken, flawed

“What is this? Some turmoil?
God’s hands still have some room
He has plenty of space for all
My misery and doom”

The Warrior’s relationship
With He who did create
Is one that is a bit different
Than sending just their hate

The Warrior is well aware
That there’s a higher power
But they will never pass the buck
Wash hands of it and cower

The Warrior is filled with strength
Because they know their source
They’re forged from something paramount
An immovable force

They are derived from One who can’t
Be controlled or destroyed
And being a supreme power
It never does avoid

Troubles, hardships, struggles, tests
Annoyances and stress
This Creator does not hand off
Instead it does address

And so the Warrior’s inspired
To face those same demands
Bravely by themselves and not
Pass it to their God’s hands

They feel assured to know that their
Creator watches on
But they can handle it themselves
With their own grace and brawn

Never will you hear a Warrior
Pass any buck
“Give me that!” they say and snatch
Grasp, grapple, grip or pluck

Whatever is the task at hand
And clasp it firmly tight
The Warrior knows each conquest
Bring them to a new height

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this one”
The Warrior tells God
You’ve done enough for me, and for
That I greatly applaud

But now it’s time for me to stand
To rise up and to deal
It’s easier to kick ass if
I stand rather than kneel”


Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. IV: Intensity now on sale

15 Jan

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” ~Thomas Jefferson

Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. IV: Intensity

Do it with intensity
Or it gets done half-way
Give it all your energy
And others don’t obey

Do not listen to their qualms
Of how you’re too intense
Their complaints are merely their
Own embarrassed defense

Because they lack your vehemence
Your passion and your fire
Intensity will light the fuse
And all of them inspire

Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. IV: Intensity is now available in PDF (PC/Mac), EPUB (iPad, Nook & most eBook readers) and MOBI (Kindle) for the new low price of $2.99 on the

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Wishing you all continued peace, strength, grace and intensity,


Used To Be

26 Nov

Used To Be

Anything that you wish to
Improve about yourself
Whether it’s your attitude
Your bank account or health

Can be changed if you only start
To look at it this way:
“I used to be like that but now
Today is a new day”

If you’d only adapt this
Real simple way of thinking
To put your habits in the past
And from yourself unlinking

And say “I used to be angry”
Or “I used to be broke”
“I used to have a weight problem”
“I used to drink or smoke”

If you would just untie yourself
From how you have defined
If you would make it in past tense
And leave it all behind

Then one day soon you will look back
To recognize and see
That things you wished to change are now
The things you used to be


Pop Culture Poetry: The Power

21 Aug

The Power

The Kingdom is at peace today
The Prince breathes deep and slow
A peasant sees him laying down
Beside where flowers grow

The peasant bows and says, “Highness”
The Prince gives them a smile
He can tell as they walk off
They actually revile

The Prince behind his back because
How little strength he shows
Instead of fighting off a beast
He’d rather simply doze

The Kingdom’s people walk about
And do their daily chores
Secretly shaking their heads
At how he evades wars

He’d always run and hide whenever
The foes do attack
And only when peace is restored
Does he make his way back

He knows they all look down on him
But he accepts the role
Thrust upon him, although it
Does sometimes take its toll

Suddenly the peace is shattered
By a swooping beast
The winged creature breathes fire
And leaves a few deceased

The townspeople all run and scatter
All throughout the streets
To no one’s real surprise, the Prince‘s
Routine still repeats

He takes his furry companion
And ducks in a dark alley
He hears the men at arms outside
Assemble and then rally

Against the fire-breathing beast
But they are too outmatched
A single warrior who strikes
Is engulfed and then snatched

Deep down the Prince knows that he has
The courage to fight off
Any threat to his Kingdom
Though most at that would scoff

But he knows too he doesn’t have
The power that he needs
To fend off all the evil threats
And so he then proceeds

To hold his magic sword aloft
And speak the ancient name
Of the legendary King
From which his power came

“I have the power” he thunders
As lightning brightly flashes
Making him grow ten times stronger
As the thunder crashes

With power, knowledge and wisdom
The Prince no longer stands
In the alley, the sword now
Rests in a Hero’s hands

He points the sword at his small pet
Who cowers at the sight
Of lightning all around him, but then
Grows in ten times might

The companion roars as the Hero
Mounts the battle cat
And rides off to the courtyard to
Subdue the monster that

Has disrupted all the peace
That the Prince had enjoyed
All the people see him come
And are all overjoyed

They give him adulation and
Call him their only hope
Somewhere someone makes a crack
“The Prince ran off to mope”

The Hero blocks a blast of fire
With his magic sword
He dismounts and engages the
New beast sent by the horde

He grabs the beast by one leg while
The battle cat jumps on
Its back and bites and claws while Hero
Displays his full brawn

He lifts the beast above his head
With impossible strength
The cat jumps down and watches on
Always at arms length

The Hero grunts and hurls the beast
Into a castle wall
The bricks give way and beast commences
To forever fall

It screams and writhes as it plummets
Into the endless void
Another beast the Hero has
Successfully destroyed

The townspeople all cheer his name
The King joins them as well
He looks around for his young son
Again, he must retell

The exploits of this Hero since
Whenever trouble nears
The Prince pulls off a magic trick
And somehow disappears

The Hero sees the King search for
His skittish only son
He wishes he could tell the truth
But knows what must be done

He mounts the cat and rides off as
The people give him praise
A short time later, Prince returns
A few eyebrows do raise

“I’m glad you’re safe!” the King hugs him
But many people snicker
How whenever danger strikes
The Prince could not be quicker

“My furry friend ran off” the Prince
Explains to all the folks
“I had to make sure he was safe”
He perpetrates the hoax

And accepts how they see him
A gutless, craven coward
A necessary mask for the
Hero deep down, empowered

By the strength and courage of
The King whose skull was gray
Until the next time they need help
By flowers he will lay

Mr. Resistance

15 Aug

Mr. Resistance

You wake up in the morning and
He’s breathing down your back
Mr. Resistance is standing
And ready to attack

Before you can even roll out
Of bed to start your day
Mr. Resistance pushes you
To back the other way

If by chance you can plow through
And get yourself all dressed
He’ll climb aboard your back so that
You constantly feel pressed

You’ll have to drag your feet if you
Want to keep making strides
Mr. Resistance won’t help you
When on your back he rides

He makes the gravity feel twice
As strong as it may be
And don’t believe for a moment
That he will set you free

He’ll drag you down and make you feel
Like not doing your work
And as you sit down on the couch
This fiend will slowly lurk

And wait for you to get the itch
To get up and get moving
But once he’s on your back again
You’ll have a war removing

This advocate of laziness
This champion of slug
Mr. Resistance sees you try
That’s when you feel his tug

The only way to break free of
His power-draining cling
Is grab the nearest baseball bat
And let that sucker swing!

Don’t just swing for fences, that’s
Not far enough for him
Mr. Resistance needs to be
Sent back to somewhere grim

Swing for deepest, darkest parts
Of Hell and send him reeling
Send that draining vampire
Back home, the whole way squealing

And with the strength you have left in
Yourself, train your forearms
Train them extra, extra hard
Because of the alarms

That will go off the next morning
When he returns once more
Mr. Resistance will be back
And down your neck he’ll bore

You’ll need the extra strength to beat
Him back because he’ll be
Twice as pissed when he returns
Or maybe even three

Grab that bat and swing with all
You have and don’t hold back
Swing and pound and stab and strike
And fend off his attack

And if you are successful then
Get ready for a war
Tomorrow it starts all again
He’ll be back with a roar

But just remember you have what
It takes to knock him out
Taking back your life by force
Is what it’s all about