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1 Sep


We shuffle off to voting stations to choose a new boss
Someone to deliver us from this failure and loss
Someone who will take over and right the wrongs of he
Who took the reins and steered us right into a goddamn tree!
That bastard, that son of a bitch who betrayed all our trust
Who made all those sweet promises but now evokes disgust
How dare he take our gift of power and do this to us?
That fucking moron! Asshole! Piece of shit! Cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss!
This new guy, though, he sounds real keen, we bet he’ll fix this mess
He alone will cure our grief and get rid of our stress
He’s the one! Yes, this time we’re all sure it works out fine
Look at all his campaign ads! That smile! What a shine!

Fast forward four or eight years and he’s an asshole too!
That bastard! That son of a bitch! His promises weren’t true!
How dare he lie to us like that? He was worse than the first!
Why can’t we find a great leader? Are we really cursed?
Oh wait, who’s this new kid in town? His smile is very bright
And charming too! I bet he’ll help to ease our awful plight
Look at how friendly he is, yes, this time we are sure
Our future’s safe within his hands, protected and secure

It saddens me how many people fail to plainly see
The pattern that is politics and want a guarantee
It saddens me how many are so simple in their thought
They fail to see it’s not the boss but it’s the JOB that’s wrought
With problems that prevent each person from doing jack shit
No amount of honesty, integrity and wit
No amount of passion, poise and focus, grace and verve
Will be enough to garner empathy for those who serve
The sheep just pick another scapegoat to drag across coals
And never have the courage to step up and grab controls
Each whiner and complainer doesn’t have the gall to run
They criticize yet what have they achieved? What have they done?
It saddens me to see how many give a job review
Of their elected leader yet nothing in them does stew
To serve their fellow countrymen like all the scapegoats feel
So here’s a word of gratitude to all those made of steel
To Presidents, Prime Ministers, to Governors and Mayors
Who are bombarded with impossible to appease prayers
Thanks for trying your best with the system that you’ve got
It’s broken, flawed and faulty, foul, filled with puss and rot
Thanks for walking into hell and giving it your best
You’re Warriors for embarking on such a futile quest


The Neverending Battle

11 Nov

Not every war is justified, and not every soldier is there because they want to be. Many of them have been manipulated into bearing arms through fear of repercussions. A true warrior knows that simply having a heartbeat comes with repercussions. Pick your battles wisely, and never fight a battle for someone who wouldn’t pay the price required to fight it themselves.

“My conscious won’t let me go shoot my brother, or some darker people, or some poor hungry people in the mud for big powerful America. And shoot them for what? They never called me nigger. They never lynched me. They didn’t put no dogs on me. They didn’t rob me of my nationality. Rape and kill my mother and father. What I’m gonna go shoot them for what? I gotta go shoot them, them little poor little black people and little babies and children and women. How can I shoot them poor people? Just take me to jail!” ~Muhammad Ali

The Neverending Battle

Private Bennings hears three bullets
Whiz right by his head
Two of them hit Jefferson
He falls to the ground, dead

The enemy unleashes a
Salvo of mortar shells
One explodes in front of him
He hears the ringing bells

He tries to find his bearings but
Can’t seem to turn around
He realizes it’s because
Beside him on the ground

Are his two legs as well as an
Arm plus a couple fingers
Though no longer a part of him
Their phantom pain still lingers

He drops back to the ground and looks
Straight up into the sky
He wonders how he wound up here
As he begins to cry

The recruiter had promised him
An education paid
A job, a house, a family
No cause to be afraid

They told him he would be part of
The world’s fighting elite
Unstoppable, invincible
Beyond any defeat

He doesn’t even know what this
Big war is all about
Why was he on the front line?
“I’m just a simple scout”

He closes eyes and whispers, “God
I’m coming home to you
I’m sorry,” and his God replies
“You know not what you do”

The medic rushes forward and
He searches for a pulse
The sight of blood and guts and veins
No longer does repulse

“Hang on,” the medic says although
He knows Bennings is gone
Another wasted man used as
An expendable pawn

“I’m sorry,” Bennings says with his
Last breath and then he dies
The eighth man that he’s lost today
But still the medic cries

“Madness,” medic thinks and he
Scrambles back to the trench
“Madness,” he cries out as rain
And dirt and blood still drench

“All for madness,” medic says
“Disguised as greater cause
All to feed the egos of
The men who make the laws”

He hears another soldier scream
And quickly jumps to feet
A bullet tears right through his heart
He feels his life deplete

“Release,” he thinks as peace and quiet
Wash over his mind
Release from war, from hate, from death
From that which is mankind

“Let them fight their neverending battle
I don’t care”
The medic says as bombs explode
He says a final prayer:

“Dear Lord, it is my final wish
That you forgive this man
For not standing against the ones
Who came up with this plan

Forgive me for not having the
Courage to stand opposed
To men who tell me to kill others
With hearts that are closed

Dear Lord, forgive me for allowing
Haters to lead me
Dear Lord, I give what’s left of this
Tired man unto thee”

The medic dies and the war rages
On ‘till end of time
‘Till birds no longer sing and ‘till
Poets no longer rhyme

It rages ‘cause of fear by men
And women who don’t stand
Against the type of people who
Give “KILL!” as a command