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1 Jul

“The fact is we can only love what we know personally. And we cannot know much. In public affairs, in the rebuilding of civilization, something less dramatic and emotional is needed, namely tolerance.”
~E. M. Forster


Drama, drama, everywhere
We sit ‘fore TVs and we stare
And watch the actors all exaggerate

Reactions to their dilemmas
Our real world drama is because
These make-believers amplify their hate

They’re given gold awards when they
Animatedly convey
Their over-the-top responses to pain

And those who have no reaction
Fail to garner much attraction
They’re “bad actors” because they do refrain

From whining, crying, being weak
It’s tears and rage that we do seek!
And in real life when that pain comes about

We mimic all those great actors
When dealing with our detractors
As we shout, scream, bellow, argue and pout

The Warrior’s a different breed
No actor on TV does lead
How they react when challenges arise

To get upset and let top blow
Like Nicholson and De Niro
Is lowly, weak, pathetic and unwise

The Warrior knows full well that
Such drama in real world falls flat
It does not lead to Oscar winning scenes

It only leads to selfishness
To ignorance, to ache and stress
And so they leave it for the TV screens

They calm their nerves and steady face
They take deep breathes, remember grace
And they deliver their words with great poise

While all the normals imitate
The drama that they think’s so great
On TV but in real world does destroy


Remain in Light

29 Dec

“Physical infidelity is the signal, the notice given, that all fidelities are undermined.” ~Katherine Anne Porter


Remain in Light

This message is for warriors
Who have a loved one who
Has done something so selfish that
It’s not just made them blue

This message is for warriors
Who feel they’ve been betrayed
By loved ones who could not resist
Their urges to get laid

They grew complacent, they got bored
They wanted something fresh
They squandered something deeper for
Relations of the flesh

They’ve left you angry, hurt, confused
And you feel your light fade
You feel there is a price for their
Selfishness to be paid

I’m here to tell you now the best
Advice you’ll ever get:
Remain in light, brave warrior
Don’t you dare get upset

They know that they have shown weakness
And their guilt haunts them now
They want you in their darkness too
So that you bend and bow

Hold your words of hatred and
Unclench your angry fist
Remain in light, do not hurt back
Revenge you must resist

Remain in light as you feel it
Does slip away from you
Remain in light and forgive how
They were weak and untrue

Be on guard, they’ll try to put
Some of the blame your way
Remain in light as you choose soft
And patient words to say

Let them writhe in turmoil as
They try to make some sense
Their ego tries to soothe their heart by
Going on defense

Remain in light and never say
Or do things you’ll regret
Remain in light and do not add
Yourself to their dark debt

Remain in light while you decide
Where you will go from there
‘Cause only in the light will you
Be able to repair

Or find the clarity to see
The new path you should take
Remain in light, brave warrior
For your own honor’s sake


Spoiling for a Fight

4 Oct

Spoiling for a Fight

There will always be people
Who will walk up to you
With a sneer upon their face
And hatred they will spew

They’ll be upset about something
That you have said or done
They’ll make it very evident
That their patience is none

They’ll point a finger at you and
Accuse you of wrongdoing
They’ll ‘let off steam’ by scolding you
And not themselves reviewing

Just the other day someone
Walked up to me and had
A complaint they wanted to air
They were upset a tad

I turned around in their driveway
And they saw fit to leave
Their home to walk up to me and
Proceed to bitch and grieve

At first I couldn’t hear their words
Because I wore earphones
Listening to relaxing
And harmonious tones

I thought it strange that this person
Who watched me like a hawk
When I put my car on their
Driveway would come and squawk

And not notice I couldn’t hear
While wearing my headset
Guess they were too busy being
Angry and upset

I turned off tunes to hear them say
They’ve had all they can take
For some reason this has caused them
A very heavy ache

They furrowed brow and spat their rage
And levied me a fee
Every single past offense
Was to be paid by me

All I saw was a small person
Petty, selfish, weak
The kind who gave lame compliments
But was quick to critique

I saw them spoiling for a fight
And wanting to provoke
The sleeping beast inside of me
Because their own awoke

The words of a great warrior
Echoed deep in my mind
My own patience and fortitude
His teachings did remind

He said that a true warrior
Will take control and act
A fool is someone who reflects
A fool will just react

A fool is one who will mimic
The weakness that they see
A fool allows attacker to
Decide who they will be

As this upset person who was
Spoiling for a fight
Spouted off their barbs I did not
Let their words incite

I simply held my tongue and gave
A warm and gentle smile
Not allowing them to change
My mood from peace to vile

The more that I simply smiled and
Remained completely silent
The more confused they seemed to get
Along with that, less violent

Their rage began to lose some steam
And they began to mumble
Loud and angry accusations
Now just a faint grumble

They turned around in confusion
And walked away, ashamed
At least that’s how it seemed to me
‘Cause my resolve had tamed

Whatever was inside of them
That hungered for a fight
Eager to explode over
Things so mundane and trite

When people think of warriors
They think of blood and death
The truth is that a warrior
Is all about deep breath

Patience, poise and full control
A loving, peaceful heart
Unwavering courage that
On others should impart

Never in a rage because
They didn’t get a want
Never letting go of peace
Because someone did taunt

Understanding that a battle
Is a last resort
Recognizing arguments
Are best to be kept short

And never spoiling for a fight
Or indulging one too
When petty people lose their calm
A warrior stays true


Modern Day Warriors

14 Jul

Modern Day Warriors

Some years ago I watched a film
Starring Nick Nolte
In this film, “I am a warrior!”
Was old Nick’s decree

It made me laugh ‘cause in this film
Nick didn’t play a knight
He didn’t brandish sword and shield
And hordes he did not fight

He wore a shirt with blue collar
And owned a gas station
Pumping gas was not a warrior’s
Chosen vocation!

But as he spoke throughout the tale
I soon did come to find
That Nick’s boast was not that absurd
Instead, it was my mind

My notions which were pre-conceived
Had closed my mind too much
Nick’s lessons of courage and strength
Began to deeply touch

Calmness and a heart of peace
Along with warrior’s spirit
I realized my image of
Old knights no longer fit

The tale taught me to look deeper
Than what is on the surface
There’s more to warriors than steel
Armor in which they’d dress

More than just what year it is
They’ve lived past Gothic times
Long after feudal Japan
And classic poets rhymes

I saw a warrior pushing her
Baby in a small carriage
While holding many groceries
Not once did she disparage

Another warrior plays a song
On his beat up guitar
Just as happy on the street
As if he played a bar

A warrior pumps some gas into
A car on a hot day
He swelters but still smiles and waves
As patron drives away

A warrior turns his siren on
And flashes police lights
He’s off to risk himself again
Not unlike olden knights

An old warrior lies in his bed
With IV tubes plugged in
Despite his pain and little time
He manages a grin

Because his grandson holds his hand
And starts to cry for him
“It’s okay,” he says with strength
Even as his lights dim

Our pre-conceived notions must be
Identified and quelled
Silly stereotypes blind us
From values still upheld

Warriors and samurai
And paladin’s still walk
Among us even though they don’t
Wear chainmail on their frock

Next time you see a busker
Or single mom with child
Or someone with a dreary job
That still waved and then smiled

Will see you the warriors
That live in modern day?
Or is that just a knight in search
Of fierce dragons to slay?