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28 Dec

“I enjoy convalescence. It is the part that makes the illness worth while.” ~George Bernard Shaw


This warrior is sick today
Seems that I’ve caught the flu
No, I will not whine and cry
Because the time was due

I have been very grateful for
The health that I’ve enjoyed
One cannot expect life to be
Of sickness devoid

Speaking of your aches and pains
Will not do any good
Your effect on other people
Should be understood

You don’t do yourself or others
Any service if
All you do is moan about
How you are sick and stiff

Always keep in mind that it
Will soon have run its course
Illness isn’t something that
Must be met with remorse

Use it as a chance to see
How much health means to you
Run a little further when
You are over that flu

Walk an extra mile when
You have beaten that cold
Hit the weight room harder when
That fever’s lost its hold

Don’t be so dramatic and
Just cry of agony
Bide your time and be patient
Until you’re illness-free

And when you are, resume your fight
By giving it your all
Sickness isn’t more than just
A momentary stall



2 Aug


I wake up with a rush of pain
It courses through my frame
It leaves me short of breath and sets
My nerve endings aflame

My instinct is to reach over
And grab on my nightstand
A painkiller called Tramacet
With my numbed up, cold hand

I close my eyes and have to laugh
How that’s my first instinct
In the face of chronic pain
Not often have I blinked

Yet first thing in the morning when
My brain is all clouded
With buzzing pain and noise, my thoughts
Feel very much crowded

And the thought that knows the pill
Is just a quick shortcut
Gets lost among the others that
Want to bail out my butt

The problem with the bailing thoughts
Is that they think short term
They’re lazy, weak and cowardly
Afraid to ever squirm

And writhe and ache and throb with pain
They just want it to stop
They think everything will be fine
If that pill you just pop

Or throw back just a couple beers
Or something with more kick
Like whiskey, scotch or tequila
Become a numbed up brick

And if the liquid cure falls short
There’s always harder stuff
Things you can inject with needles
White dust you can snuff

I think the problem is that we
Don’t take the time to think
About the things we depend on
When we are at our brink

The reflex is to reach for something
That will fix our pain
So few see that we already
Have tools to sustain

Within ourselves, no pills or drink
Or drugs needed to aid
Focus, concentration and
Spirit will dull pain’s blade

Best of all, these cures won’t leave you
Trembling for more
Their effects do not degrade
From what they were before

Unlike pills, or booze or drugs
They grow stronger in time
Your natural abilities
Won’t ever pass their prime

Yes, sometimes you’ll need a hand
To make it through the day
To make yourself productive and
To endure all the fray

But take a moment to think of
The shortcut you are taking
And know you only circumvent
Whatever’s caused your aching

The only way to deal with it
Is with full faculties
The battle will be difficult
It will not be a breeze

But the more you deal with it
Without taking shortcuts
The quicker and much easier
You’ll find that pain’s door shuts

I pull my hand away from the
Nightstand and lay back down
I close my eyes and concentrate
While the pain goes to town

On my body, stabbing, clawing
Ripping at my joints
While it does its thing, I focus
On these finer points

I have the strength within myself
To endure its assault
Today is not the worst I’ve had
No need for the pill vault

I’ll keep it closed until a day
When I’ve tried all I can
Exhausted all my patience and
Don’t have a better plan

But today is not that day
I’ll take the long way there
‘Cause shortcuts only lead you to
Places you should beware


Pain Management

12 Jun

Pain Management

Let me talk a bit about
The purpose of my writing
The happenstance that kindled it
And battle that I’m fighting

Every morning I wake up
I’m greeted with much pain
After several years of this
You start to go insane

It’s hard enough to get yourself
Out of bed if you’re fit
It’s near impossible to get up
If you feel you’re hit

By a truck and then a bus
And then thrown off a cliff
Colorful description, yes,
The point is that you’re stiff

You start to wonder why it is
That this load you must bear
You search and search for answers and
May even turn to prayer

And if you listen carefully
You just might figure out
Why it is we have to struggle
What it’s all about

It dawned on me when I stopped thinking
All about myself
That there are other folks out there
Who struggle with their health

There are more in chronic pain
Who can’t get out of bed
Just the thought of sitting up
Is one that they most dread

So here we are, I thought aloud
We’re all so beaten down
There has to be a way to help
And that’s when I used noun

And adjective and preposition
Consonant and vowel
I’d start my day with melody
Instead of with a growl

Pain pills didn’t do the job
Their effect wouldn’t last
And I wasn’t enthralled over
Addiction that they cast

Being Straight Edge, my addiction
Is my discipline
Instead of booze or drugs or pills
A new plan would begin

I’ve always had a knack with words
I don’t know where it’s from
And for a while I had no clue
Of what it would become

But it was clear to me my gift
Was to be used for good
I’d use my discipline to help
As many as I could

I grabbed my dictionary and
Grabbed my thesaurus too
And started putting rhyme to ink
About all that I knew

I did it every morning and
Found out it did distract
From the aches and pains with which
My body had been wracked

The creativity was more
Effective than a pill
Instead of achieving numbness
What I got was a thrill

From doing something positive
From trying to inspire
From using creativity
That others could admire

The feedback that I did receive
Was just an extra boost
To hear from other sufferers
What my work had induced

That my writing had touched their hearts
And made a few tears stream
Took my mind off of my pain
And gave me chance to beam

I hope this serves as inspiration
For all those who deal
With some kind of problem or pain
The point is not to heal

It’s to manage that which ails you
Through your ability
‘Cause using shortcuts such as drugs
Is planned futility