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No Borders

16 Dec

No Borders

A Warrior mind is not constrained by limits, they are free
Open minds not limited by nationality
When fellow countrymen do well, the normals swell with pride
For them, proximity is all it takes to be a guide

The normals are a disconnected breed and so they seek
What is near and familiar, not what has a mystique
They’re limited by family, religion, gender, skin
Their tiny place upon the map determines all their kin

A Warrior has broken down these limits and now sees
Past buildings, mountains, borders, deserts, tundras, oceans, trees
Connected to a countryman with different skin and hair
Linked to family with different clothing and footwear

United with a people who speak different dialects
Where normals call them “foreigners,” a Warrior connects
Normals think their customs are so strange, bizarre and odd
Based upon the filter of their country and their God

But Warriors are open and such filters don’t prevent
The pure essence of what the world’s differences represent
No hometown pride for Warriors because the *world* is home
Filled with brothers and sisters no matter where they roam

No culture, no ethnicity, no silly little creed
No narrow definitions upon which must be agreed
The Warrior is limitless and cannot be defined
Nomads trying to unite a fractured, proud mankind


Your People

21 Dec

Your People

Anything of any worth in this life must be earned

Loyalty takes hard work as far as I am concerned

Yet many people pledge allegiance with no thought at all

No effort and no sacrifice, no passion and no gall

They simply look at their skin colour, see it’s white or black

And say others of the same hue are free from their attack

They label other people who were born under same flag

As fellow patriots with which to cheer and boast and brag

And those who are the same religion, that’s their people too

Confederates united AGAINST those who hate what’s “true”

They call them “My people” but never ponder what it took

To form that weak alliance, which is why so many shook

And faltered, crumbled to the ground over a little spat

Easy bonds that took no work can crumble just from chat

The truth is that “Your People” are just egos wrapped in same

Exterior of skin or flag or religion or game

The link is formed through shallow means of what the eyes could see

And when the topics go deeper, all that camaraderie

Quickly crumbles in the face of tempers that do flare

“You’re not the same at all!” they think as they become aware

A small iota of work’s done and quickly those allies

Are now betrayers who deceived with a shallow disguise

If anyone’s to blame for being fooled, I’d say it’s those

Who offered instant loyalty and never did suppose

That someone with the same skin may not hold the same ethics

That honour and integrity’s not something that’s ethnic

That empathy’s not exclusive to one theology

And all “Your People” quickly turn into “Your Enemy”

When time is spent and effort made to find out what’s beneath

The matching shell, familiar husk,  the carbon copy sheath


No Borders

7 Nov

Nothing wrong with loving your country…unless it keeps you from equally loving other countries and the people in them. A warrior never waves a flag against another flag, and a warrior is a nation unto themselves, embracing all other nations without fear or animosity.

No Borders

Though I salute the maple leaf
With gratitude, it’s my belief
That being patriotic is a curse

More times than not, it is used to
Make our hostility ensue
Towards the city or country that’s “worse”

We wave our flags to show our love
While giving foreigners a shove
“My land’s the best! We’ll beat you to the ground!”

These patriots all wave their flag
While shouting, “Asshole!” “Loser!” “Fag!”
And all pretend to be on the same side

But when the “enemy” is gone
Those patriots will all turn on
Each other as more borders do divide

The states split into cities, then
Split into districts, and again
Into a neighbourhood, a street, a house

Soon these former “comrades” will
Be once again without goodwill
As siblings battle as do spouse with spouse

As I watch all these people who
Wave flags to define their own view
I’m thankful that a warrior does not

Subscribe to borders ‘cept for one:
To do the things which must be done
Regardless of the discomfort that’s wrought

I’m not Chinese, Canadian
Not English or American
No country, region, island or atoll

Define me, nor do any men
Or women influence my pen
Who lived before in my spot of this ball

Since borders do not close my mind
I’ve always been able to find
Great mentors from lands that are far away

Like Miyamoto Musashi
Who I hold in highest degree
Even if he did not always say, “Eh?”

Mahatma Gandhi is another
Peaceful great warrior brother
Even if he never wore much flannel

Jesus Christ, the King of Jews
My Savior, guiding light and muse
Despite the fact He’d turn the hockey channel

A warrior is borderless
They know it just lead to distress
Division and great animosity

To tear down borders opens minds
Removes the earplugs and the blinds
And shows just how connected we could be