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6 Feb


There is an infection spreading
Across our world today
This virus is picked up and passed
Though certain things we say

It’s caught from pessimistic folks
Who only bitch and whine
The ones who don’t see the bright side
Instead just see decline

Once the bug is passed to you
It’s tempting to bitch back
About the things wrong with the world
And all the things you lack

And spread it on to other folks
Who haven’t been exposed
Turn them into whiners too
When once they were composed

Populate the landscape with
Your negativity
Tainting and infecting all
Of those who don’t agree

Although there isn’t any way
To stop from catching it
There is a treatment that is sure
To make this bug remit

Instead of nodding in agreement
And saying “Yes, it’s bad”
Administer the vaccine of
Responding with “I’m glad”

Say the things you’re grateful for
And not just focusing
On the things that bother you
No, take the chance to sing

About how you’ve been blessed in life
Because if you’re alive
You have a lot more than those who
Weren’t able to survive

The only way to vaccinate
The virus of complaining
Is not with pills or shots but by
A good outlook maintaining

Don’t nitpick over little things
When so much is still good
Appreciate all that you have
Instead of what you should

Don’t spread the virus, spread the cure
By having gratitude
Being positive and having
The right attitude




13 Aug


Let me beat my chest a bit
In Warrior-like fashion
About a group for which I don’t
Have all that much compassion

I mainly speak of love and strength
And optimistic things
But that does not mean I just see
The works of knights and kings

Though I don’t dwell on the acts
Of those who aren’t their best
I’ve ignored them long enough
It’s time they were addressed

Cowards are the focus of
Today’s rhyming essay
The kind of people who will turn
And run to get away

Cowards think just of themselves
Their own comfort and bliss
Speed bumps that get in the way
A Coward can’t dismiss

They complain about problems
That happen every day
Get down in the dumps instead of
Charging through the fray

Cowards run away and leave
Their family and their friends
Without the thought of who will be
The one who now defends

Cowards will look left and right
To see what others think
If someone voices discontent
The Coward will then blink

Cowards want an easy fix
To make them feel all better
They cannot do it on their own
The Coward’s not a sweater

You’ll never see it trickle down
The temple of their face
Unless the bead is made of fear
A trait they can’t erase

A Coward is afraid of losing
All material things
A Coward is a puppet who
Cannot get free of strings

Cowards always think the worst
They are devoid of hope
They don’t know how to deal with it
They don’t know how to cope

Cowards have no passion in
Themselves to give them strength
They like to keep safety close by
And hazard at arm’s length

Cowards cannot take the blame
For mistakes they have made
Their comfort would be ruined by
The price that must be paid

Cowards are so lazy that
They don’t often get out
And the few that do just spend
The time to bitch and pout

Cowards are so busy and
Don’t have the time to see
That if they just tried to make time
A Warrior they’d be

If they stopped running away
And faced the chasing dread
If they fought with all their might
The Coward’s skin would shed

If they filled themselves with hope
And faith and discipline
If they recognized that all
Those traits come from within

Then they’d see that Cowardice
Won’t get them anywhere
The only way to beat it is
To walk into Fear’s lair

Beat your chest and say “I’m here!
Come give me your best hit!
No matter what you throw at me
This Warrior won’t quit!”


Light in the Darkness

21 Jun

Light in the Darkness

I hear a lot of folks complain
Of darkness in the world
How negative things have become
And hate that has unfurled

I see them fold their arms across
Their chest and just bemoan
Never doing anything
To change the world’s dark tone

“It’s hopeless!” they often declare
“What difference can I make?”
And that, my friends, is what is wrong
With folks who bellyache

They cannot fathom how one light
One tiny little flame
When lit up in pitch black rooms
Can so much darkness tame

There was a man two thousand years
Ago who was a light
And headlong did He walk into
The darkness of the night

He did not whine about how bad
That people treated Him
He didn’t sit and fold His arms
And let His candle dim

His name was Jesus and He was
The light in the darkness
No matter how much it enveloped
His light would not suppress

He taught people to not just hide
Away from all the gloom
But to enter into the
Most dark and somber room

To take their hope and faith and light
Into the darkest place
And let that light act as a torch
Illuminating grace

Casting out shadows of doubt
And silencing man’s greed
Acting as a beacon of
The hope that we all need

You cannot just sit by and wait
For your way to be lit
Your path can be made clear by light
That you yourself emit

You may work at a dreary job
With melancholy peers
But it will make no difference
If you go change careers

No matter where you choose to be
There will always be those
Who are the darkness in the room
And cast on you their woes

There may be some within your tribe
Who grumble and dissent
But in optimism’s light
Their darkness will relent

So don’t snuff out your flame of hope
And say it’s all for naught
Follow the shining example
That the Saviour taught

Go headlong into the night
And cast your brilliant glow
Just as the great King of Kings
Did all those years ago

Your light may not burn quite as long
As you may hope it to
But the flash left on their eyes
Will always imbue

And inspire others to
Spread their light to the dark
Sometimes all you need to see
Is just a little spark



15 Jun


There once was a Grouch who never smiled
Whose expression was always dismal
And regardless of the company they kept
Their outlook was always abysmal

Even if others would say, “Cheer up!
The sun will eventually shine!”
The Grouch would frown and reply, “Maybe not!”
With a pessimistic whine

“The world is what you make of it!”
The believers said with passion
But how much could the Grouch achieve
With a face that was so ashen?

What kind of difference can one make
With no fire in their eyes?
What good’s a Grouch who just critiques
But never really tries

To make the world a better place
With passion and with cheer
What do Grouches hope to gain
With their melancholy sneer?

The most important thing to keep
In mind for every day
Is that your attitude affects
The things that you will say

And attitude’s directly wired
To muscles in your face
It’s your expression that reveals
The mood that’s at your base

So it’s ironic that the Grouch
Could not make the connection
Between their negative outlook
And their own complexion

But something funny happened when
The Grouch did try to smile
Their attitude improved and their
Approach was less hostile

By curving corners of their mouth
Upward instead of down
They found out more could be achieved
With smile instead of frown

The Grouch discovered what you give
Is squarely what you get
If anger is what you put out
Then you will be upset

But if it’s joy you choose to spread
To everyone you meet
Then you’ll discover how kind in
Return the world will treat

And so the Grouch would sneer no more
And not sit back and gripe
Armed with smile as their sword
They would engage the tripe

And always beamed from face and heart
Through good times and through bad
Recognizing the effect
On others that it had

And other Grouches would befall
The power of the grin
When they saw how their mood and smile
Were indeed akin