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Tree holocaust

27 Dec


Tree holocaust

Murdered trees adorn the curbs
Amongst the stinking trash
For ten years they grew beautifully
Then chopped down in a flash

Decorated for two weeks
Then discarded as junk
The ignorance behind their death
Puts me in a small funk

Idiots and imbeciles
Defend their lack of thought
By just repeating what their parents
And grandparents taught:

“They grow them for this reason, to
Be chopped down for this day!”
With all due respect, to hell
With what these people say

To hell with things they tell themselves
To justify the greed
Of killing something ten years old
Just to selfishly feed

Their desire to decorate
Their living room and smell
That “fresh pine scent” that emanates
From evergreen’s dead shell

And when Christmas is over and
The needles start to fall
Time to kick it to the curb
And next year, have the gall

To kill another decade old
Tree that was “meant to die”
Just another sign of how
Mankind has gone awry


The Shackler

30 Sep

If you’ve put in the time, patience and effort to change something about yourself, never let someone who hasn’t been around to witness that change define you by something you’ve said or done in the past. There are people who will try to shackle you by your past actions and cause you self-doubt. What they don’t realize is those shackles are brittle and shatter with one simple question: “That was then, who am I now?” You’ll usually get a few blinks and a perplexed look that says, “I don’t know…I haven’t been paying attention lately because I’m too focused on the past.” Eliminate these short-sighted, ignorant and un-empathetic “Shacklers” from your life.

The Shackler

There was a man named Now who once did something in the past
That made a man named Cling so angry that his rage did last
Over several years and when the two met up once more
Cling reminded Now of all that he had done before

He was oblivious to how much he himself had changed
Over all the years since both of them had been estranged
Cling was not the same person but he did fail to see
That years could change someone else too, this Cling did not foresee

He met Now with an old frustration and he did remind
Of what Now had done in the past, how he had been unkind
He tried to shackle Now with actions that were now years old
He tried to define Now by those actions that were so cold

But unlike most who bow their heads in shame and say they’re sorry
Now refused to play along and succumb to Cling’s quarry
“That was then” Now did reply, “and I flat-out refuse
To be defined by  outdated opinions, thoughts and views”

Now told Cling that if he chose to live in times gone by
That they were done speaking and Cling could count one less ally
Because to shackle someone with the past shows lack of sight
Of all the ways they’ve changed if you just cling to that old fight



25 Nov


Oblivious means “unmindful”
“Unconscious,” “unaware”
But more than that, the meaning of
The word is “I don’t care”

A lack of understanding from
An inability
To walk a mile in another’s
Shoes for them to see

The way things are from a viewpoint
That isn’t just their own
To wear another’s shoes is a
Trait that is rarely shown

The root of the oblivious
Much like with many flaws
The reason, motive, explanation
Influence and cause

Is twofold: first, our nemesis
The Ego of the mind
The little self-important voice
That makes everyone blind

To other people’s challenges
Their struggles and their pains
The Ego is oblivious
To all but its own veins

Second is the need to always
Seek things of comfort
Most would not willingly walk
A path of ache and hurt

Most would not stray from their own
Nice painless and smooth road
In order to walk rough terrain
And bear a heavy load

Oblivious cannot relate
They need a doctor’s note
And not just any kind, they need
What a specialist wrote

Oblivious asks “Why?” but cannot
Glean from your reply
The answer that they’re looking for
Because they won’t apply

Your situation to their own
‘Cause they won’t sacrifice
Stepping out of their own mind
To pay another’s price

Do not fret over these folks
Instead, have sympathy
Because despite all of your chains
With open mind, you’re free

While they are slaves and prisoners
To their own selfish needs
And we all know where that smooth and
Oblivious road leads