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Not That Busy

21 Feb

“When you are asked if you can do a job, tell ’em, ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it.” ~Theodore Roosevelt

Not That Busy

A peculiar phenomenon
That I have always seen
Takes place whenever someone’s asked
To come out and convene

To take part in a get-together
With like-minded folks
There always seems to be a few
Who you just cannot coax

Because they’re “busy,” they have something
Going on that day
A thing that only takes up just
A fragment of their play

I’ve heard it time and time again,
“I’ve already made plans”
But what they say they’re busy with
Only few hours spans

I’ve even heard some blow it up
To wipe out a weekend
Events only four hours long
To the next day transcend

What is it about the mind
That says “You must recover”
“Write off the next day as well
For fear fatigue will hover”

I’ve heard some say they couldn’t make
A two minute phone call
Because they were so “busy” that
They were not free to stall

And yet I’ve seen those same people
With no minutes to spare
Drop it all to sit before
The TV and just stare

Watch their shows and movies and
Play endless video games
And later boast about their busy
Non-stop hectic claims

You’re not that busy, no one is
Don’t let your mind run wild
Don’t fall for thinking there are too
Many duties compiled

Call yourself on your B.S.
And don’t exaggerate
Never act as though you have
Far too much on your plate

Because each person knows the truth
That we are not that busy
Very few of us do reach
The point of being dizzy

Do not let your mind inflate
What’s being asked of you
And for the tasks you have right now
Take moment to review

Are you really that busy?
Is time really that rare?
Is stopping for a moment something
You would never dare?

I can only speak for one
In complete honesty
It wasn’t until I admitted
“I’m not that busy”

That my production level rose
And my training began
And people started calling me
“A wise, hard working man”


Business Card

12 Aug

Business Card

“Can I get your business card?” is what
I often hear folks ask
Whenever they find out what I
Have chosen as my task

Writer, actor, editor
Director, “movie-guy”
Many different channels which
Do make all my time fly

“I may have something that I’ll need
Your help with very soon”
Not the first time that I’ve heard
Them sing that wishful tune

They use words like “Maybe” and “if”
And “possibly,” “perhaps”
Hopeful aspirations which
Bring on the “oohs” and claps

I give my card and they put it
Away for the right time
When everything falls into place
To make my cell phone chime

The thing is, my phone never rings
From someone with my card
Took a while for me to see
It’s something they discard

I wondered if maybe there was
A typo in the number
E-mail address or website
That had caused the long slumber

But nope, the data’s all correct
And as it should appear
The fate of my business card then
Becomes to me quite clear

Tossed out to the wind or at
The bottom of a bin
Ironic since it was taken
With such an anxious grin

I’ve given out hundreds of cards
And can’t recall one case
I’ve ever heard back from someone
Who followed through the chase

It’s been years since I had any
To give away, although
I still get asked quite frequently
That’s when I let them know

“My business card is now online
It’s not that hard to find
No more print expenditures
And no more trees to grind”

No website to memorize
Or number to retain
Google’s made life easier
For every cluttered brain

“Do a search for my name and
You’ll find my own website
Or look me up on Facebook and
When there feel free to write”

Don’t have room inside your head
To remember my name?
Text yourself with your cell phone
Please, show me you have game

Show me some intensity
That you do in fact care
That you know you can’t just talk
You also have to dare

To follow through, to roll up sleeves
To toil, sweat and grind
Accomplishment is not something
Just on the ground you find

Like a tossed out business card
That started out so well
Exchanged with words of how we both
Were going to excel

Waste of money, pulp and ink
I’ve come to realize
“Here’s my card” is an expression
I’ve come to despise

Because you can’t make people care
By giving them a piece
Of paper, three point five by two
And waiting for increase

In profit or in other things
Like your networking clique
It takes more than a business card
To make their interest pique

You have to make the call yourself
Or send a few e-mails
Learn from Andy in Shawshank
Persistence never fails!

So throw away your business card
Before someone else does
It’s time we all accepted that
It’s just a waste because

It’s too easy to throw away
Too easy to ignore
It doesn’t motivate us to
Do all the things we swore

Please don’t ask me for mine ‘cause
I just don’t see what good
A business card has ever done
It’s just a waste of wood


All About The Money

28 Jun

All About The Money

“How much money do you make?”
Is something that most ask
Whenever they find out what I
Have chosen as my task

They think that glitz and glamour follows
All of those who choose
To make movies instead of simply
Watch while drinking booze

“I bet you make some decent coin”
A lot of people say
Despite the ragged flannel shirt
And worn jeans I display

I do not wear Armani suits
And own no Hugo Boss
The only gold that I have on
Is wedding ring and cross

And a bracelet given by
My loving mom and dad
Given gold’s the only kind
That I have ever had

I don’t drive an exotic car
And don’t do that much travel
Guess I’m too busy grinding
My feet against the gravel

Despite my worn out ragged shoes
I purchased from Walmart
People seem to think there’s fortune
In creating art

I try to talk about the thrill
I get from telling tales
But most people just want to talk
About the side of sales

“What did you pull in last year?”
They say with a straight face
I smile and respond by simply
Saying, “Just some grace

And joy because I love to make
A difference in one’s day
To entertain or to inspire,
I consider pay”

True, it doesn’t pay the bills
But that’s what jobs are for
Roll your sleeves and make your wage
With work that’s sure to bore

But when I’m talking of my life
Of movies and TV
That’s different than talking about
Work in a factory

It’s not about your benefits
Or shift clock that you punch
It’s not about your coffee break
Or what you had for lunch

It’s not about how much you clear
How much is in your bank
The next time someone asks me that
I’ll have to be quite frank

I couldn’t care if I don’t make
Another dime at this
Money isn’t what I base
Success on or my bliss

I’ll do grunt work to pay for food
And keep the power on
And with that power I’ll be sure
To make my ideas spawn

People need to realize
How much that they can quest
You don’t just have to work your job
And then go home and rest

When all is said and done will you
Have put to use your skills?
Did you instill a sense of hope
Or just save up some bills?

Did you give two cents worth of heart
And try to bring a smile?
Or did you just throw those two coins
Onto your growing pile?