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10 May


There was a woman who decided to give up her hold
On her own heart for something more precious to her than gold

It was more precious than diamonds or any other jewel
It was for diapers, crying and puréed carrots and drool

It was for sickness, broken hearts, drama, uncertainty
It was to be a mother which she was so proud to be

The child knows not how they’ve carried their mother’s heart from birth
And carry it along with them no matter where on Earth

They travel to, no matter how far life takes them away
How nice for Mothers that their hearts come back on Mother’s Day

                                     ~for Mom


23 May

The knight fastens his armor
And sheaths his sword
And rides into battle
Against the oncoming horde

Swords and shields clash
And the warrior battles
Till the life leaves his eyes
And the death bell rattles

The Brave smears war paint
Across his stone cheek
Against the enemy’s rifles
His chances are bleak

But he draws back his bow
Fires into the blue
Defends his home land
Till bullets rip through

The Sarge laces his boots
And slaps a clip in
“You wanna live forever?”
He barks with a grin

He bursts on the beach
Unleashes gunfire
Fights till his last breath
Amid the blood and the mire

The father kisses his babies
Then kisses his wife
He’s off to the factory
To make a new life

He works himself ragged
To pay for their food
Till his bones and his sinew
Have all come unglued

The daughter cancels her plans
To be with her mother
Just a night out with friends
There’ll be another

She caresses her forehead
With a cool and wet towel
Mother gives a warm smile
Through the cancer’s cold scowl

These are warriors
Who give of themselves
And not for rewards
To stack upon shelves

They don’t do it for riches
Or glory or laws
They do it for love
That’s the warrior’s cause