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11 Jul

In loving memory of Muhammad Ali.



There once was a man from Kentucky
This Louisville Lip was quite plucky
Like a bee he would sting
Inside the squared ring
And not one person claimed he was lucky

With skill and with heart he would win
Throwing jabs and big hooks to the chin
He won millions of hearts
With his brawn and his smarts
Not to mention his infectious grin

But the public opinion did sway
When the government one day did say:
“You must go overseas
And must kill our foes, please”
But that didn’t sit right with young Clay

They accused him of being just yellow
“Draft dodger!” they all called this fellow
But young Clay, now Ali
Did not dodge, duck or flee
He showed up to the draft and did bellow

“No thank you,” he told them and stood
By his ideals of mercy and good
They warned of the price
Which he said would suffice
In order to do what he should

They took away his boxing belt
And his wallet a big blow was dealt
They had cut his prime short
But they could never thwart
This great man’s choice which was so heartfelt

Years would go by and the hate
Would soften and folks did see straight
In hindsight they saw
No fear, fright or flaw
Years later they called Ali, “Great”

For greatness is making a choice
And then never betraying that voice
That says, “Stand for what’s right”
Though consequences might
Cause some to no longer rejoice

Today we remember with love
The greatest to lace up a glove
But we must also recall
That the cost wasn’t small
Sacrifice is what greatness is made of


Strength in One

3 Jul

A common response I hear is “everyone’s doing it” when someone is making an excuse for taking a short cut, laziness, disrespect or something to that effect.

When I respond with, “Not everyone,” the common response is, “Well that’s you.” I’ve had this discussion so many times I’m bored to tears of it by this point. The people who justify their behavior because “everyone is doing it” have already made up their minds. If an exception is presented, they’ll simply disregard it. That person must be crazy, because “everybody’s doing it!”

And that’s what I find so peculiar about the human mind. At first, “Everyone’s doing it!” begins as an excuse; an admission that something has gone astray, but whatcha gonna do? However, when they’re proven wrong that some choose to think for themselves and not follow the ignorant herd, they turn it around and try to make the disreputable act out to be a *good* thing, and anyone who would choose to not following along with the vast majority must have something wrong with *them*.

It’s like when a riot breaks out. “Everybody” joins in, because “everybody” is doing it. Most don’t want to come off as lame or unpopular, so they play along. If someone speaks up and says, “This doesn’t work for me. It’s weak behavior,” that person is chastised. Why? Because “everybody’s doing it!”

Somewhere, somehow, the old rule of “Strength in Numbers” has been corrupted and perverted into what we see today. I have rarely seen what I would consider “strength” in groups of 2 or more people. Idiocy, ignorance, selfishness, fear or egotism in numbers? Absolutely.

Strength in numbers? Rarely. Unless that group is wearing camouflage and carrying assault rifles, it usually devolves into the “Group Think” mentality. The greatest strength is usually in just one.

Stay strong,