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Be Appropriate

5 May

Be Appropriate

So many read self-help books and try to devise a plan
A be-all, end-all procedure to follow rather than
Treating every situation as if it’s unique
They’d rather go on auto-pilot than have to critique

Experience is valuable, but it cannot foresee
How EVERY situation going forward’s going to be
If there is one plain, simple rule on how to deal with all
It’s “Be appropriate,” sometimes you’ll laugh, sometimes you’ll brawl

There’s no way to predict a situation so you must
Discern what is appropriate, your gut’s what you should trust
Be peaceful with those who are peaceful and lower your voice
Be confident with schemers and be adamant in choice

Skip words like “I” and “me” with empaths, walk miles in their shoes
Show no mercy with narcissists and fight those who abuse
Praise the ones who give much praise, support the ones who care
And those who bully; push them back, go nose-to-nose and dare

So many carry so much guilt because their parents taught
“You should be nice to everyone” but that’s a naive thought
Monsters do exist and hoping for the best won’t work
It’s in presence of selflessness where these demons all lurk

They prey upon the ones who do not judge and tear them down
They satisfy their desires and leave the host to drown
And all these victims fall because they were taught to be nice
And just smile when someone puts their neck into a vice

May I suggest a different plan instead of “being kind”
Be apt, alert, befitting, be appropriate, not blind
Do what most find unpleasant and use your empathy
To look deep into people’s souls and accept what you see

Those who live for truth and love; cherish with high regard
Those who live for lies and hate, put fists up, be on guard
Life’s not just sunshine and rainbows, sometimes there is rain
Umbrellas work much better than hoping drops will abstain



31 Oct

Happy Halloween, warriors! A tribute to the fearlessness of the warrior on the supposedly scariest day of the year. Within the realm of fear, we have no conquerors or equals.


The ghosts appear with eerie glow
Their see-through tattered garments flow
They moan and howl in attempt to scare

But warrior just cocks his head
And gives a wink to the undead
And doesn’t shiver, tremble or beware

A corpse emerges from its grave
And limps towards the warrior brave
It gurgles tortured wails of dead lament

But as it nears the warrior
The corpse’s own fear starts to stir
As it sees warrior’s survived torment

The corpse screams and it runs away
As pack of werewolves enter fray
They snarl and growl ‘till there’s eye contact

They see within the warrior’s eyes
The hellish forge which did baptize
The warrior’s nerve and so they all retract

A colony of bats swoop low
And into vampires they grow
And surround the lone warrior and hiss

And as they all do sink their fangs
It’s the vampires who feel the pangs
As they stare into warrior’s abyss

They scream and recoil with fright
Infected by the warrior’s might
His venom of strength, grace, will and resolve

Makes all the vampires begin
To burn and crack and trip and spin
As they all crumble to dust and dissolve

The other ghouls surround as the
Warrior smiles and asks, “Who’ll be
The next to try to prey upon my fear?”

The demons, witches, spooks and wraiths
All cower and show little faith
This spookless warrior they all revere

They all step back and clear a path
In fear of the warrior’s wrath
“That’s Goddamn right,” the warrior does growl

He slowly walks past all of those
Who glow or bleed or decompose
Or levitate or do smell very foul

They see that he is not impressed
He snarls and beats upon his chest
Which causes all these spooks to jump with dread

“That’s Goddamn right, within the realm
Of fear it’s ME who’s at the helm!”
He warns to all the retreating undead