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Warrior Luck

15 Jun


Children’s Story: Braggy the Bragadocious Brolga

20 Aug

Braggy the Bragadocious Brolga

There once was a Brolga who went
By the well-fitting name of Braggy
The other cranes gave him that name
Because that’s how this bird found glee

In bragging about what he had
To all of the other birds who
Didn’t have Braggy’s good luck
The things that they got were so few

“I got this and that just today!”
Braggy would boast and flap wings
The other Brolga’s would all watch
As Braggy would show off his things

But later when some time had passed
And Braggy had not found neat stuff
He got very sad and his chest
Would not all swell up and then puff

He’d be sure to keep his beak closed
Whenever another bird found
Some really neat stuff for himself
Braggy would not make a sound

He’d just sit and wait until when
Something else would come his way
And when it did, Braggy would swell
And puff and then boastfully say

“Hey everyone, check this out!
Something great’s happened to me!
Everyone drop what you’re doing
It’s important that you all see!”

But the other Brolgas caught on
Braggy’s routine had worn thin
“Why is it you only chirp
Whenever you just had a win?”

The other cranes stared at him blankly
And then one by one they spoke too
“You never rejoice for our winnings!”
“All you’re concerned with is you!”

Braggy stood silent and thought
“Could what they were saying be true?”
Was he just concerned with himself?
His own personal point of view?

“You’re right!” Braggy had to admit
“I never once said I was glad
To any of you other Brolgas
For any good luck that you had”

So starting that day if a Brolga
Found something neat during their day
Braggy was always the first
To congratulate him with a “Yay!”

And whenever he found a cool trinket
He wouldn’t boast, bluster or gloat
He’d leave it to the other Brolgas
To celebrate and to promote

“We’re happy you’ve had some good luck!”
The other birds all would exclaim
“Braggy, you’re so humble that
You should have a more fitting name!”

And so the cranes all called him “Humbly”
Because he had finally learned
It’s not nice to be bragadocious
About all the things you have earned


5 Aug


Today I want to talk about
A trait that I can’t stand
Jealousy’s an attribute
We should work to disband

The definition of ‘jealous’
Is to resent someone
Who has acquired some success
While you have received none

A mental unease from suspicion
Shortcoming or fear
Of a so-called rival who is
Actually a peer

“I’m so jealous!” I always hear
People say when they see
Fortune smile on someone else
And all they think is “Me!”

“Why that person and not Me?”
Is what the jealous think
But where’s the jealousy whenever
That rival does sink?

When hardships befall someone else
Where is the green eyed beast?
The jealous just go “Phew!” and think
“It is not Me, at least!”

The common trait of jealousy
Is that it’s all inward
“To think the world does not revolve
Around Me is absurd!”

They think that every stroke of luck
And fortune should be for
Themselves and that is why it is
A trait I do abhor

The jealous don’t say “Kudos!” or
“Congrats on your success!”
While your fruition brings you joy
To them it causes stress

They don’t see the war you have fought
Or hardships you’ve endured
Because they’re still just children
And have not yet matured

“Kid-ults” with a self-absorbed
Concept of everything
Only interested in what
The world to them can bring

“Nevermind the other people
Who walk the Earth too
How can I be happy when
Good fortune smiles on you?”

Next time, please think long and hard
Before you use that term
If you think how it’s defined
It should cause you to squirm

To think about how selfish and
Self-centered it would make
A person who utters that word
And maybe it will wake

The altruist you have within
Who will be happy for
Another person’s happiness
And wish them even more