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Liquid Courage

2 Sep

“Alcohol gives you the ambition to do anything,
while simultaneously destroying your ability to do so.” ~Author Unknown

Liquid Courage

He walks into the room and feels
Awkward, uncomfortable
He’s shy and doesn’t want to talk
To them until he’s full

Of liquid courage so he goes
And pours himself a glass
It’s soothing as he drinks it down
And all those feelings pass

He has another sip or two
And starts to feel at ease
The drink within his hand says that
He doesn’t have to freeze

He doesn’t have to care so much
His worries lift away
He doesn’t micromanage
Every word he has to say

He tells someone he doesn’t need
To drink just to relax
He likes the taste, it’s sociable
And other untrue facts

He says he doesn’t need a lot
But fear that gripped at start
Creeps back in so one more shot
To make that fear depart

He doesn’t realize the cost
That liquid courage takes
He doesn’t see how ignorant
And foolish that it makes

Him and every other person
Who clutches their drink
A small container of courage
To make all their fears shrink

Well into the night and now
He’s had a few too many
There’s only so much guts can hold
Until they can’t hold any

He rushes to the bathroom and
He pukes what made him free
Of shyness, awkwardness and all
Of his anxiety

He feels disgusting, embarrassed
And pounding in his brain
Now he knows the cost and swears
From now on he’ll abstain

But when the next party does come
And that fear rushes in
And every other person drinks
He too will then begin

To do the whole thing once again
And say he doesn’t need
Anything to unwind so
He won’t have to exceed

And once again he’ll act the fool
He’ll stumble and he’ll break
Some things by accident and then
He’ll vomit and he’ll shake

And swear he’s had his last drink ‘till
The fear whispers once more
And for a quick reprieve he’ll grab
A glass and start to pour