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15 Jun


There was a simple sheep named Speck
Who was held firmly into check
By doctors, teachers, management
“Okay” Speck said wherever he went

He was told by the doctors that
He had something that made him fat
Some other experts said he had
A condition that made him sad

The teachers told him he did lack
The thing which provided the knack
Of learning and applying self
It sort of tied back to his health

The management said that they knew
Exactly what he could not do
“Okay” Speck said repeatedly
“Okay, okay” he would agree

‘Till one day he looked off to side
While doctor spoke and did misguide
And there, far off, a Warrior
And he did not seem to concur

He shook his head and said “Enough
You’ve listened to them huff and puff
It’s time that you stood on your own
And realize that you’re not prone

To every single thing they warn
It’s time that you did sternly scorn
The time has passed for just ‘Okay’
It’s time now that you said ‘NO WAY’”

Ole’ Speck the Sheep was taken back
He felt he was under attack
But Warrior gave a firm nod
And slowly, calmly, growled “Fraud”

He took a step towards all those
Who told ole’ Speck that all his woes
Were caused by things beyond control
He said “We always have control

But you prescribe the easy path
And try to protect from the wrath
Of discomfort, it’s not okay
You cannot save them from the fray”

And as he turned to walk away
To Speck he had one thing to say:
“When someone tells you that you can’t
It’s not okay, you should not grant

You should accept it’s up to you
Exactly how much you can do
It’s you that decides your bounds so
Get off your ass and off you go”

Ole’ Speck the Sheep stood and thought long
About the Warrior’s stern song
“It’s not okay” he softly said
The words did echo in his head

“It’s not okay” he said with gall
“It’s NOT okay” he told them all
“IT’S NOT OKAY” he told skeptics
“IT’S NOT OKAY!” and had conflicts

There were those who did call him wrong
Who doubted just how tough and strong
Ole’ Speck the Sheep actually was
But Speck said, “I don’t give a fuzz!”

And from that moment on Speck saw
That his opinion was the law
That only he knew just how far
That he could push and raise the bar

And all of them looked on surprised
And said “I hadn’t realized
How much that little sheep could do”
And that’s because only Speck knew


I Don’t Tweet

28 Nov

I Don’t Tweet

The social networking tool that
Is growing in support
More rapidly than most is the
One that must be kept short

Seems to me that everyone
Is Twittering today
But with just a hundred and
Forty letters to say

What is on your mind, our thoughts
Are being simplified
There isn’t much room to express
Inspire or confide

I tried it for a while, tweeted
Quotes that roused my vigor
But many times I couldn’t post
‘Cause limit wasn’t bigger

So I found myself tweeting
About trifling deeds
Like what I had for breakfast or
My material needs

A new trinket that’s coming out
That I would like to buy
And other times I’d use it to
Kvetch, complain and cry

I finally did recognize
That status line was not
An ideal place to show my thanks
For everything I’ve got

Instead, it’s just an exercise
In ego, bragging, whines
A warrior who has a point
Needs more than just 2 lines

I saw the limits they imposed
And the effect is makes
A growing group of people who
Do not have what it takes

To keep attention focused on
A write that’s longer than
One hundred and forty keys:
A “novel” for trash can

Part of being warriors
Is saying “Not for me
I don’t abide what’s going on
And I do disagree”

So I don’t tweet, it’s not for me
I just don’t see what good
Tweeting does, two lines cannot
Help you be understood

Status lines and cell phone texts
And very short e-mails
Modern day communication’s
Giant epic fails

I’ll keep to writing “novels” and
Poems more than a page
For the ones who seek to be
Inspired and engage