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11 Jan


As difficult as it may be to think that I was shy
Yes, it’s true, this Warrior was once a timid guy
A permanent frog in my throat when I was just a lad
Always hearing “You’re so quiet!” from every comrade

And as my boldness grew, I saw the same shyness in others
And recognized the source of it in my sisters and brothers
Remembered well why I minced words, held tongue and took the fifth:
An overwhelming urge to please all and get along with

Fear of being rejected, not liked, thought poorly of
Fear of being ridiculed and mocked, deprived of love
I conquered shyness with acceptance that all which I feared
Was already in full affect, its ugly head had reared

Despite all of my efforts, there was still mocking and hate
Despite my quietness and caring, still they would berate
Despite my politeness and empathy still they would tease
Despite the warmth within my heart, around me was a freeze

Perhaps my teens or twenties, I no longer recall when
It started being clear that all these women and these men
That I had been so shy around and tried to gratify
Were not people who were worthy of being my ally

Upside down my world had turned, from thinking “all are friends!”
To being more judgmental and now saying, “It depends”
I saw the world through different eyes when I spoke loud and clear
Refused to be talked over, teased, belittled with a jeer

The magic phrase for you shy ones whose voices are so soft
The magic phrase to ask yourself as well as throw aloft
The magic phrase to ask real loud with bass and force and starch:
The magic phrase that raises eyebrows and makes their backs arch:

“Who are you?” is what I’d ask myself as I’d discern
“Who are you?” I’d ask with no regret and sometimes burn
“Who are you?” I’d ask and see the lack of discipline
“Who are you?” I’d ask and watch the tearing of thin skin

“Who are you?” I’d ask and those who gladly dished it out
Showed they couldn’t take it too as they would whine and pout
When I would ask myself just WHY should I care for this person
The truth is that my shyness would vanish instead of worsen

“Tell me what have you done? What’s your passion? What’s the price
You pay day in and day out? Tell me why should *I* be nice?”
And that is when I learned how many have entitlement
How many think that they are owed without sweat being spent

So if your voice does tremble, if your heart begins to pound
If your hands are clammy and the room spins round and round
Ask the question and perhaps all those who make you shy
Aren’t people you’ll waste worry on, instead, just a “Good-bye”



Think Objective

5 Jul

Think Objective

“Positive! Positive!” That word is used so much
“Think positive!” “Stay positive!” “Keep positive!” and such
The self-appointed gurus of how to live happy lives
Say that word is how you keep from breaking out in hives

From stress, anxiety, depression, boredom, apathy
“Be positive!” they say, “Just smile and soon you will see!”
The Way of Warriors is truth and that’s not always nice
In fact, at this stage of the world, it’s terrible advice

Being positive amid so many who are scared
Lazy, jealous, close minded, untrained and unprepared
Is being close-minded yourself, it’s putting on a smile
When it is not appropriate, you soothe when you should rile

It’s pandering to comfort zones and setting them at ease
When will normals learn the point is not to simply please?
The mission that’s instilled in us the moment of our birth
Is to set out a plan and do the work to earn self-worth

“Thinking positive” is simply turning off your brain
Ignoring all the ugly things like hate and fear and pain
Using a reflex response instead of delving more
Judging with great scrutiny, embracing that tough chore

The definition of “objective” is “no influence
Upon a person or their judgement, there is no pretense”
Their feelings or opinions are not swayed when viewing facts
They are not positive or negative, they just relax

Not one end of the spectrum or the other, in between
In the middle, neutral, grey, an unbiased machine
And with that detached frame of mind that is free of emotion
The truth (sometimes so ugly) will not cause stress or commotion

If you are truly positive around things that are not
Then more power to you, but recognize that most are fraught
Many humans are dishonest with their expression
They smile when unhappy and live lives of suppression

They do not speak up against things that they know in their heart
Is selfish, ugly, insincere ‘cause they don’t want to start
An argument and have their true unhappiness revealed
And so they say, “Think positive!” and wear that phony shield

This Warrior has something else for you to dwell upon
“Objective, think objective,” let the facts be where you’re drawn
The cold, hard truth which sometimes isn’t very nice or fun
But if you’re neutral, its effect on your mood mood will be none