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11 Jan


As difficult as it may be to think that I was shy
Yes, it’s true, this Warrior was once a timid guy
A permanent frog in my throat when I was just a lad
Always hearing “You’re so quiet!” from every comrade

And as my boldness grew, I saw the same shyness in others
And recognized the source of it in my sisters and brothers
Remembered well why I minced words, held tongue and took the fifth:
An overwhelming urge to please all and get along with

Fear of being rejected, not liked, thought poorly of
Fear of being ridiculed and mocked, deprived of love
I conquered shyness with acceptance that all which I feared
Was already in full affect, its ugly head had reared

Despite all of my efforts, there was still mocking and hate
Despite my quietness and caring, still they would berate
Despite my politeness and empathy still they would tease
Despite the warmth within my heart, around me was a freeze

Perhaps my teens or twenties, I no longer recall when
It started being clear that all these women and these men
That I had been so shy around and tried to gratify
Were not people who were worthy of being my ally

Upside down my world had turned, from thinking “all are friends!”
To being more judgmental and now saying, “It depends”
I saw the world through different eyes when I spoke loud and clear
Refused to be talked over, teased, belittled with a jeer

The magic phrase for you shy ones whose voices are so soft
The magic phrase to ask yourself as well as throw aloft
The magic phrase to ask real loud with bass and force and starch:
The magic phrase that raises eyebrows and makes their backs arch:

“Who are you?” is what I’d ask myself as I’d discern
“Who are you?” I’d ask with no regret and sometimes burn
“Who are you?” I’d ask and see the lack of discipline
“Who are you?” I’d ask and watch the tearing of thin skin

“Who are you?” I’d ask and those who gladly dished it out
Showed they couldn’t take it too as they would whine and pout
When I would ask myself just WHY should I care for this person
The truth is that my shyness would vanish instead of worsen

“Tell me what have you done? What’s your passion? What’s the price
You pay day in and day out? Tell me why should *I* be nice?”
And that is when I learned how many have entitlement
How many think that they are owed without sweat being spent

So if your voice does tremble, if your heart begins to pound
If your hands are clammy and the room spins round and round
Ask the question and perhaps all those who make you shy
Aren’t people you’ll waste worry on, instead, just a “Good-bye”


The Infiltrator

27 May

“We should look to the mind, and not to the outward appearance.”


The Infiltrator

There was a young man with long hair
As well as a long beard
Though his heart was pure, he was
Rebuffed and even feared

By people who had nice hair cuts
And wore a shirt and tie
They didn’t listen to his words
Instead, they used their eye

To form a judgement on what kind
Of person that he was
And their judgement was negative
Unwelcoming because

Of his long hair, his beard, tattoos
And piercings on his face
They told him he did “not fit in”
To find another place

To make a living, so this man
Pulled out his scissors and
Sheared his locks and facial hair
So their minds would expand

Out the piercings came and all
Tattoos were covered so
He appeared to be another
Normal, harmless schmoe

They judged him once again and liked
That nothing did stand out
His everyday appearance gained him
More respect and clout

But what these shallow folks could not
Recognize was the fire
That still resided in his eyes
The passion he had prior

That still remained despite the change
Although they all said, “Wow!
You look like a new person!”
They all failed to see just how

He had not changed one bit, in fact
His resolve just grew
To infiltrate the shallow group
Of phony people who

Wear a mask and hope that others
Will not see inside
This Infiltrator, however
Had nothing else to hide

And once his new exterior
Got his foot through the door
Those shallow, small-minded people
Would learn there’s something more

To this young man who did seem so
Traditional and bland
In time the piercings would return
And tattoos on his hand

Would be revealed and hair would grow
Again past shoulder’s length
And beard would grow back, but despite
The “new” look, same old strength

And none of this appearance change
Would matter anymore
Because they “knew him now” whereas
They had not way before

And irony is not many
Would learn the lesson here;
A long-haired, bearded, tattooed, pierced
Person should not be feared

Unless they DO something that warrants
That kind of reaction
But judging based on appearance?
That simply shows a fraction

Of brain power, awareness and
Acuity of mind
To close one’s eyes and listen is
The way we are designed

To think and discern for ourselves
Instead of being lazy
To simply let our eyes do all
The thinking is just crazy

And that is why the world needs those
Who infiltrate and show
Judging by appearance is
Something we must forgo

                                 ~For Mike

Deed vs Doer

3 Feb

“Thou hast rightly judged.” ~Jesus Christ (Luke 7:43)

Deed vs Doer

“Don’t judge me!” we hear many say
To those who choose to speak
Against a deed that is selfish
And demands a critique

“The Bible tells us not to judge!”
Some like to remind us
“Mathew 7:1, so there’s
Nothing here to discuss!”

So much of anger is caused by
Such shallow, obtuse  thought
I’d like remind that there’s more
On judgement to be taught

I tell them, “Keep going and quote
Verse seven, two to five
About how the judgement you use
Will your own judgement drive

And then there’s John seven: two four
Where in the Holy Book
Jesus said to ‘judge correctly’
Not just based on look

Then there is Corinthians
Where verse six chapter two
Says that judging little matters
Is not above you

Philippians verse seven: one
While Paul sat there in jail
He said that he was right to judge
Because of this detail:

He said that his captors were in
His heart as much as bonds
But often times the one who’s judged
Gets upset and responds

With ego, sensitivity
They feel they’re put on trial
The blow things out of proportion
And they become hostile

The point to all of these verses
And many more not quoted
Is to remember that it’s just
The deed that’s being noted

The deed is judged, not the doer
The choice and not the chooser
Behavior, not the person and
The means and not the user

But many cannot separate
They take it personal
They think it’s all or nothing and
They feel their ego’s pull

They cannot focus on one thing
And their minds run away
“Focus!” we must remind them
And not let topic sway

“Relax, breathe deep, you’re not on trial
You are not on review
It’s just your deed, your choice, behavior
Separate the two

Do not be so sensitive
And don’t claim perfection
Don’t lose focus and accuse
What others may have done

All of that’s the ego which
Does not want you to hear
Things that will threaten to make
Your comfort disappear

And in exchange, you may just learn
What true judgement’s about
Advice from someone who wants you
To grow, not whine and pout



10 Oct


It’s written in the Bible
Book of Matthew, seventh verse:
“Judge not lest ye be judged” and many
Do seem to rehearse

These words whenever someone has
A thought or observation
The truth is that on judgement this is
Not the sole quotation

“Open thy mouth, judge righteously
And plead the needy’s cause”
Proverbs thirty-one and nine
Commanding to show flaws

In Luke verse seven:fourty-three
Jesus gave Simon praise
He said “Thou hast rightly judged” when
He heard of Simon’s ways

Thirty-seventh verse of Psalms:
“The mouth of righteous speak
Wisdom and his tongue talketh
Of judgement,” not the weak

Later, in Psalms one-nineteen
Ezekiel twenty-two
Two:fifteen Corinthians
Has this enlightening view:

“But he that is spiritual
May judgeth all things, yet
He himself another man’s
Judgement will not beget”

The point to all of this is that
When someone grabs a Bible
Says “Judge not lest ye be judged”
Or warns of speaking libel

We must recall that verse was for
A certain situation
In that moment, he who judged
Himself had more damnation

The fear of judging because we
May be judged in return
Should be swapped with the desire
To attain, to earn

To try our very best in all
The things we do attempt
And not just sit on the sidelines
And hope we are exempt

To stay silent and be free of
The judgement of the Lord
It’s not a warrior’s purpose
To hide and be ignored

I do my best with every day
That He has given me
I use all of my passion to
Be all that I can be

I try harder each chance I get
To build my strength and poise
I concentrate, I focus and
I let go of the noise

I’m not driven by my ego
Not by my pride and greed
I’m driven by service to others
The warrior’s old creed

I judge the ones who I can tell
Are not trying their best
The ones who quit, the ones who cry
The ones who get so stressed

The ones who are so self-absorbed
The ones who just tear down
The ones who have so much to be
Thankful for, yet they frown

I’ll show some leniency for all
I judge except for one;
The man I see in the mirror
Gets absolutely none

And when the day comes when I will
Be brought before my Judge
I will have nothing to fear since
I do not hold a grudge

I hold no ill will for the ones
Who’ve failed me, who did lie
For anyone who gave up or
Did not bother to try

I’ll stand with confidence by all
The things that I have done
A warrior is self-assured
And does not turn and run

Because my Judge will not be able
To shed any light
On any weakness that I didn’t
Always try to fight

So next time that you’re warned to not
Be judgemental, take heed
Of if the speaker is using
The scripture to mislead

And if they warn because they have
A fear to be judged too
Would they seem uncomfortable
With their life on review?

And have you lived your own life with
All of your heart and soul?
Are you content to look back on
Your journey as a whole?

If you lived a warrior
Fearless, courageous, brave
Then you have nothing to fear
What lies beyond the grave

You know within your heart of hearts
What’s right, what’s good, what’s true
Live those concepts every day
And let judgement ensue


Ultimate Inspiration

21 Sep

Ultimate Inspiration

Every child growing up
Has heroes they admire
Some wear capes and fly and some
Turn green when times are dire

In the 80’s there were many
Heroes in the ring
Pro-wrestling housed so many
Characters who did bring

A sense of honor and justice
To little kids each week
Hulk Hogan and Macho Man
At war with Iron Sheik

But one hero stood out to me
And many thousands more
This tasseled, painted combatant
Came well prepared for war

He used intensity to capture
Everyone’s attention
His passion was quite evident
And fueled his fast ascension

Even though I couldn’t fully
Grasp at that young age
The concept of a “Warrior”
His vigor did engage

His way of doing everything
With every ounce of heart
With every fiber of his being
Set him far apart

From other workers who did not
See it more than a way
To make some dough ‘cause their passion
Was second to their pay

Then one day this Warrior
Dropped off the face of Earth
At least that’s what his boss said as
He spoke of this man’s worth

His peers chimed in as well and they
All talked about how bad
His attitude was and how he
Was just a passing fad

Overweight drug addicts talked
About how self destructive
This self-made Warrior was and
That he was not productive

How he couldn’t get along
And how he walked alone
That the only concerns that
He had were just his OWN

Men who smoked and drank and drugged
Their way through their whole lives
Neglecting their children at home
And cheating on their wives

Talking trash about a man
Strike that, a Warrior
Who put their discipline and heart
To shame and would prefer

To walk away from fame and fortune
If it meant he kept
His OWN integrity intact
And gladly did accept

Something he said years ago
When he first walked away
Twenty years ago does still
Resonate to this day

He said sometimes you have to turn
Your back on those you thought
Were friends and make sure that their words
Do not leave you distraught

That you should not care how they judge
Your actions or your worth
That your true greatness has been with you
Since your day of birth

“Time will tell” they say and now
Time has told us the tale
The Warrior’s still clean and strong
While naysayers are frail

Men who talked so poorly now
Are feeling the effects
Of living with no discipline
And now Karma collects

While “self-destructive” Warrior
Continues to inspire
With writings, artwork, videos
That light creative fire

Underneath a legion of
Warriors who now see
That it’s their OWN intensity
And passion that is key

To unlocking the greatness that
They all possess within
Sometimes one road’s end is the
Ideal place to begin