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In Your Face

17 Nov

In Your Face

My style’s described by many folks
As being “In Your Face”
I’ve found when trying to convey
A point, it’s the best place

To focus all your energy
When expressing a thought
A point related far away
Is one that’s made for naught

But when you get right in their face
And grab their full attention
When it’s right up close, it seems
To get full comprehension

When the world’s distractions seem
So far away compared
To the thing that’s “In Your Face”
And leaves you feeling scared

Or awkward or uncomfortable
That’s when it will get through
Only then does the concept
Start to hit home with you

It’s why e-mails are ignored
And texts get no response
Why phone calls are often greeted
With aloof nonchalance

But when intense eye contact’s made
And full attention’s aimed
Squarely right between their eyes
And stated unashamed

The listener cannot ignore
The passion of what’s said
That’s why most effective points
Are made close to your head



8 Oct


For many folks “intensity”
Is an unpleasant trait
They’ve been fooled into thinking that
It means “to be irate”

“To take things far too seriously”
“To make things far too tense”
“To take approach at everything
With anger too immense”

Let me grab my dictionary
Set the record straight
“Intensity” does not have anything
To do with hate

Definition: energy
Great concentration, strength
Vehemence, a high degree
Will go to any length

Depth of feeling and emotion
Action, spirit, thought
No where do I see it written
That it must be fought

Derived from the word “intense”
Which means “acute and strong”
“Very keen and diligent” so
How could that be wrong?

Just how did intensity
Become something so feared?
How did it become something
Avoided, not revered?

How did the intensity
Of great ones from the past
Cease to be an inspiration?
Fade from minds so fast?

How could any person say
“That’s too intense for me?”
After hearing it defined
How could someone not see

That most of the great things accomplished
In the world today
And years gone by is ‘cause they were
Done in an intense way?

Intensity is the key to
Completing every goal
With more than just a weak effort
But giving it some soul

Putting all your concentration
Focus, strength and passion
Into making sure that things
Are done in highest fashion

Taking opportunity
And seizing its potential
Knowing that a high degree
Of energy’s essential

In making sure the job’s done right
The best that you can do
Intensity’s not to be feared
It is not a taboo

It is the lifeblood of the strong
The hard, the ones that care
The warriors whose eyes burn as
Intensely as a flare



9 Sep


One act that you’ll never see
A warrior commit
Is shrugging, the symbol of those
Who want to say “I quit”

The shrug is often coupled by
A half-hearted fake smirk
“Whatever” is the battle-cry
Of those who can’t stand work

“Meh” is something else they say
To show they are aloof
Maybe even roll their eyes
As more symbolic proof

That they just don’t give a damn
“Whatever,” shrug it off
“Doesn’t matter anyway”
Is what they often scoff

But warriors know better ‘cause
It matters every day
Every single little thing
In every single way

The only time a warrior
Shrugs is when it’s with weights
Sets of ten or twelve of heavy
Cold cast iron plates

A warrior does not half-smirk
They bear their teeth and beam
Next to “meh” and “whatever”
Their phrases are extreme

“Never!” is a common one
And “I can!” is as well
“Just do it!” is a classic
That still makes effort swell

A warrior does not roll eyes
They focus straight ahead
They do not quit the task at hand
They “just do it” instead

They never will apologize
For being so intense
Because the other option is
For them just too damn dense

Shrugging, quitting, saying “meh”
And not giving a crap
Barely having enough will
To muster a golf clap

Telling all “there’s nothing that
I can do” with their shoulders
While the warriors dig deep
And by themselves, move boulders

Maybe next time that a shrugger
Wants to “meh” and sigh
Instead, they should try baring teeth
And fire in their eye

Stoke the flame of their spirit
And let intensity
Overcome that task and leave it
Drifting as debris

Or just shrug and then say “Whatever”
Then sit down and veg
And roll their eyes at warriors
And their “just do it” pledge