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4 Feb

The knight fastens his armor
And sheaths his sword
And rides into battle
Against the oncoming horde

Swords and shields clash
And the warrior battles
Till the life leaves his eyes
And the death bell rattles

The Brave smears war paint
Across his stone cheek
Against the enemy’s rifles
His chances are bleak

But he draws back his bow
Fires into the blue
Defends his home land
Till bullets rip through

The Sarge laces his boots
And slaps a clip in
“You wanna live forever?”
He barks with a grin

He bursts on the beach
Unleashes gunfire
Fights till his last breath
Amid the blood and the mire

The father kisses his babies
Then kisses his wife
He’s off to the factory
To make a new life

He works himself ragged
To pay for their food
Till his bones and his sinew
Have all come unglued

The daughter cancels her plans
To be with her mother
Just a night out with friends
There’ll be another

She caresses her forehead
With a cool and wet towel
Mother gives a warm smile
Through the cancer’s cold scowl

These are warriors
Who give of themselves
And not for rewards
To stack upon shelves

They don’t do it for riches
Or glory or laws
They do it for love
That’s the warrior’s cause


Love Thy Enemy?

30 Dec

Love Thy Enemy?

I’ve seen a couple folks who feel their spirit has been roused
Their inner Warrior’s awakened as my writes were browsed
They warn how all those before them should beware what’s to come
They threaten others because “A Warrior I have become!”
How sad and misguided to have missed the point so badly
Yes, enemies must be fought…but do not do so madly
Yes, a sneer may don your lips and teeth bared with true grit
But deep inside the heart, nothing but pure love should emit
Posturing and performance may be required to
Dissuade the ignorant normals who know not what they do
But deep inside where no one sees, there must be empathy
There must be courage to admit, “I love my enemy”
To say “I understand you even if I don’t condone”
To say “It hurts me to do this, your pain is not alone”
A Warrior is so plugged in, connected, so aware
That though sometimes they inflict pain, to do so causes wear
It is a choice that’s made with great deliberation since
To cause pain to another person causes SELF to wince
Most who have not awakened don’t suffer the effects
Right away, the “guilt” or “conscience” takes some time to flex
But truly what we should call this is “Empathy” my friends
And if you are a human being, there’s no way to cleanse
You are connected to them all, both loved ones and your foes
And you can’t start an argument or have it come to blows
And “win” because your foe incurred more hurt than you sustained
That is why after the rush, eventually you’re drained
‘Cause even the most self-absorbed, egoic person feels
Empathy for all those villains, scoundrels, tricksters, heels
Try your best to hate them, you will fail no matter what
And that’s because you’re here to LOVE, it’s programmed in your gut
So when you feel like talking tough about how they will pay
Be sure to take a moment and mention your own dismay
Perhaps if you would ponder self-destruction, you’d relent
You wouldn’t be so quick to fight a years-long argument
Let it go and wish them well, there’s no battle to “win”
Instead focus all of your strength on the great war within


Nurture Thyself

28 Dec

Nurture Thyself

“Do you love yourself?” the question is so often asked
“Of course!” the answer’s said with a smile that expertly masks
A body that is not nurtured, it’s slow and brain is fogged
Black tar coating lungs and grease within arteries clogged
An irritated attitude, frustrated and hostile
“Yes, I love myself!” some say despite all of the bile
That does reside within them, that love quickly turns to hate
When they don’t get their way, they grow offended and irate
And all because they’re weakened by the lack of nurturing
The failure to treat their body like it’s a Queen or King
To love thyself means to encourage your own health and strength
To stimulate, develop, foster, go to any length
To sacrifice in order to fuel love’s demanding fire
To not just say the concept but to work, to do, perspire
And when the work is done, you won’t need to answer the question
Your glowing skin with pinkish hue will serve as your expression
Your wide awake and alert eyes will provide your reply
Your focused thinking, energy, cheer and joy will reply
Love yourself? Of course you do! Who’d admit they do not?
But do you nurture yourself? That will take a bit more thought


Strength in One

3 Jul

A common response I hear is “everyone’s doing it” when someone is making an excuse for taking a short cut, laziness, disrespect or something to that effect.

When I respond with, “Not everyone,” the common response is, “Well that’s you.” I’ve had this discussion so many times I’m bored to tears of it by this point. The people who justify their behavior because “everyone is doing it” have already made up their minds. If an exception is presented, they’ll simply disregard it. That person must be crazy, because “everybody’s doing it!”

And that’s what I find so peculiar about the human mind. At first, “Everyone’s doing it!” begins as an excuse; an admission that something has gone astray, but whatcha gonna do? However, when they’re proven wrong that some choose to think for themselves and not follow the ignorant herd, they turn it around and try to make the disreputable act out to be a *good* thing, and anyone who would choose to not following along with the vast majority must have something wrong with *them*.

It’s like when a riot breaks out. “Everybody” joins in, because “everybody” is doing it. Most don’t want to come off as lame or unpopular, so they play along. If someone speaks up and says, “This doesn’t work for me. It’s weak behavior,” that person is chastised. Why? Because “everybody’s doing it!”

Somewhere, somehow, the old rule of “Strength in Numbers” has been corrupted and perverted into what we see today. I have rarely seen what I would consider “strength” in groups of 2 or more people. Idiocy, ignorance, selfishness, fear or egotism in numbers? Absolutely.

Strength in numbers? Rarely. Unless that group is wearing camouflage and carrying assault rifles, it usually devolves into the “Group Think” mentality. The greatest strength is usually in just one.

Stay strong,


17 Jun


Heroes are what children need
As they begin to grow
Someone who values morals
And hard work won’t forgo

When I was a little boy
I knew a hero who
Embodied all the traits that I
Would employ when I grew

This hero worked his hardest to
Provide for all his kin
He put the needs of family
Before his own therein

He didn’t go out partying
And didn’t socialize
Every weekend, ‘cause to him
His family was the prize

Many times the places where
He worked would just close down
He never got depressed or drank
To make his sorrows drown

Tomorrow was a new day so
This hero hit the street
Never feeling anxious or
Dramatic or downbeat

He’d always find a new job ‘cause
The bosses plainly saw
A trait he had that somehow would
Employers always draw

His English wasn’t all that good
But his eyes did reveal
Fluently that this hero
Did his job with much zeal

He didn’t moan and whine and cry
When the work day began
He always gave his best and always
Acted like a man

He cared about the things that mattered
God, his kids, his wife
And didn’t give a crap about
The petty things in life

Like competition that so many
Wasted money on
While others were out making bets
This hero mowed his lawn

While others spent their dough on latest
Fashions, travel, cars
And blew all of their money at
The race tracks and the bars

This hero put in overtime
So that his house was paid
‘Cause he never believed in
Depending on bank’s aid

He never owned a credit card
Because it made no sense
To buy with money that you didn’t
Have in present tense

This hero may not have been a
Philosopher or scholar
But wisdom can also come from
Those who wear a blue collar

From him I learned integrity
From him I learned respect
I learned to stand up as a man
And as a man, protect

This hero taught me to say “No,
That doesn’t work for me”
He taught me sometimes you have to
Speak up and disagree

When someone doesn’t try their best
When someone drags their ass
When someone shows great disrespect
When someone shows no class

When someone doesn’t care as much
As you push yourself to
When someone takes for granted what
In life you can pursue

A child needs a hero as
It grows to an adult
Take it serious, don’t be
An aloof insult

To the concept of mentor
Teacher, trainer, guide
Be a hero so your kids
Remember you with pride

                                for Dad

Code of Bushidō: Honor (Meiyo)

9 May

Code of Bushidō: Honor (Meiyo)

Honor is integrity
Adherence to a code
Unimpaired and unwavered when
Others choose to goad

Honor’s not a part-time thing
No momentary lapses
In integrity when someone
Else’s peace collapses

Warrior’s will hold fast and
Honor the code they follow
With poise and grace through difficult
Times while others will wallow

Honor is a self-respect
That’s earned and can’t be bought
It cannot be stolen and to
The selfish can’t be taught

It is the courage and resolve
To make the right decision
Even when you’re not under
Anyone’s supervision

Honor is not sacrificed
To lie or cheat or steal
To take a shortcut that will make
An easier ordeal

The Warrior-Knights earned themselves
The reputation of
Being men of honor ‘cause
They held themselves above

Basic human desires
Like comfort, ease and pleasure
They knew pursuing just those things
Made men of little measure

Honor’s held in high regard
‘Cause it’s a selfless act
To sacrifice your own yearning
So that your code is backed

And it’s a virtue that lairs
And thieves cannot deny
They say “There goes a warrior
Who’s much stronger than I”


Conning God

4 Jan

“There is no God higher than truth.”  ~Mahatma Gandhi

Conning God

This message is for warriors
Who serve a higher power
An overseeing creator
Who lights their darkest hour

This message is a warning to
All those who think they’re clever
Who think that they can con God with
An effort or endeavour

The ones who perpetrate a farce
Of how busy they are
No time for their family
But time to hit the bar

Too busy to help some more
But some time left to view
All their favourite TV shows
Which waste time and subdue

They fool a number of people
“They seem so busy now!”
But here, today, I guarantee
And make them this stern vow:

One force that they cannot con
Is the one known as God
Despite their furrowed brow and stress
He sees through their facade

He knows the ones who are held back
By comfort, search of ease
And making more of what they do
Does nothing but displease

They cannot con a God and say
“I’m doing all I can!”
After all, He saw them walk
When they all could have ran

You cannot con a God and try
To be out for yourself
And every now and then disperse
A morsel of your wealth

Men and women are not hard
To cajole and convince
That is why the warrior
Will rarely ever mince

Their words to gain approval or
Acceptance of a peer
But God’s a different story, He
Can see the truth quite clear

He cannot be convinced, coerced
Persuaded or deceived
He knows our limits, not the ones
We wish to be perceived

If the day should come when you
Are before the Creator
I have a feeling He won’t be
That much of a debater

Techniques and tricks we use on others
To sell “busyness”
May enamour all of them
But God it won’t impress

Always hold on to this truth:
Our limits go beyond
What we think they are, and truth
Is something we can’t con