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1 Nov


Someone says something that’s rude and puppets get upset
Something racist, ignorant, or a violent threat
Thoughtless words spoken by someone who just doesn’t care
And equally mindless puppets then feel their ego flare
“He said this!” and “She did that!” the puppets justify
“He can’t get away with this! What he said was a lie!”
The puppets fail to recognize the pulling of their strings
They think it is okay to lose control when ego stings
They think when their feelings get hurt, it’s natural to vent
They think every horrific act is a chance to lament
Puppets dancing on their strings, their egos all controlled
By puppet masters who are cruel, selfish, afraid and cold
The Warrior has long since cut those strings above their head
The Warrior does not look on in shock, anger or dread
The Warrior’s emotionless while puppets sigh and gasp
The Warrior does process, analyze, discern and grasp
For no one influences the emotions of the one
In one hundred who won’t allow their grace to come undone
People shot? Children died? Animals tortured too?
Pain and suffering and madness? So what else is new?
The puppets dance the same old dance and never do catch on
Same old roller coaster ride of emotions (*big yawn*)
The Warrior sheds tears as well, the bored variety
They’ve recognized the pattern of this mad society
And have chosen to abstain from the same old puppet dance:
An angry jig, offended shuffle and an outraged prance



Walk Alone

27 Mar



17 Dec



Influence is all around
And often there’s no choice
You’re bombarded by many a
Selfish, frustrated voice

Surrounded by those impatient
Walk beside those with fear
Spend all day or night in presence
Of those with no cheer

And they are all influences on
Even the strongest will
Eventually they will heat up
And melt those who are chill

That is why it’s important
To make sure self-imposed
Influence is around us
So that we stay composed

Wear a piece of jewelry
That helps serve to remind
Of what you are, a Warrior
And by that be defined

If you are surrounded by
Those who exhibit rage
To counter their bad influence
You will have to engage

Auditory influence
That broadcasts peace, control
As they rant, rave and scream and shout
Play music with some soul

Counter all the influence
That is ugly and dark
Don’t just sit there and take it
Make an effort, embark

Surround yourself with opposite
Of the things that you hate
Things of beauty, things of peace
Things that slow your heart rate

Yes, the ones who are angry
Will be put off by it
And that is the perfect time to
Say, “I don’t give a shit”

They do not realize that they
Are influences of
Negativity and so
Of course they’re blind to love

State it clear: “This is what I
Choose as my influence
Not what you currently do
Put out, a vibe that’s tense

I choose this peace, this quiet
This control, this poise, this grace
This is the self-imposed influence
I choose to embrace

Because the influence you give
For me just doesn’t work
So look, listen and show restraint
Or elsewhere go berserk”


Same Old Same Old

1 Dec


Same Old Same Old

“Lately” I hear people say
“There aren’t many who go
The extra mile, try harder
Who want to learn and grow”

It’s the word “lately” that makes me
Laugh a Warrior’s laugh
There’s nothing recent about the
Urge to only give “half”

It’s not just in the past ten years
That people have tried less
It has been thousands of years that
They’ve chosen to regress

For those who’ve only recently
Noticed the downward spiral
Welcome to being awake
To selfishness gone viral

There are those who are new to this
And they will act so shocked
“I can’t believe! I can’t believe!”
They’ve talked and talked and talked

But Warriors know very well
On which world they do dwell
They aren’t surprised when ugliness
Sprouts from this same old hell

They aren’t surprised, they don’t act shocked
They aren’t appalled or mad
They don’t treat laziness or selfishness
As a new fad

It is as old as the hills, mountains
Rivers, lakes and seas
The selfish quest for comfort, luxury
Enjoyment, ease

The Warrior accepts what is
The same old same old same
And they do not cry out in anger
Or try to lay blame

What it is is what it is
And all that one can do
Is disagree with how things are
And not let it change you

Not let other’s laziness
Stop you from choosing to
Walk an extra mile when
Another beckons you

Not let other’s fear distract
From what needs to be done
Not let other’s threats dissuade
And make you turn and run

Same old selfish, thoughtless world
With many who are dense
Who are oblivious, ungrateful
And take great offense

Nothing new about it, folks
It’s been that way forever
And since the dawn of time, there’s been
Warriors who would never

Let such fearful, selfish, shabby
People influence
Their attitude, their emotions
Their mood or common sense


Junk People

15 Feb

“Sometimes in life as you grow, your friends will either grow or go. Surround yourself with people who reflect values, goals interests and lifestyles.” ~Author Unknown

Junk People

“You are what you eat”
As the old saying goes
But we’re also defined
By the friends that we chose

Just like when we
Only consume junk food
Which leaves us lethargic
And in a bad mood

So too do junk people
Have the same effect
Those who lack drive
In us will reflect

The ones who are lazy
The ones so afraid
Malnourish our spirit
And passion degrade

The ones who seek short cuts
The ones who complain
Junk people encourage
Our dread and disdain

And just as we must
Sometimes clear out the shelves
Of chocolate and chips
To take care of ourselves

So too we must
Sometimes clear out our list
Of junk people who seem to
Constantly resist

The truth that we’re here
To face challenges bravely
To not look on tests
With an attitude gravely

To embrace change and seek
To grow stronger each day
To do all of the things
That we so proudly say

The key to your health
Lies in foods consumed
The same goes for spirit
It lies in folks that bloomed

You must fill your circle
With people who try
People who hope
And themselves apply

Brothers and sisters
Who all show no fear
Who choose to inspire
All those far and near

Don’t worry if you
Cannot track them down
I guarantee there’s
Quite a few in your town

But first you will need
To clear junk people out
And once their effect
Of negative doubt

No longer lingers
You’ll finally see
The positive people
Who’ll help you be free

Of complaining and whining
And accepting less
It’s these positive people
That inspire success


Lack of Patience

14 Oct

Lack of Patience

Most of my writings deal with
An introspective view
The process of learning oneself
So we won’t turn the screw

So that we do not make things worse
When challenges arise
So that we walk away from them
Stronger, more patient, wise

We know what we must do to build
Our patience and our poise
But for a change, let’s now address
The ones who make the noise

The ones who try our patience ‘cause
They have none of their own
The ones who lose their cool because
They make things overblown

Who think that insignificant
Matters are life and death
Who haven’t figured out just yet
The value of a breath

When our patience is tested
Most often it’s one who
Doesn’t have the same patience,
Focus or poise as you

Make it very clear to them
That you won’t be controlled
Impatience has a way of spreading
Clutching, grabbing hold

If they raise their voice and have
Frustration in their tone
Don’t respond by raising yours
Or giving them a groan

Lao Tzu once said that silence can
Be a source of great strength
The ones who like to shout are too
Weak to go to that length

In the face of aggression
Of words that sting and bite
Don’t let your ego control
Your mouth and start a fight

Use silence to give you strength
Make quiet moments roar
Your strength will cause the shouter to
Not want to fight that war

Because it’s not the kind they want
It’s not a shouting match
They know that in a war of patience
You won’t get a scratch

In the face of angry words
And bickering and sighs
Use your words with quiet strength
And show that you are wise

Do not let their attitude
Influence how you act
A warrior’s patience is so
Strong that it can’t be cracked

It’s able to wait quite a while
For their impatience to
Kick and scream itself tired
While it keeps turning screw

All the while, you grow stronger
Focused and in control
Before too long your patience will
Have taken quite a toll

On impatient ones before you
They will simmer down
They’ll wonder why they got upset
And acted like a clown

That’s the power, influence
That warriors have on
The weak-minded and uncontrolled
When they become withdrawn

From drama, ego, sensitive
Feelings of people who
Lack your patience and attempt
To spread it on to you


R.I.P. Respect

3 Aug

R.I.P. Respect

I have a friend who is now gone
Buried long ago
That I still pay tribute to
‘Cause I can’t let it go

I should move on and stop thinking
About what he entailed
Forget about the influence
He tried to make and failed

I don’t remember the exact
Date he passed away
There was no ceremony or
A prearranged bouquet

And despite the little change
That his presence did make
It doesn’t stop the ones who saw
From missing him with ache

The one I speak of had on me
A long-lasting effect
The dearly departed went by
The simple name, “Respect”

As years go by, I miss how he
Would honor and relate
Jealousy was not something
Respect had as a trait

Nor was ego, he would never
Put himself ahead
Of any other person, he’d
Give of himself instead

Respect stood up to greet you and
Would come to shake your hand
You’d never catch him glancing and
Giving you a bland

“Sup?” and showing no interest
No passion, no rapport
He didn’t make you feel like you
Were just another bore

Respect would keep his word to you
And keep it right away
He knew the things you do were more
Vital than things you say

Respect did not need explanation
When you had failed him
He gave benefit of the doubt
Instead of thinking grim

And most of all, he wasn’t lazy
Respect was pure effort
Never missed the chance to help
Or defend or assert

He’s dead and buried, killed by men
Who think just of themselves
Of their own prizes that they can
Stack up upon their shelves

I still pay tribute to my friend
When others I do meet
By treating them just how I think
Respect would always treat

With full attention, courtesy
And honor and regard
Although his body’s been long cold
His influence dies hard