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18 May


“Please” the Christians pray whenever difficulty comes
“Thank God!” they sing when strife has passed and happily bang drums
“Please!” they pray when yet another challenge rears its head
“Thank God!” they roar with glee when blessed with simple days instead

“Please!” they pray when pushed to show great patience, poise and grace
“Thank God!” they shout whenever their kind God allows their case
“Please!” they ask, they beg, beseech, implore, desire and plead
“Thank God!” they praise when “God of Comfort” with them has agreed

As a Warrior, I find the act of prayer quite dense
Wishing, hoping, wanting ‘stead of preparing defense
Praying to someone else, even if a deity
Begging for a shortcut, reprieve, relief, levity

I find the act of begging for mercy to be quite weak
I find the Christian ego to have a silly technique
To be oblivious of their own potential for coping
To pass it off to Jesus who must satisfy their hoping

A faith that just depowers people, “Beg the God above!
Only HE can cure your pains with HIS magical love!”
They’re trained from birth to follow the idea that they are sheep
That they have no control and that hardships cause you to weep

They’re taught that they are not enough, that all is owed to God
To Jesus who “Died for our sins,” the “You owe Me” facade
Silliness is what it is, the teaching that all joy
Requires satisfaction of desire; ego’s ploy

Lessons that just cultivate your ego to want more
And those who see through all the lies? “The devil’s word!” they roar
They pray to God of Desires, denounce “Devil of Pain”
Pretend they’re blessed and happy and fake it ‘till they’re insane

They get upset and angry while they claim their faith is strong
They claim their God delivers them from everything that’s wrong
So many empty inside but lack courage to admit
It isn’t working like the pastor promised with his wit

And so they pray and pray for peace of mind and hope God will
Do something about it since the Christian way’s: “Stand still”
“Clasp your hands and say a silent, selfish prayer for ease”
“Pray to God and Jesus that each day will be a breeze”

I am Warrior, I pray to nothing and no one
If there’s a God, then grab a seat and watch, this should be fun
I look to nothing or no one except myself each day
I have the strength to endure because *I* made it that way

I chose to do the work, to sacrifice, to feel the pain
To count to ten and breath slowly while others went insane
I trained and pushed myself to my limit, then raised the bar
I need no God of Mercy for I’m King, Master & Czar

The ones who pray don’t understand, they think it all came easy
They think that confidence is arrogance, it makes them queasy
I don’t play by the rules, “You’re not supposed to be alone!”
Their self-imposed limits on strength and choice just make me groan

Victims every day and night all praying for a break
They’d rather beg and suffer all their lives than be awake
No courage to question what they’ve been taught, what they believe
No courage to look in themselves in order to achieve

“Pray for this” and “pray for that,” a silly wishing game
Seemingly legitimized since it’s wished in “God’s name”
I am Warrior and I no longer wish at all
‘Cause I’ve found much more peace when I run, jump, push, climb or crawl


No Borders

7 Nov

Nothing wrong with loving your country…unless it keeps you from equally loving other countries and the people in them. A warrior never waves a flag against another flag, and a warrior is a nation unto themselves, embracing all other nations without fear or animosity.

No Borders

Though I salute the maple leaf
With gratitude, it’s my belief
That being patriotic is a curse

More times than not, it is used to
Make our hostility ensue
Towards the city or country that’s “worse”

We wave our flags to show our love
While giving foreigners a shove
“My land’s the best! We’ll beat you to the ground!”

These patriots all wave their flag
While shouting, “Asshole!” “Loser!” “Fag!”
And all pretend to be on the same side

But when the “enemy” is gone
Those patriots will all turn on
Each other as more borders do divide

The states split into cities, then
Split into districts, and again
Into a neighbourhood, a street, a house

Soon these former “comrades” will
Be once again without goodwill
As siblings battle as do spouse with spouse

As I watch all these people who
Wave flags to define their own view
I’m thankful that a warrior does not

Subscribe to borders ‘cept for one:
To do the things which must be done
Regardless of the discomfort that’s wrought

I’m not Chinese, Canadian
Not English or American
No country, region, island or atoll

Define me, nor do any men
Or women influence my pen
Who lived before in my spot of this ball

Since borders do not close my mind
I’ve always been able to find
Great mentors from lands that are far away

Like Miyamoto Musashi
Who I hold in highest degree
Even if he did not always say, “Eh?”

Mahatma Gandhi is another
Peaceful great warrior brother
Even if he never wore much flannel

Jesus Christ, the King of Jews
My Savior, guiding light and muse
Despite the fact He’d turn the hockey channel

A warrior is borderless
They know it just lead to distress
Division and great animosity

To tear down borders opens minds
Removes the earplugs and the blinds
And shows just how connected we could be