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Valentine Warrior

14 Feb

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” ~Morrie Schwartz

Valentine Warrior

Every time this warrior
Tells you to live your day
With courage, strength and fearlessness
But many cannot say

The words “I love you” to their mate
Their wives, girlfriends and such
The men who cannot say these words
Have fallen out of touch

With what true bravery’s about
For when they cannot say
These powerful three words, it is
Selfishness they display

They worry that their feelings will
Get hurt and worry too
That their sweetheart will not return
The three words they feel due

They worry it will make things weird
If timing is too early
They worry that it makes them sound
All sensitive and girly

Which is ironic because that’s
Exactly how they seem
When they aren’t true to themselves and
Don’t let their true love beam

It is extremely important
To see this very clear
The things that hold men back from saying
“I love you” is fear

The warrior is devoid of
That self-serving small trait
Never do they allow it
To make their feelings wait

“I love you” they say with passion
“I cherish you, my love”
“I thank the moon and stars for you”
“I thank the Lord above”

“This is how I feel for you
And no apologies
For being passionate, intense
For laying on the cheese”

“And no, I do not need it back
I give it selflessly
I say it so you understand
I’m glad that you’re with me”

The warrior accepts that the
Response may not be same
And if the other party can’t
Repeat, there is no shame

Because the warrior will know
That everyone’s been true
If their partner cannot repeat
Then they are bid “Adieu”

Because the warrior needs a
Warrior mate beside
Someone just as fearless to
Walk with them as their bride

Do not fear those three words, friends
From them the truth’s revealed
And truth is the strongest weapon
That warriors do yield


Do The Possible

26 Oct

Do The Possible

Many people focus on
The goals that are immense
The wishes deemed “impossible”
By those with “common sense”

We’re riddled with encouraging
Uplifting words of how
Nothing is impossible
When there’s sweat on your brow

But here today, I’d like to shed
Light on a different type
Of task, the kind that’s possible
The kind that gets no hype

It’s in the possible things where
We often come up short
So for these possibilities
Let me give this support:

When you’ve finished dinner and
You want to have some more
Remember that it’s possible
To get up and ignore

The food that’s on the table
It’s quite possible to place
The leftovers back in the fridge
And show your waistline grace

If you’re sitting on the couch
And watching some TV
It’s possible for you to click
It off and that room flee

Possible to walk outside
And walk around the block
Possible to choose your health
Over the TV’s schlock

If you’ve got the munchies, it is
Possible instead
Of eating junk, to grab some veggies
‘Till you’re feeling fed

When someone starts to piss you off
It’s possible to breathe
And keep your cool instead of getting
Upset while you seethe

It’s possible to say “Thank you”
When someone’s kind to you
To show appreciation for
The selfless acts they do

It’s possible to say “I love you”
To one that you love
All your shy throat and mouth need
Is just a little shove

So ask yourself, “What’s possible?”
The things that aren’t that tough?
And do the possible instead of
Impossible stuff