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19 Mar


Used To Be

26 Nov

Used To Be

Anything that you wish to
Improve about yourself
Whether it’s your attitude
Your bank account or health

Can be changed if you only start
To look at it this way:
“I used to be like that but now
Today is a new day”

If you’d only adapt this
Real simple way of thinking
To put your habits in the past
And from yourself unlinking

And say “I used to be angry”
Or “I used to be broke”
“I used to have a weight problem”
“I used to drink or smoke”

If you would just untie yourself
From how you have defined
If you would make it in past tense
And leave it all behind

Then one day soon you will look back
To recognize and see
That things you wished to change are now
The things you used to be


YOU Are The Problem

25 Oct

YOU Are The Problem

This message goes to anyone
Who struggles with a vice
And thinks that outside factors are
At fault, YOU should think twice

Do not blame your shortcomings
On anything but YOU
It’s time YOU took a moment from
Complaining to review

That YOU’re the one who isn’t trying
Hard enough to make
Your situation any better
And deal with your ache

YOU’re the one who lets others
Get all under your skin
That hands over the power to
Others who deal chagrin

YOU’re the one who isn’t trying
Hard enough to break
Bad habits, to realize
Giving in’s a mistake

YOU can’t blame the weather or
Blame the economy
It doesn’t take a microscope
To be able to see

That most things wrong in your life are
Because of YOU and how
YOU sit and play passenger
And constantly allow

Stressing factors to control
Your mood, your joy, your fear
Take a look in the mirror
And the real problem’s clear:

A person who can take control
But chooses to sit back
And hopes that things will get better
And prays to God for slack

The problem won’t be solved until
The person in the mirror
Leans a little closer and
Sees themselves a bit clearer

Sees the dormant warrior
That’s sleeping deep inside
Realize the Creator
Already did provide

Everything that YOU need to
Conquer all of your fears
All of your frustrations and
Explore all new frontiers

Awake that fighting spirit deep
Inside YOU and YOU’ll see
The warrior within YOU will
Proceed to set YOU free

Of all of your temptations and
Your shortcomings, your flaws
YOU’ll find that where before YOU ran
Your warrior now draws

Strength from situations that
Would usually just drain
Everything’s a challenge to be
Conquered, even pain

Let the spirit of your warrior
Awake and solve
The root of the problem and all
Your vices will dissolve



13 Sep


Some may think that I’ve got an
Inflated view when I
Take a look at myself and
Admit my strength is high

But don’t mistake me for someone
Who’s perfect in all ways
Off the road of discipline
This poet sometimes strays

The difference between warriors
Who grant themselves a “cheat”
And people with no self-control
Is that we don’t mistreat

Our bodies by abusing them
Without the thought of what
The repercussions will do and
Not let that door be shut

When you make the wrong choice for
Your health, you must accept
What you have to do in order
For it to be kept

If you have an extra large
Order of fries for lunch
You better make some time tonight
And a few sit-ups crunch

If you smoke, you should just quit
But if you lack the will
At least look in to Mullein Tea
So that your lungs don’t fill

With all the garbage that your cig
Pumps in to turn them black
Exercise and fresh air too
Will save you from the hack

And if your vice is that too often
You procrastinate
You better cancel some events
To keep your schedule straight

You don’t get to waste your time
And not get your work done
But still go out to parties with
Your cohorts and have fun

Repercussions tell you to
Pick up the phone and say
“Sorry, I can’t make it ’cause
I dragged my ass all day”

Repercussions whisper in
Your ear when you ignite
A cigarette by telling you
About your lung’s black plight

And they grab you by the gut
When you’ve had too much food
Reminding you how much more time
On treadmill you’ve accrued

I’m not perfect, never was
Today I stuffed my face
Twice as much food than I needed
So now to erase

The extra calories that I
Don’t need to do my grind
I’ll amp up my workout tonight
And kick my own behind

I’ll pass on having something good
For dinner like a steak
And definitely no dessert
Like ice cream, pie or cake

When repercussions make my meal
It’s salad every time
If you cannot pay the price
Then don’t commit the crime